The back-to-school season is in full swing here at our house.  Pencils, notebooks and crayons are labeled and ready to go.  It is a time of excitement and change.  However, while most people consider back-to-school shopping to only be about school supplies and clothing, I propose that it is the perfect time to consider making changes to your child’s room decor to reflect their changing interests and preferences.  In the spirit of the back-to-school season, I wanted to share with you some simple ideas for making changes to their decor that will last all year.

1.  Start with a theme or color.  You probably already have a theme in place for your child’s room and it may be that this theme is still perfectly appropriate for their age.  If so, you may want to consider adding a few complimentary pieces to enhance the existing decor.  However, if they are ready for a complete change in theme or color, try to choose something flexible.  For instance, rather than choosing Toy Story 3 as a theme, why not choose outer space so that your son will still enjoy it long after the newness of Buzz Lightyear wears off.  Similarly for your daughter, you might choose a music or dance theme, rather than focusing on Hannah Montana.  When choosing a color, consider a more neutral choice or compromise on one brightly colored accent wall.  While neon pink or army green might look great in the store, consider how it would look on your walls and whether the color will limit your decor choices.

2.  Make changes to your wall decor.  Choices for wall decor are almost limitless and there are many options that aren’t even considered.  Wall decor can be as simple as a framed art piece or as detailed as a pre-pasted mural that covers most or all of a bedroom wall.  Hanging wall letters are another great way to add style to a room.  The biggest advantage to wall letters is that they will carry over into any theme and can be customized to match your existing decor.  Peel and stick decals are easy to use, very affordable and many can be personalized.  The best part is that when your child is ready for a change they remove easily without damaging your walls.

3.  Add accent pieces to your existing decor.  If you are not planning major changes of your child’s decor, consider adding an accent piece that will bring new excitement to the room.  You may want to tie in different colors than you used previously with the same theme.  One idea to consider would be customized hand-painted drawer knobs.  These knobs add fun and color to your child’s dresser.  Another idea would be to change the lighting in the room by adding a unique lamp.  From trains and planes to polka dots and pompoms, lamps come in a variety of designs and themes.

4.  Organize their belongings with new storage solutions.  Adding storage baskets, bookcases and shelves is a great way to let children participate in organizing the contents of their rooms.  Storage baskets are available in very traditional designs like stripes and solids as well as funky geometric patterns and bright colors.  Bookcases can be much more than just three simple shelves.  Why not consider a revolving bookcase with a theme like firefighters or princesses?  Shelves can also add storage and free up floor space.  Solid color shelves are flexible and timeless in design.  Patterned or themed shelves can dress up a solid colored wall.

5.  Make memories last with a personalized growth chart.  You may have been charting your child’s growth on the kitchen wall, but unfortunately you can’t have that sentimental piece of the wall with you forever.  So for a more permanent solution, consider purchasing a growth chart for your child’s room.  There are numerous growth chart products available including original paintings, stretched canvas art, and peel and stick decals.  Most can be personalized and some can even be customized to your color specifications.  Many even roll up for easy storage.  Imagine what a special keepsake you will have to document their growth and hopefully pass on to them one day.

So, consider celebrating the excitement of a new school year by making simple changes to the decor of your child’s room that will reflect their maturing style and personality.  If possible, involve them in the process.  Children of all ages will delight in the opportunity to help make their space more personal.

Michelle Miller is the owner of Kids Decor, Inc., an online boutique featuring unique room decor for children.  Michelle started her business just over a year ago, after being a SAHM for 8 years.  She lives in North Carolina with her husband, son, daughter and two dogs.  Her boutique currently offers more than 2,000 products including bedding, furniture, wall art, lighting, storage solutions and more.  To stay up to date on all her newest products and promotions make sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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