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Do Businesses Really Fit Into The Ever Changing Marketing World?

Marketing your business has seemed to have gotten harder and harder. It’s a digital world these days, and that means a lot more competition is on your plate, and the rate at which the world moves on to the next best thing is faster than ever. How does a small business like yours keep up? […]

10 Tips For Forex Trading Success

There are plenty of ways to make money, but it’s true that, in some instances, the chances of being successful are against you if you’re not already in a fortunate position. Take property, for example, which can be a fantastic money spinner. If you’re not already rich, then how can you afford to buy a […]

How To Add Personal Touches To Your Business

If you have your own business and want to start adding personal touches to the way in which you run it, you have come to the right place. Personalisation is a great way to make your customers feel valued and special and for those that have a business that relies mainly on good customer service, […]

Starting a Business Cheap Can Turn Out to Be Expensive

If you have been thinking about starting your own business from home for a while, you might have come across various posts telling you that you can get started for free, and you don’t need to invest anything. You have to be careful with these claims, as they will mislead you and make you believe […]

Create A Remote Working Community

Even though working remotely has become a business trend, it still fails to provide satisfying levels of belonging and social engagement to employed teams and self-employed professionals. Ultimately, the main issue lies in the popular understanding of remote working options. Most people tend to image a solitary home office setting in which they stay in […]

Tips that will Help you to Start your First Business

Starting a business is easy, but making it succeed isn’t. If you want your business to be everything you need it to be, then there are a few steps that you can take to try and make this happen. Always Know Yourself The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you […]

For No Reason – A Picture Book about Bullying

Written by Kathleen Gauer, illustrated by Sari Richter  Jamie Higgins has a problem.  The new boy in her class, Brad Lugsley keeps picking on her…FOR NO REASON! Can Jamie solve this problem without getting into trouble?  And will she make a new friend in the process? In this animated, heart-warming story, Jamie Higgins comes up […]

High in the Sky – Adventures on a Tire Swing

Written by Kathleen Gauer, illustrated by Sari Richter  With its upbeat, rhythmic text and charming watercolours, High in the Sky follows a child’s energetic and wildly imaginative adventures – all while riding on a tire swing.  This book will delight young and old alike!  And at the end of the book, there are fun and […]