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Being psychic is not a new concept. It is something that has been mentioned in antic books, including religious ones such as the Bible. Some may refer to these abilities as a curse while others see them as a gift. Regardless, they are something that makes us stand out.

Like everything else in life, being psychic has its pros and cons. First, these powers can be very useful, not only for you, but also for others. They can improve quality of life, heal, help you connect with the dead and give you a completely new perception of reality.

Unfortunately, there are also downsides to having a psychic power. Mediums are oftentimes overwhelmed with voices and information coming from another plane of existence. Also, in order to use many of these abilities, you require a lot of mental exertion.

In most cases, psychics are highly sensitive people, able to absorb most of the sensations from their surrounding regardless of their origin. Because of it, life can be quite burdening for an untrained medium. You require a lot of discipline in order to develop these skills and even more to keep them in check.

If you are not certain whether or not you have a psychic power, these things can help you determine it.

  1. You often have visions and specific type of a hunch that later on comes true
  2. It is easy for you to foresee sickness or death of a loved one
  3. You oftentimes have dreams which later on come true. Furthermore, these dreams can be described as very vivid and full of emotions
  4. Medium can sense (hear or feel) his surrounding and notice the way it impacts people around him
  5. When a psychic person comes into contact with another individual, she feels as if that person is copying itself within her
  6. Gifted people have high affinity to nature and can converse with plants and animals
  7. There is always some kind of a connection between daily visions and a medium
  8. Gifted people occasionally smell, see, hear or touch things which induces a feeling that cannot be explained logically
  9. Oftentimes, these individuals feel shame or fear due to their powers
  10. Mediums often feel as if they will become mentally unstable or mentally sick
  11. In majority of cases, there is more than one medium within a family
  12. Psychic powers appear at a very young age. Due to this, there is a lot of psychics that visit a vivid imaginary world when they are children
  13. This special ability is something inherent. Individual is able to notice if there is someone or something interfering with it or reducing its potential
  14. Some of the mediums are unsatisfied with the fact that they can see so much. As a result, they  would love if they could see and feel less
  15. As we mentioned on the start, these powers are documented in earliest human texts. Mediums have uncanny wish to start learning antic teachings and traditions even if they are not aware of their powers
  16. Psychics are able to detect a lot of things regarding their family. In most of the cases, they choose to omit these information
  17. Sometimes, psychic doesn’t have to have a psychical contact with a place or a person in order to sense it. A lot of them are able to see distant places without ever visiting them
  18. Artificial food products as well as chemical substances may interfere with psychic abilities
  19. Mediums have a high level of empathy. When they see a person or an animal suffering, they can feel it strongly on their own skin
  20. In most of the cases, gifted people may have issues adapting to their surroundings. Also, it is very hard for them to lie
  21. These individuals are able to read between the lines when they read books. They are able to sense the author and relive emotions which he had while writing a piece
  22. It is easy for mediums to recognize people who wish to manipulate them. This is why they usually avoid them even though they cannot tell why