Kara Hermanson is the mom business owner behind The Green Coconut. She started her business in September 2010 and offers growth charts and wall letters as well as graphic design services.  

Hermanson said she works from home and squeezes work in wherever she can. “I work in the evenings, at nap time and whenever I get a spare minute or two,” she said. “I answer emails while supper is simmering, design at color time, etc.” Like other mom entrepreneurs, she admits it isn’t always easy to balance it all. “The laundry piles up, the house isn’t always clean and my husband sometimes has to make supper when he gets home from work,” she said.

According to Hermanson, right now is the perfect time to follow your dreams. She started designing her product line when she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor. “Life is full of surprises,” she said, “the great ones and the ones that make us stronger.”

Hermanson also said it is important to embrace what you do. “Find perfection in moments rather than requiring it of yourself!” She added, “I adore staying at home with my daughter while building on my dreams and creating a business that may someday inspire her to be chase after her own.”

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