When starting a business every customer is a first-time customer. Before you can attract returning customers, you must establish a base of the first-timers. What are some strategies that will help you accomplish this?

1. Attractive web design is a crucial factor. When visitors are on your site, it needs to be visually appealing, easy to navigate and up-to-date. There should not be expired or non-working links and how to order should be easy and straightforward.

2. When you are just starting out, testimonials can be hard to come by but they are necessary. Personal follow up to your first customers soliciting feedback can be a great start. Putting testimonials on your site and social media pages can be a great way to encourage those who may be on the fence about placing an order. This can underscore the importance of quality customer service as well. Ensure that all of your customers have a good experience and would be willing to give you that positive testimonial.

3. Coupons can be a great way to build your network as well. A discount on their first order and/or in exchange for signing up for a mailing list can help extend your reach right away. CheekyTummy is an online store selling beautiful and functional accessories for mommies and babies. They offer things such as diaper bags, breastfeeding covers and bibs. They strategically attract new customers by offering 10 percent of each customer’s first order.

4. Also, be sure not to neglect social media marketing. It can be overwhelming and difficult to get a grasp on, but it is important to have a social media presence. It can hurt you not to have a Facebook page for your business. It’s a great way to get those awesome product photos viewed more, it’s a great way to expand your network, and it’s a great way to promote sales and specials.

What are some other ways that you’ve attracted first-time customers?

Have you heard of the new trend in the virtual workplace? It’s On Demand work and it may help you find work, get back into the workplace or establish some casual employment on your own terms.

If you currently are not working but would like to be, this may be your opportunity to find flexible work that meets your schedule and stipulations. Workfast allows you to find work that is flexible, typically has higher pay and pays as soon as you complete your shift.

You can work when you want and for who you want. Job categories include:

  • Admin and Office
  • Promotion and Events
  • Hospitality
  • General Services
  • Tech and Online
  • Retail and Sales

Workfast’s vision is to build Australia’s largest On Demand work marketplace. An environment where workplaces search, hire and pay for workers using an efficient technology platform.

They are for those who want to work for themselves, who are motivated and looking for a life to suit their term, for those who are looking for that extra shift, the thrill of trying new things and the flexibility of shaping their schedule but are not looking to start an entire business on their own.

Workfast works hard to take away the pressure, the overheads and the months of chasing invoices, making it as easy as possible to work for yourself in the On Demand work economy.

According to their website, “We believe in putting the flexibility in your hands, where contractors, freelancers and workers can get work when they want, and employers get the workers they need. There is an undeniable benefit to both sides and we’re doing our best to usher in the change.

If you are an employer, looking for employees, the process is simple as well. Simply post a job, filling in the brief and how much you’ll pay. Workers submit their profiles and you receive instant replies. Then, you start work with the selected employees. The process is simple and there are no fees or charge to hire.

Visit the Workfast website for more information!