Wendy and Tom; the husband and wife inventors behind the Travel Childproofing Kit. Travel-Tot recently made the investment to attend and display at the ABC Kid’s Expo in Louisville. We first talked to them about their preparations {read that post here}. Now, we’ve asked them about their results.

Market Mommy:: Did the show meet your expectations?

Travel-Tot:: The ABC Kid’s Expo more than met our expectations. We received a lot of attention, got invaluable feedback, are rolling into quite a few new stores, and made contacts that we hope to prove to really expand our company. Considering that most business owners in the baby market are parents, it was also a great opportunity to educate buyers on the value of childproofing environments outside the home especially with travel season coming!

Market Mommy:: What could you/should you have done differently?

Travel-Tot:: Honestly? The only thing I would have done differently is not make such a big deal about when I was getting home! I was delayed leaving because of weather and was panicked that my three year old son would wake up and not find me there after I had promised him for days that I would be. Luckily, I arrived ONE HOUR before he woke up. I was exhausted but it was worth it!

Market Mommy:: What efforts do you think paid off the most? The display, the demos, etc.

Travel-Tot:: I would say that our display was definitely worth it. Putting the money into high quality branding really makes you stand out from the rest, and conveys confidence. Especially at a show that size.

Market Mommy:: What was your biggest success from the show?

Travel-Tot:: For now, the great new stores we’re rolling out in is our biggest accomplishment. But we have some really big fish in the fry pan! I’ll keep you updated!

Market Mommy:: How did this year compare to past shows?

Travel-Tot:: It was definitely slower than previous years when the show was located in Las Vegas, I think mostly because it’s just easier to get to Las Vegas than Louisville. However, the show is moving back there next year, and we’ll be ready!