By Amber Davis

Every few weeks I have coffee with this amazing woman. She and I are a lot alike – love the city, never desired to stay in small town America after high school (yet somehow we are both here, raising our families), we have a strong fashion sense (Ok…well she does) and marketing backgrounds.

We met through our local RFL (Relay for Life) and worked passionately on the committee for several years. Now we are both focusing on raising our families! She has an amazing blog  and consistently turns trash into some beautiful decoration for her home. I work my butt off managing my home based business directorship! Regardless, there is a little back story.

Recently, we have been discussing business ethics and if small business owners are getting off too easy! Many of them are not accountable for their actions and have no repercusions for poor service, no-shows’ for appointments, etc.. We have both had several situations recently where we have felt frustrated! Living in a small town our hands are tied in many ways.


Business ethics can be defined as written and unwritten codes of principles and values that govern decisions and actions within a company. In the business world, the organization’s culture sets standards for determining the difference between good and bad decision making and behavior.

How many people do you use weekly that are small business owners? Your hair dresser, your photographer, coffee house, direct selling consultants, massage therapist, nail tech, even a farmer’s market to name a few. Being in the direct selling industry I use small business owners whenever possible. Even Etsy and this website are comprised of small business owners.

Why are small business owners not held accountable for the same ethical and customer service standards as say….Bob Evans? Frankly, my expectations are HIGHER from a small business owner than from that of a corporation.

My recent experience gave me several ‘sick to my stomach feelings’. I want to share the drama but I won’t bore you with the details. My friend has had two similar ‘sick to her stomach feelings’ situations recently as well. All three from different local business owners! We will probably not use these businesses again.

A business owner with good ethics chooses to go above and beyond when a mistake was made. In our situations, we as the customer felt we were going the extra mile to accommodate for their mistake, miscommunication and disorganization!

It’s not just about good ethics but good customer service. Many can argue these are one in the same but search the net and you will become overwhelmed with choices of articles on each. My personal feeling is if you are in business and you want to be successful YOU MUST practice good ethics and good customer service.

How do you do this?

The Golden Rule as it’s called by Wikipedia or Also known as, Luke 6:31

Do to others as you would have them do to you

This rule alone is not only a good business practice but good life practice and can be applied to many situations!

If you are a business owner I beg of you to provide good, ethical service to your customers. Not sure how to accomplish this? Email me! I have 17 years in direct sales and was taught by the best teachers in the business! Many, many classes, articles and lectures on how to be successful! I’d be happy to answer your questions!

Everywhere you turn there is a startup business. Everyone buys a fancy camera and starts doing photography, some have a natural talent and are well suited for running a small business, others….not so much! Tons of direct selling companies keep popping up every day, I’m sure you know someone who sells something! The point is even if they are amazing at what they are doing still need to provide good, honest service to their clients.  My team worries there are too many consultants with our company but I remind them – Be good to your customers and they will stick with you. This doesn’t mean you bribe them or give them extra goodies for free. It simply means if you’re in it for the long run then take good care of your customers! Even if someone leaves for a bit they are likely to come back to you.

It is one of my goals and on my vision board in my office – Good Customer Service…Be honest and Ethical!

Please add it to your daily goals! You’ll be a better professional and better person!

Amber Davis is a 17 year direct sales associate with The Lonagberger Co. and currently director for at Thirty One Gifts.  Holding a degree in business administration and marketing, she previously worked in the business industry. After the birth of her second child; family took priority over work and she left her full time position. Now a mother of four, she believes firmly in direct Sales and the endless opportunity it provides! “I can’t imagine ever returning to a traditional 9-5 job,” she said. She firmly believes in doing what works for your family. She helps her husband on the family farm and writes her own blog: Adventures in Farm Life. This, she said, is a work in progress and mostly serves to share family photos. In her free time she loves to travel and enjoys volunteering.