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How Stay at Home Parents Are Making the Most from Direct Sales Jobs

Many parents have difficulty achieving a proper work-life balance. Working as your child’s chef, chauffeur, nurse, and personal assistant may be rewarding, but it simply won’t pay your bills. That’s the main reason stay-at-home parents have been turning to unique employment opportunities to make their schedules work for them. There are thousands of opportunities to […]

Study: When Women Crowdfund, They Do It Better Than Men

Crowdfunding has become a popular means of fundraising in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. It’s convenient, especially for those who are both generous and tech-savvy; around 17% of crowdfunding donations are made on mobile devices, with others being given via laptop, personal computer, tablet, and other internet-accessible devices. It’s also a highly […]

Study: There Are Just 4 Types of Facebook Users – Which Are You?

Researchers have found that it is possible to group all the billions of Facebook users into four different user profiles. In an attempt to understand how social media works and to find a reason behind why Facebook is so popular, researchers at Brigham Young University have taken a deeper look into who logs onto the […]

Caring For An Aging Loved One? There’s An App For That

As our parents age, weighing their care options can be a difficult and emotional process. In many cases, keeping them at home is appealing, as “aging in place” allows your loved one to stick to their same routines. However, this independence can also present health risks. Fortunately, modern technology is evolving to make living at […]