Oftentimes in school, there is much emphasis placed on grades rather than the knowledge acquired.  All throughout school, students are ranked by how well they perform on a test.  Many colleges will first look at the grade rather than what the student actually knows.  Grades only show how well students can remember specific information for a specific exam, when the focus should really learning and understanding the subject matter.  Public schools rely heavily on grades to measure a student’s knowledge when, in reality, they might not fully understand the material.  Homeschooling allows for the student to work for knowledge rather than a simple number.

Customized Learning

Online homeschool allows for a customized learning plan that focuses on furthering a child’s gifted areas and strengthening weaknesses.  Because special attention can be placed on interests, the student can develop a love of learning, which can motivate them to work on their weak points.

No More Boredom

Because eLearning creates a customized plan, the student can be motivated to learn more, since they aren’t sitting idle while a teacher catches the rest of the class up.  Online education still requires students to take tests, but students are more likely to remember and understand the information long after the test is over.

Extra Help

Public schools have a limited amount of time to devote to specific lesson within a subject.  And teachers have little, if any, time to help a student struggling with the material.  Because of this, the student may get discouraged and fall behind.  Homeschooling allows for the extra time needed for the student to fully comprehend the lesson.  Online education also provides the advantage of accessing an online tutor at any time for further assistance.  Students are then more likely to remember the information since they were given the extra time to fully understand it.

Homeschooled children are more likely to work for knowledge.  They are still required to take tests and do receive grades, but because they are able to focus on what they love, aren’t bored and can get extra help, they are more likely to really know and understand the necessary material rather than just recall specifics for a test.

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