Melissa Bass founded Personalized Letters & Accessories in June of last year. Her products include custom hand decorated nursery letters, tutus, tutu outfits (Halloween costumes, sports outfits, birthday outfits), custom hair bows (all colors, designs, seasons, holidays) and pillowcase dresses.

According to Bass, she’s found it fairly easy to balance this business with her family. She has a 19 month old son who is rather independent and enjoys playing and entertaining himself. “Most of the time I have a chance to sit down sew a dress together or start a tutu; and if not then I just wait until my husband gets home to take over the parenting roll and give me some time,” she said.

Bass said that she’s thankful that her husband and son support her in whatever she does. “I have found it [my business] to be very theraputic for me, it’s a great stress reliever and makes for some great “me” time,” she said.

When talking to other mom entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, Bass encourages them to not get frustrated or be scared to ask questions of others. “I got so easily frustrated in the beginning and I still tend to now,” she admits. “So, I just started out slow and worked my way up.”