Bola Ajumobi is the mom behind which officially launched in October of last year. Her online shop offers a time-tested way to engage and stimulate the imagination of kids; books.

“I carry vetted books for kids ages 0-12 in variety of formats, board books, cloth books and bath books are available for the little ones. I carry parenting books as well as toys based on popular children’s books characters,” Ajumobi said.

Relatively new to the entrepreneurship world, she said that balancing her business and family is still a work in progress. In addition to doing a lot of work while everyone else in her house is asleep, she also said she never wastes a wait time. “If I’m in line at the post office or at the doctor’s office, I am going through my emails, Twitter and Facebook accounts.”

Ajumobi has quickly learned that starting and growing a business takes a log of energy. Her advice to other mom entrepreneurs just starting out; perseverance. “Overnight success is usually a myth,” she said. “Do something daily however small towards growing your business.”

There are a lot of exciting plans for, Ajumobi said. “Coming soon is a birthday club where people can register with the dates of their kids or grandkids birth date and get a special irresistible discount for use in the birthday month.”

She is currently offering special discounts to Market Mommy readers! Promo code TOBI3 gets you $5 off any order, promo code SLIMY2 gets you 15% off any order and enjoy free shipping on orders over $45.

In addition to the main website, they can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and their blog.