Who:: Sherri-Lee @ Mail4Kids
Business Established:: October 2008
What they do:: Mail4Kids is an educational, collector’s card service for kids. Each month we send out a custom designed collector’s card of an image from one of our categories on the front and educational and fun information on the back. Each card comes with an activity sheet that continues the theme of the card. The yearly subscription (12 mailings) is $40 and the deluxe starter kit is option and is $25.00. The starter kit includes a personalized collector’s box, index cards with the categories on them, four cards to start the collection and a special gift to welcome them to the club.
How she finds balance:: I’ll admit I am not great at it… I tend to go in spurts and fits… hours on the business and then hours with the kids… I have a hard time leaving any job not done so it is hard to do a little bit here and a little bit there…but I am working on finding more balance and less extremes.
Her best advice:: Love what you do I think is the most important thing… be passionate about it and don’t listen to anyone who doesn’t support your dream. Include your kids if you can, they will benefit from it and so will you.
What they are giving away:: A $25 Starter Kit
Play and win:: Name three Mail4Kids categories.

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