Sarah Baldwin is the mom entrepreneur who serves as vice president for Goodnighties Recover Sleepwear. The company was founded by Marcia Bacon and launched nationally in May of 2010. Goodnighties features a new line of women’s sleepwear created with a patented ionization process that promotes better sleep. The unique fabric stimulates blood flow to tired muscles – it’s also proven to help you arrive quicker to stay longer in a deeper stage of REM sleep.

The sleepwear is 100 percent made in the USA. And, according to Baldwin it is great for busy moms and travelers because this fabric moisture-wicks and is anti-microbial.

Because she is her own boss, Baldwin builds her business responsibilities around her kid’s activities and parenting responsibilities. “That equals a very long work day,” she admitted. “Fortunately I am well-rested thanks to Goodnighties, or I would never be able to keep up with the pace.”

When talking to other mom entrepreneurs, Baldwin encourages them not to rely on independent internet experts. “They are waiting to pounce, take your money and create unnecessary stress. You will need to have the ability to edit your website yourself, period,” she said.

Goodnighties uses several different marketing tactics, including PrWeb releases, loyal customer communication through Constant Contact, Facebook and Twitter. According to Baldwin, their best marketing comes through word of mouth. “We have shipped Goodnighties to all 50 states and so far to 23 countries…. we are moving this business like ‘the little engine that could’ in the right direction,” she added.