The head-mom at Mommy Couture Designs is Carla Dickinson. She launched the upscale baby and children’s boutique in June of 2008. The boutique offers luxury products for both mother and child.

According to Dickinson, the products are all unique and are created by artisan moms and well-known designers to reflect the latest trends. “Every item is handpicked to offer you quality, comfort and style,” she said. She added that it’s easy to find just the right item to compliment you and your child at Mommy Couture Designs. “Our mission is to provide everyone with the most rewarding online shopping experience ever.”

When asked how she balances business with family, Dickinson was quick to say that family always comes first. “I have been a stay-at-home-mom for 14 years and being available for my kids was always important to me,” she said. “Being your own boss definitely has its perks. I can work around my family schedule while still being there for them and that is what I love the most!”

To be a successful mom entrepreneur, Dickinson said you need to work smarter rather than harder. “I’m not saying that you don’t’ have to work hard to be successful, but don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

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