Linsday Harris is the mom behind Glow Baby, which she launched in July of 2009. Her company is dedicated to providing unique and user-friendly scheduling tools for today’s busy parents. “Glow Baby products are all about helping parents save time and reduce the stress of the day to day,” Harris said.

Glow Baby offers journals, calendars and lists that help parents keep track of daily activities such as; feeding, sleeping, diapering, bathing, first foods by type, meal planning, family activities, general to do lists for daily tasks, groceries etc.  According to Harris, all Glow Baby products are designed with both function and fashion in mind. “They are easy to use and small enough to slip into a purse or diaper bag but packed with useful pages to quickly use or reference,” she said.

Harris admits that balancing family and business can be difficult at times. “I try and get as much work as I can done while my daughters are asleep or at camp/nursery school,” she said. She also noted that she tries to keep the weekends for family time and does as little work possible on weekends.

She said that working from home definitely has its advantages. “The flexibility of working from home is great as I can pick and choose when I work so I can take my girls on special outings or to their various activities.”

Harris had encouraging words for other mom entrepreneurs. “My advice is to believe in yourself and stick to your guns,” she said.  “You started your business for a reason and you have to try and remember that.  Everyone goes through rough patches, it’s how you get through them that counts,” she added.

In addition to the Glow Baby website, the company can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and their blog!