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Dress for Success: The Importance of a Professional Appearance

Dress for success. You’ve undoubtedly seen the phrase before. It means you should model your appearance after your goals in life and your career. Yet, many people fall short when it comes to dressing for success because they only think it applies to a few occasions, such as interviewing for a job. While it’s true […]

Top Social Media Marketing Trends This Summer

If you’re looking to revitalize your marketing campaign, then it’s essential to consider the newest trends in social media marketing. Utilizing these tips will be sure to provide a framework for your new social media marketing campaign and guarantee your business always stays on-trend. To kickstart your social media, here are some of the summer’s […]

Work in the Smile Industry? 4 Simple Ways To Attract Dental Patients

According to an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) survey, virtually all adults (99.7% of those surveyed) believe a healthy smile is socially important. And considering the fact that the average time people wait for another dental appointment is three years, there’s plenty of room to improve when it comes to our oral health and […]

Create an Environmentally Positive Impact With Green Marketing Techniques

Whether your business is just starting or you’ve been in the game for some time now, how you reach and influence your customers is essential to your success. Keeping an eye on marketing trends is a great way to stay relevant, and green marketing is sweeping the business scene. Showcasing your sustainability efforts and eco-friendly […]

5 Ways Going Green Can Grow Your Business

Going green is all the rage these days as environmental movements continue to gain traction worldwide. The Paris Agreement is a large scale agreement by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to reduce worldwide greenhouse gas emissions in order maintain a global temperature of no more than two degrees Celcius above pre-industrial levels. […]

What Etsy Can Teach You About Marketing Your Business

By 2021, it’s been projected that retail commerce sales in the U.S. will reach a staggering $485.27 billion. While corporations like Amazon tend to dominate, the Etsy platform — which focuses more on unique, handmade, and vintage items rather than on great deals and fast shipping — has been one to watch for quite some […]

Insta Families: Influencer Marketing and Privacy

Social media is becoming increasingly lucrative for businesses and individuals. It’s coming to the point that the line between individual and business is becoming so blurred that we can challenge whether it even exists anymore. A hugely popular example of this is influencer marketing. That is, taking a company’s focus away from the audience their […]