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Are you looking for another way to network and promote your business? Silly question, I know, aren’t we all? I recently came across Abbey at Living My MoMent and I think you should check the site out as well! Abbey is the mother of one toddler and is expecting her second child the first week of December.

Living My MoMent started earlier this spring and is already growing by leaps and bounds! The site’s name has two meanings. The first one is living in the moment and not focusing too much on what the future will hold. Living your life day to day and cherishing the moments you have with your children right now. The other meaning is how important it is to stress the MoM part of the word MoMent because that is what the site is all about; helping other MoMs out and being their support system.

The site is geared towards MoMs and their most popular advertising option is the FREE one for MoMbusinesses and MoMblogs. The site features your logo, a write up about your company and products and mentions of special promotions or other networking sites you belong to. The website also provides MoMgiveaways, MoMreviews (of products), a listing of MoMblogs and other great MoMadvertising Options.

According to Abbey, she loves running Living my MoMent because it allows her to be able to do something that she is passionate about and she gets the opportunity to stay home with her children and raise them. “ The flexibility is great because I can work pretty much whenever I want and the only person I have to answer to is myself. The other thing that I love is being able to connect with other MoMs and see what they are doing to be able to stay at home with their children,” she said.

Like a lot of moms, Abbey gets the majority of her work done while her daughter is asleep. However, she said she always protects her weekends as family time. “I make sure that Saturdays and Sundays are family days and resting days. I love what I do and I have learned from past jobs that you can’t focus completely on your business because then you will get burned out. Having a weekend off can refuel me for the upcoming week,” she said.

“ My word of advice is to love your business because the hard times will come and go but if you continue loving what you do then it will all be worth it in the end,” Abbey concluded.