Candy Dye joined Apriori Beauty in June of 2009. Apriori Beauty’s skin care and beauty products are based on the newer science of how special nutrients can help your skin become healthier and look beautiful. 

Apriori’s first line, Celloxylin Skin Care, affects the process of aging from the inside out working together with Lifeoxylin an elixir equal to six servings of fruit and veggies each day. According to Dye, the company released its first line of skin treatment products a few months ago, called Celloxylin MD, with an in home 20 percent acid peel. Soon, another line, Prodermalin, will be released and include treatment for acne, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis.

In addition, they offer an in-home beauty gadget called the Derma Firm Illuminator. It utilizes galvanic, far infrared light, ultrasound and vibration to help with deep pore nutrition and cleansing, activate skin cell rejuvenation and helps with scar healing, wrinkle improvement and facial tightening/lifting.

Dye said it’s a day to day balancing act to juggle her business, her family and her part-time teaching job. “There’s a lot of juggling and schedule coordinating that goes on between my high school and college student kids, my hubs, and my business,” she said. “I usually check my online activities early in the morning, before everyone is up, sometimes mid-day and later in the evening when the kids are doing homework.” Dye also said she uses the days she’s not teaching to network. “I network with coffee or lunch locally with potential clients, consultants and other business women to see how I can help them,” she said.

Faith plays a large role in Dye’s life and in her business. Her advice to other mom entrepreneurs is to, “rely on the Lord for everything! He will make you path straight and bring special people into your life!” She also said it helps to surround yourself with positive and encouraging people who will support and strengthen you. “Never give up, set your eyes on your goal (with lots of smaller goals to achieve on the way to the big goal) and allow yourself to make adjustments as you go along. Keep learning, keep improving, and make sure you “unplug” frequently to enjoy your family!”

In addition to her Apriori Beauty website, Dye can also be found on her blog and on Twitter.