Movie Noodle has a great, family gift idea this holiday season. Purchase a Christmas Movie Package and have all of this delivered to your doorstep!

1 New Christmas DVD
    (you provide the movie title
3 Microwave Bags of Act II Popcorn
1 Movie Theater Popcorn Tub
1 16 oz Coke/Sprite
Movie Theater size Junior Mints
Movie Theater size Sno-Caps
Movie Theater size Goobers
3 Candy Canes
3 Packets of Hot Chocolate
1 Holiday Push Pop with Tree Ornament
Movie Ticket Note From You
Holiday Gift Basket

The family owned business offers the theater experience in your own home. Experience a holiday movie in a family-friendly way. This is especially great for families with small children who have trouble sitting through an entire film at the theater.

Movie Noodle guarantees your package will arive safely, or your money back!

*This is a sponsored post, purchased by Movie Noodle as a part of an advertising package.