I love all of the Facebookers who are posting something each day that they are thankful for. It’s a great way to celebrate November and to remind ourselves and others how extremely blessed we are. Each year I think about participating and each year I don’t. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not extremely thankful for all the wonderful things and people in my life.

So, rather than do the 30 days of thankfulness, I decided to do one post highlighting the 30 things I’m most thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. God – He has been unbelievably good to me!
  2. My husband is the best on the planet :}
  3. My first-born son is the sweetest, most considerate little boy ever.
  4. My daughter is the light of my life.
  5. My baby boy brings constant joy and excitement to our lives!
  6. My parents have always been there for me and I appreciate them more than they’ll probably ever know.
  7. My sister is the best a girl could have and I love that I can call her my friend.
  8. My brother has always offered me great support and friendship.
  9. My entire family, near and far.
  10. I’m thankful that I was able to attend college and obtain my bachelor’s degree. Education is a privilege that I don’t take for granted.
  11. I love that we live in a small, tight-knit community.
  12. I and my family are healthy!
  13. It is so awesome that we live in a free country and have all the amazing opportunities that we do. Thankful to everyone throughout history who have made that a reality.
  14. I’m grateful that I grew up knowing and being loved by my grandparents.
  15. My best friend since fifth grade has always been there, through thick and thin, and I know always will be.
  16. I’ve had some amazing pets in my life and I am thankful for them and all animals.
  17. Love it when I get the opportunity to dive into a good book!
  18. Delicious food.
  19. My cozy home.
  20. The friends I’ve made past and present and all the unique characteristics and experiences that they’ve brought to my life.
  21. The ability to laugh, even at adversity.
  22. Seasons, although autumn is my favorite, I love seeing the change in the landscape.
  23. Holidays with family and friends and #17.
  24. The ability as a woman to give birth, truly the most amazing experience of my entire life.
  25. The emotion of love and it’s varying capacities.
  26. Coffee, nuf said.
  27. The smell of freshly mowed grass, one of my favorite scents ever.
  28. My camera and the ability to capture memories with it.
  29. Whether it’s to journal, to story-tell, or just write a short note, the ability to put the pen to paper and create words.
  30. You! I am so thankful for Market Mommy, this community, and all it has brought to my life!