Sue Testaguzza is the mom entrepreneur behind LifeCubby, a free online application where parents can store their children’s data, photos and video. Work on LifeCubby began in the fall of 2010 and the site officially went live in September of 2011.

The types of data that can be stored in LifeCubby include growth charts (height and weight), certificates, awards, writing samples, scans of artwork, current sizes, health history, allergies, immunizations, CHIRPS, etc. Parents can also use it to track things like chore assignments, allowance payments, educational goals, resumes, etc.


And, it’s great for teachers, particularly early childhood teachers. It can store students’ data, photos and videos. Teachers can also use LifeCubby for their students’ assessments (evaluations for parent-teacher conferences) for birth to age six.According to Testaguzza, balancing business with family is always tough. “I have five children of my own, and sometimes I just have to work really late, long after everyone’s gone to bed, to get it all done,” she said.


“I have a wonderful, loving and supportive husband, and that is a huge blessing!  I try to get as much done as I can before the kids get home from school.  My desk is never completely cleared off, nor are all my emails answered the day I get them, but I try to address everything in a timely manner.” Testaguzza encourages other aspiring mom entrepreneurs to follow their passion and not get discouraged.


In addition to their main website, LifeCubby can be found on Twitter and Facebook.