About 18 months ago, Elena Montes Casado started designing t-shirts for her new business. On January 20, her vision became a reality and Lady Umbrella launched.

Currently, Lady Umbrella offers designer t-shirts for ladies. “But, we are hoping to expand into different types of clothing and have a few more ideas up our sleeves for future products,” said Casado.
Balance between family and business is always difficult, especially in the beginning stages. According to Casado, it’s hard because the days can be extremely long and there are no defined work hours when you are running your own business. “It can result in an imbalance,” she said. “That is actually one of the things we are trying to address now as it has recently become apparent that we work too much.”

Casado believes it’s important to be passionate and believe in your product or service. “This belief will drive you on and motivate you when times are tough and will help you focus on the end goal,” she said. She added that starting a business is a lot of hard work, and if you aren’t passionate it’s possible to lose interest.
Lady Umbrella can be found on their blog, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube.