Origami Owl© offers beautiful, custom jewelry and one of the highest personal commissions in the industry. As an independent business owner, you can design the life you want, make lifelong friendships, and reach your dreams.

  • Sell jewelry and earn 30·50% commission
  • Build your team and earn additional income mentoring others
  • Earn exciting trips, recognition and incentives

As an Origami Owl Designer you can…

  • Get paid what you’re worth
  • Control your own success
  • Work the hours that work for you
  • Change your life + impact others

Your journey begins with a kit filled with everything you need to get your new business started. From jewelry to business tools and even Jewelry Bar display items, you’ll be building your new business in no time.

Start simple with our O2 Business Essentials Kit, or get an added boost with a Signature Success Kit, or the Ultimate Jewelry Bar Launch Kit.

If you are interested in purchasing some beautiful custom pieces, hosting a virtual party or becoming a designer, contact Lori today!

Kim Flynn is passionate about playing big in business. She is a bestselling author, speaker, trainer, and workshop leader for entrepreneurs and small business owners. She has four kids, is the founder of five businesses, and the creator of the Plug & Play Business System. Kim teaches business owners how to automate, systematize, and grow their businesses to their potential.

After several years as a school teacher, Kim started her first tutoring business when she was 23 years old. She grew that business to employ over 30 people while working 3 hours per week. She went on to build and sell three more service businesses before creating Kim Flynn Consulting.

Kim now hosts monthly Business Intensive Retreats at her lodge in Park City, where women and a few brave men fly in from across the country to learn the Plug & Play Business System and overhaul their systems and operations in three intense days. Kim is a frequent guest on national radio and TV programs outlets like Fox Business News, and Forbes, and was recognized in the Top 40 under 40 in Business Q Magazine.

Learn more about how Kim can help your business by following her on YouTube!

Eat4Fun is a line of children’s utensils and accessories, designed to make the sometimes “not so easy” dining adventure a little more fun for everyone!  The art of eating takes on a whole new flavor as kids stay entertained throughout their meal.  Something everyone can enjoy…  Fun, functional and educational utensils keep children’s attention to the “matter at hand”.  Besides, who can resist a smiling face with every bite? 

Truly unique. Original designs, and our patented Xtra wash process that make each and every piece dishwasher safe for up to 500 washings!  No nasty PVC or BPA, these utensils are safe for kids and good for the environment. They also subscribe to the highest standards of international testing to ensure their products will meet required testing for a variety of countries, as well as moms.  Our stainless steel parts are mirror polished by hand for an extra bright finish, and don’t worry, they won’t ever rust.

Eat4Fun utensils are known and loved around the world.  Purchase items at their store, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter for great updates and specials!

Does a child you love suffer from sensory processing disorder, overall weakness, one-sided weakness, toe-walking, tremors or low muscle tone (hypotonia)? MightyTykes™ Infant & Child Weights are used at prestigious institutions such as The Johns Hopkins University and can be purchased for use in your own home.

Isabella Yoshico invented MightyTykes™ after her son was diagnosed with hypotonia, low muscle tone and weakness common to kids with Down syndrome and other conditions. Using a scrap piece of fleece and sand from the kids’ sandbox, she created her first pair of tiny weights. After encouragement from her son’s physical therapist and others, she started manufacturing and selling the weights.

Since then, MightyTykes™ has been able to help thousands of children with all sorts of challenges. “We used the great feedback we received from pros and parents nationwide to make MightyTykes™ as good as they can be so MightyTykes™  can help your child be all s/he can be,” said Yoshico.

The weights have earned the Parent Tested, Parent Approved, Lekotek AblePlay Great Find, Preemie Genius, and Mr. Dad Approved seals. They are widely used MightyTykes™ are used by some leading American hospitals including some listed on the U.S. News & World Report’s Honor Roll of Best Children’s Hospitals.

The July issue of Guideposts magazine featured the MightyTykes™ story and how they are changing lives and making a difference for many kids. “We’re thrilled to hear MightyTykes™ are helpful to both typically developing kids and kids with special needs,” said Yoshico. “It was exciting to learn they are valuable for sensory challenges, and to help build strength, control tremors and improve body awareness for little ones.” The weights are an affordable tool that can be used regularly in the comfort of your own home.

Currently, you can save up to $10 with special holiday pricing. MightyTykes™ are made from high-quality, latex and lead-free materials that are commonly used in diaper covers.  The colorful weights are waterproof and can be washed in warm, soapy water or cleaned with a sanitizing wipe.  They come in three sizes – 1/8 lb., ¼ lb. and ½ lb. – and are worn around the wrists or ankles, attaching by Velcro closures. Visit www.mightytykes.com to purchase.


MightyTykes™ online: http://mightytykes.com/

MightyTykes™ on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MightyTykes

MightyTykes™ on Twitter: https://twitter.com/@MightyTykes

MightyTykes™ on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mightytykes

If you are looking for a beautiful First Communion Dress, you might want to check out Jesus Speak to Me. They have a stunning 2016 collection to choose from. Your daughter will look stunning in any of the many dresses that they offer.

This particular ball gown is one of my favorites. It is absolutely gorgeous.

In addition to dresses, they also offer accessories. They have several veil options that will compliment any dress.  Some are ornate and some are simple so there are options for those with different tastes.

According to the company, based in the United Kingdom, they embody elegance and fashion and all of their dresses are custom made. The site prides themselves on strong customer service and seems to take a great deal of care to ensure that you are satisfied with your order.

The site is interesting because in addition to products, it offers information about First Communion and the history behind it. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+!


I’m always so excited to get an email from Wonder Forge. The company offers awesome games for kids and they regularly reach out to me for reviews. Their lineup always includes items that feature the latest and greatest and what’s popular with kids. We’ve featured games from Frozen and Doc McStuffins before. This year was no exception. We received games based on the latest Peanuts and Good Dinosaur movies.

Below, you can see each of the games I reviewed; as well as little information about each. Any of these would make an awesome gift this holiday season!

Eye Found It! Journey Through Time Hidden Picture Game (Retail $19.99)
This was probably favorite of all the games we reviewed this time. My kids all love the hidden picture books so this was perfect for them. The game takes you from the prehistoric era to present day on a huge six foot game board. It’s recommended for ages four years and up and is for 1-6 players. Very fun!

The Good Dinosaur Roarin’ River Game (Retail $14.99)

This is another great game, geared at ages 3-10. My four-year-old enjoyed it the most. Based on the movie, the goal is to work together and help Arlo and his friends outrun the flooding river. The oversized board is fun and colorful and depicts dangerous canyons, forests and plains.

The Peanuts Movie Snoopy Flying Ace Game (Retail $14.99)

I love Snoopy and the entire Peanuts gang! This one was fun to play as an entire family. It’s easy for the younger ones, yet exciting because it’s a race and very visual. Snoopy takes off as the Flying Ace in pursuit of the Red Baron. Players flip cards and race to make matches before Snoopy spins to a stop.

Apple Pop Game (Retail $14.99)
We also had a great time playing the Apple Pop board game, trying to move the apples around the tree or pop them out on the first try. You get extra points if they land in a basket so it’s a fun game of strategy. This game is also recommended for those over four and all of my kids enjoyed it.

Other available games include:


Pictopia™ Star Wars Edition Family Trivia Game– The Ultimate Picture Trivia Family Game! Age 7+ / $19.99
Star Wars The Force Awakens™ Star Destroyer Strike Game
 – Choose carefully or the enemy will strike!  Age 6+ / $24.99
Star Wars The Force Awakens™ Galaxy Hunt Game
 – Choose carefully or the enemy will strike!  Age 6+ / $16.99
Disney Imagicademy Storymation Studio
 – Stop Motion Movie Kit Age 4+ $29.99
Disney Imagicademy Mickey Mouse Animals Activity Book
 Age 4+ / $14.99
Disney Imagicademy Frozen Science Activity Book
 Age 4+ / $14.99

Allowing employees to work from home is something of a contentious issue with many people – some people are very much for it, some largely against it (and invariably some don’t really care either way!), but there does appear to be an inevitable march towards more and more flexible working both time wise and location wise.

Studies have been done, and continue to be done, but as yet there’s no definitive answer whether it’s the ideal solution for every business.  In fact, not every employee wants to work from home!  So let’s run through some pros and cons:

Are Employees Really More Productive?

Simply put, everyone’s different!  Some employees thrive in their own environment where they can really get lost in the task at hand, whereas others may find endless distractions at home and that they are less productive than at the office. Much of this will depend on how well an employee enjoys their own space of course.  Some employees thrive in the office and the buzz of having people around, whereas others find solitude perfect for focusing on the task at hand.

So personality does certainly come into it, as does the type of task that is being worked on.  A software developer can easily spend hours in the office not talking to anyone, deeply focused on writing code, and purely communicating (if necessary) via email and instant message whereas a member of the sales team may need the back and forth and atmosphere of the office to really get in the right frame of mind to phone people and develop new leads.

What About Culture?

Working remotely, there’s email and instant messaging services like Skype that can be used, but how much culture gets passed through all that?  Well, a lot less than working with people in person. Some businesses these days are 100% remote, and they seem to thrive (currently anyway), but by sharing a space, culture gets passed on, friendships form, loyalty develops, and far deeper connections are made.

Do Employees Keep Their End of the Bargain?

There’s always the potential risk that an employee sitting at home will spend the day on Facebook!  So careful management from afar is necessary with goals and tasks agreed so they can be tracked, and missed goals and incomplete tasks requiring explanations. There are also cloud solutions like XCD HR to help you manage your staff both in the office, and remotely, and this can help guide you through managing and motivating staff.

But it really does look as if working from home will continue to grow, although in careful balance with requiring people either to meet up regularly, or preferably spend some or even much of their time in the office.

A lot of the success of a business comes down to culture, and despite the potential complications having everyone in one space can create (disagreements, personality clashes, etc.) that culture gets passed on from employee to employee, and maintained, much more successfully when everyone’s together.  Plus it can make the work day a lot more fun too!

Search Engine Optimisation is an online strategy used by individuals and businesses to increase website visitors, increase subscribers and increase sales. These are the most common reasons SEO tactics are used. However, there is another unusual and practical way to benefit from SEO. It’s become an effective method to land all types of jobs through the internet. Some ways SEO can improve your chances of landing a job include the following:

You Can Show Potential Employers What You’re Able to Do

Many modern employers approach the hiring process differently to their predecessors. They are more interested in what job applicants can do, rather than what qualifications they have or what college they attended. It’s a huge transformation. This change in the hiring process creates job opportunities for a wide range of people who may never have qualified in a particular area.

SEO is an excellent example of this. Many SEO experts are self-taught and have developed highly sought after skills and knowledge. If a potential employer or SEO company searches for an SEO expert and your website appears, this is clear proof that you’re qualified to do the job.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Keywords

It’s possible to land a lucrative contract or your dream job through the proper use of keywords. Keywords are the cornerstone of many types of SEO campaigns. They can also be used to get noticed by employers.

Keywords are words and phrases used to find various types of information online. Employers use them to search for potential employees. If you optimise all of your online content, there’s a greater chance you’ll be approached by someone who wants to hire you.

Some places where you can add optimised content and keywords about yourself include your personal blog, your business blog, forums, other people’s blogs and any other online outlet that lets you publish content online.

If for example you’re a graphic designer based in Manchester, you could include the keyword ‘Manchester graphic designer’ in content you post on your website or someone else’s. When someone looking for a graphic designer in the Manchester area types this keyword into a search engine, there’s a good chance you could feature in the search results.

Easy to Find Websites Impresses Potential Employers

You may not work in SEO. However, if you’re website is optimised by SEO professionals like Click Intelligence and is easy to find in the search engines, it’s a clear indication that you take your career seriously. When employers look for a freelancer or new employee and your website appears, there’s a good chance you’ll be called for an interview.

The modern workplace is much different than it was for previous generations. More people than ever are working in internet-related positions or trying to find work through the internet. SEO is a powerful way to get ahead of the crowd as you try to land the perfect job. Understanding how SEO works and how other people find information gives you an unfair advantage over other people looking for the same job as you.

We all know that when it comes to paid maternity leave, American women have a tough deal. Alongside Oman and Papua New Guinea, in fact, the worst deal in the world. As any mother knows, even those blessed with a rare babe who sleeps through the night (apparently that happens sometimes) dealing with swelling and healing, hormones and sleep deprivation, fear of failing and terror of breaking your baby is hard enough without having to worry about your finances.

After six weeks of getting the hang of being a new Mom, most women’s bodies aren’t even physically recovered after the birth, let alone their mental state. In my personal experience, not only was I not fit for work, but I was still struggling with dressing myself and taking a shower in the morning. With the World Health Organization recommending that mothers should exclusively breastfeed for at least six months, that’s a double whammy of social pressure paradoxically making women feel inadequate if they don’t go back to work and guilty if they’re forced to give their infants formula.

The first few weeks of being a Mom for many women are not the magical ones they were promised, where they would be serenely rocking their babes to sleep, while having a “nice rest” from work and uploading joyful photos to a family website.

In my personal experience, the first half of my maternity leave I was desperate about keeping my job and the second half spent worrying about how to manage without it, as I was simply not physically or emotionally ready to go back. As an independent woman used to being and working alone, generating my own income and not asking anyone for help, all of a sudden I found myself adrift and faced with the prospect of being an unemployed stay-at-home Mom; something I didn’t want to be.

Never would I have thought during those first dark days where I circled the edge of the abyss that being a Mom would actually, finally give me the boost I needed to give up my 9-5 and take control of my life and finances; or that being a Mom would be the main reason that I’m able to keep being successful. Here’s how:

Being a Mom gave me the courage to quit my job and start up on my own. OK, so I was sort of forced into the situation, but it made me realize that in a sink or swim situation, I have a mean freestyle.

Being a Mom has made me more confident. There used to be things that I would let slide, like people cutting in line in front of me in a supermarket, or allowing myself to get side-lined by work colleagues. But Lord help the queue-cutter these days. You see now, whatever I do, I’m speaking up for my daughter, not for myself. Before I make a sales call, or ask for donations or contributions (something I previously hated), I think of her before I do it and suddenly I feel calm and collected.

I know how to use my time valuably. Being a Mom makes me appreciate the value of time like I never have before. When you literally have to fit in a meal in three minutes or jump in and out of the shower in between wakings, you learn that you can do many things with two minutes, and I never waste a single one.

I put things into perspective – Nothing is more important than my daughter and I think that actually learning to say no to people and rescheduling a meeting for tomorrow when I have more time, gives people the best version of me. Instead of trying to be everyone to everybody, family fun time is more important. Having my priorities straight in life seems to help with direction.

I know that I can always handle one more thing – I don’t get as stressed as before because I now know I am capable of so much more and that the busier I am, the more I can handle.

I can multi-task for the Olympics – Once you’ve learned how to nurse your infant while replying to an email and eating dinner at the same time, multi-tasking in the workplace is a breeze and I’m way more productive than I used to be.

Above all, I have a new motivator I never had before. I want to be an example to my daughter of something she might aspire to be one day. I want her to know that she can do anything she puts her mind to and most of all, I want my baby girl to be proud of her Mom. The fear that she may feel anything of the contrary is enough to keep me moving forwards.

Sam Jones is a Relationship Manager at Marccx Media. Sam got her start at RazorFish and continues to work with publishers and advertisers on various SEO and SEM campaigns.