Sisters Joy Paulson and Cynthia Mariner are proud to bring Life Changing Water Systems to customers in southern California. The direct sales business was founded in Japan 34 years ago and introduced to the U.S. in 2003.

The company is in the health and wellness industry and sells a Japanese, ISO certified medical device that splits water into two parts; one being acid and one being alkaline. The alkaline water is able to heal and repair your body when you drink it because it is changed from bulk water that cannot penetrate and hydrate your cells, to water that is microclustered and can penetrate your cells to remove toxins that can make your body ill.

According to Paulson, the company has been successful because it puts people’s health first. “The kind of water we consume is critical to our well being,” she said. “We are successful because we provide a healthy and safe method for helping people heal and we take much joy and are constantly rewarded by the physical changes we see take place when people drink this water,” she added. The company has worked with people who suffer from diabetes, cancer, arthritis, chrons disease, acid reflux, high blood pressure, autism, ADHD, allergies and other ailments.

Because it is a home based business, the sisters are able to weave it into their daily lives and work around their home schedules. Paulson said it is possible to have a healthy mix of both worlds, career and family. “It’s important to follow your dreams, use your creative minds, be your own boss and set your own schedule,” she added.

Paulson, like so many others, agrees that being a mom business owner is not always easy. “It can be a challenge sometimes, but never give up if what you are doing is something you can believe in and be proud of at the end of the day,” she said.

If you are in the Orange County, southern California area and would like to try some water from Life Changing Water Systems for two week period for free, contact Paulson at 714.962.4693, or Mariner at 714.965.7586 for more information. You can visit their website