When it comes to marketing we have to be outrageous, we have to be radical, and we have to think “in the box”.  Yes marketing in the bathroom is “in the box” and here is why.

Where is the first place all women go when they enter into any establishment? Yes the bathroom.  This is something we do all the time, even when we don’t have to use the bathroom.  The thought of promoting your business or event in the bathroom can be one of the most effective ways to get prospects attention. You can display your signs, fliers and posters in both the men’s and the women’s bathroom to market your special events, current promotion, workshops and your products. 

If you are thinking of ways to get the word out there, without you being at every networking event in the city, or spending money on a street team to give out fliers that you find on the floor.  Invest in your nearest business owner and their establishment.  Ask the owner or the manger if you could place your flier in their bathroom stalls for a low fee.

Be sure to update and visit the bathrooms to add more fliers, update information, and remember to keep the marketing fresh.  The same old flier gets boring, stick to your brand, but switch up the words and the images a bit.

Now if you want to hire someone to pass out fliers, hire a bathroom monitor who will check on the “Take One” flier that you created based on the last blog post. 😉

I will be sending out my Bathroom monitor next week. (Want to be a Corporate Mom Drop Out? Want to give birth to your Business in 90 days, instead of 9 months?) take one…

Lucinda Cross is a teacher, an innovator, a change agent and an author. Lucinda uses speaking, training and mentoring to help business moms attract quality clients and grow their business effortlessly by becoming an expert in their field. She is the author of Corporate Mom Dropouts and has a blog by the same name.