Lori Hardegree is an owner and agent with Magical Memories Travel and has been in business for six years. The travel agency specializes in Disney vacations. According to Hardegree, she helps families who want to plan a magical Disney vacation, packed with memories, without breaking the bank and waiting in long lines.

“Our vacation specialists help save you time and money. Not only do we continuously monitor your reservation for any available discounts, we also provide advice and customized itinerary plans to help you avoid the long lines and crowds whenever possible,” she said.

Hardegree acknowledges that balancing family and work is a challenge for all mom entrepreneurs. “There are days where I feel guilty for working because I know my children need my time and attention and then when I am with them, I feel guilty for not working because I know my clients need my time and attention too and that my family benefits from my work as well,” she said. To find balance, she carves out time each day that is “unplugged.” Meaning, no phone calls, no emails, no time on the computer, and devotes that time to family each and every day.

She is also a firm believer in goal setting. She encourages other mom business owners to set a long-term goal, but then to break it down into smaller, short-term, more attainable goals. “Achieving those goals and moving along your road map to your big goal will keep you motivated. Make and take time for your family. Seek advice from other mom entrepreneurs. There is a wealth of knowledge out there and most moms are happy to help other moms,” she said.

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