Transformers “more than meets the eye”

Are you a transformer? Are you more than meets the eye? Are you projecting an image that speaks volume? What is you MPS (Most Profitable Skill)?

Marketing is all about getting remembered. Whether it is through direct mail, cold calls, website, blogs, email campaigns or word of mouth, the only point of successful marketing is getting remembered so people will want your service or products. Since you are a solopreneur you have to the PR representative, sales person and sole advertiser. Never let a good marketing opportunity pass you by. As James Malinchak would say ABM (Always Be Marketing).

1. Get on the Web
Search for your target market online using online forums and communities such as, or, sign up and begin posting content, no salesy language just content. Get to know your audience.

2. Be the expert
Find a niche in your general area and specialize in it. Remember you are not what you put on your business card or brochure. You are the skill set you offer your clients. You are an expert in what you do, so let’s define the skill and promote it like crazy.

These are two steps that you can take to begin the “transformer” process and open the doors to allow the rest of the online world know you are everywhere.

Lucinda Cross is the Lucinda Cross is a speaker and author and founder of Corporate Mom Dropouts, blog, radio show and book.