Heather Schoenrock started her business, Jack’s Harvest, in 2006. Her company manufactures frozen, organic baby food. Schoenrock credits her success to having a supportive network.

Her business partner is her brother, so he affords her quite a bit of leeway when it comes to meeting the needs of his nieces and nephew. “My kids are such big supporters of Jack’s Harvest that they also give me time to work when I need to,” she said. And, she has an incredible support network beyond that, she said.

According to Schoenrock, the balancing act between family and business makes her anxious. “It is a fine balancing act,” she admits. “There are nights where I am working at 2 a.m. because I absolutely couldn’t miss a school party, play or recital!” However, she said that she feels very blessed that her schedule is primarily determined by her and her children’s needs. “I don’t mind missing some sleep in order to be there for the important things with my kids!”

When it comes to advice, Schoenrock encourages mom entrepreneurs to love what they do, not just like it. “Your passion for your product/service is what will carry you through the inevitable road blocks and troubled times” she said.

Jack’s Harvest utilizes social marketing tools such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And, their PR agent does a nice job getting them a lot of local and national press attention. Schoenrock has also worked to establish herself as an industry expert by doing a good number of cooking demonstrations. These are all great marketing strategies!