Google the phrase ‘directory of mom owned businesses.’ Go ahead; try it!  I’m proud to say that one of the first organic links that appears {below the advertisements} is a link for Market Mommy. I have worked extremely hard since our site’s launch in June of 2009 {and before} to improve the SEO. This is significant and important to you for two reasons.

Exposure. If someone Google’s to find a directory of mom-owned businesses, chances are they are going to click on the top links that appear. That is great news for you if you are listed in our directory. The chances that your link will be found via a Google search are higher than it would be if you’re listed in many other directories. Personally, I think mom business owners that don’t list themselves in our directory are crazy. After all, it is completely free! And, the upgraded image ads that appear on the main page directory are as low as $10 a month. {ask us how!}

SEO for YOU. Part of the way that you build strong SEO is by having other strong page ranked sites link back to you. Being listed in our directory is one great way to do that. We have a Google Page Rank of 3, which is pretty decent for a site of our kind. Having your link on our website is a benefit to you and will help Google index you higher. Again, it’s free to be in our directory and our low-cost advertising options would just be an added boost to your SEO.

SEO is important for a variety of reasons. It obviously will increase visibility of your company if you’re easily found by the search engines. It also builds credibility when you’re indexed high. In addition to listing your business in our free directory, and others like it, there are many easy and cheap things you can do to increase your SEO.

Our marketing consultation is a great way to learn more about SEO and we have one of the lowest hourly fees around. Just $25 will get you an hour of great one-on-one coaching! I think that’s a definite bargain considering I just Googled the phrase ‘marketing consultation for mom owned businesses’ and links to Market Mommy appeared three times on the first page alone. I’m pretty confident that our SEO efforts are paying off, let us help you too!