Andrea Thomas is the mommy behind Short Stacks, an online business that offers ScratchMeNots. What are those you ask? ScratchMeNots are scratch flip mitten sleeves for babies and toddlers that scratch habitually or due to skin irritants. {We at Market Mommy are looking forward to reviewing a pair as part of our 2nd Birthday Extravaganza!}

Thomas launched her business in June, 2010 and has worked hard to establish a schedule so that she can balance her business with family. “Sticking to a schedule is important!” she said. “It is easy to get caught up in the business world and overlook other important family things. By having a schedule, it holds me accountable to the various demands on my time.”

As part of her schedule planning, Thomas includes downtime and she encourages other mom entrepreneurs to do the same. “Otherwise, it will be work, family, work, family and little to no time for yourself,” she said.

Thomas has graciously offered a discount coupon code for Market Mommy readers! Simply enter code 20%off at checkout and save, you guessed it, 20% off any ScratchMeNot!

In addition to the retail website, ScratchMeNot can also be found on Facebook and Twitter!