Are you familiar with the Lilla Rose product line? It centers around unique, functional, and well made hair jewelry. From the flagship Flexi Hair Clip, they have expanded to Hair Sticks, the Flexi Oh!, Hairbands, and Bobby Pins. From there, they rounded the line out with complimentarily designed You-Pins, and Badge Holders.

There are MANY gorgeous pieces to choose from, to match any style or outfit. Renee is excited to be a part of Lilla Rose and wants to share the great products and opportunity with you! “Our hair accessories are elegant, beautiful and unique!  As you browse my website, you will see we have a range of products, from our flag ship Flexi-clip that comes in SEVEN sizes, to our adjustable Hair bands, Bobby Pins, You Pins, and Badge Holders!”

You can easily shop on her website, by going here. Or, you can host a party (in person or online!) and earn free products for yourself!   “Not enough time to get everyone together for a party?  I am now offering the AMAZING “Party in a Bag” option!” she said. “I’ll supply the materials; you show and tell your friends.  Collect their orders on your personalized party link.  I’ll coach you through every step.   Hostess Rewards are earned!  Contact me today to get your party started!”

Love our products and would like to become a consultant? Lilla Rose lovers really make the best consultants!  Renee is currently looking for motivated women to join her team. “I am actively looking to build my team Lilla Rose Lovers for 2014. Send me a message via [email protected] and I can help get your business started today!”

Don’t want to host a party or become a consultant but still love the looks offered by Lilla Rose? You can purchase today, online. Buy three items and you’ll get one item (up to $16 in value) free! You can also find Renee’s Lilla Rose page on Facebook!

I was recently approached and asked if I would like to try out and then review my experience here, on my blog. I quickly agreed and was given a coupon code to pay for my tickets as compensation.

Here are some quick facts about

  • You are guaranteed to save on each and every ticket on
  • Tickets for sports, concerts, theater, Broadway, family shows, and attractions
  • No fees – free delivery
  • Choose Your Seating Area – all seats ordered together will be next to each other
  • Tell us what you want to pay – you have all the control, it’s thrilling!
  • Get an instant answer – you find out right away if your offer has been accepted

How it works::

  • Choose your event
  • We don’t tell you what to pay, you decide…how much you save is up to you
  • By choosing a seating area rather than an exact seat, you’re giving the ticket providers the flexibility they need to give you great deals
  • Get an instant answer


I had no difficulty ordering my tickets (after my husband and I decided which tickets we’d like). The site offers a wide variety of events, concerts, sporting events, etc. But, they don’t offer tickets to every single event out there. The variety, however, gave us plenty of things in our interest zone to choose from.

The site works a bit like the old Priceline, in that you place a bid and see if it’s accepted. You find out instantaneously and the site gives you a gauge of how much of a discount you can expect. I would use the site again. It’s user-friendly and we were able to score some really nice seats to and MLB game later this summer.

About enables consumers to get great tickets for live sports, concert and theater events – at guaranteed savings of up to 60 percent. customers pick their own price on seats from the floor to the rafters, always pay less than box office price, and never pay any fees. For its partners, is the first and only opaque sales channel to move unsold ticket inventory in a way that protects the ticket owner’s brand and full-price sales. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif., was founded in 2009 and is backed by Bain Capital Ventures and U.S. Venture Partners. was recently recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Most Promising Companies and by Billboard as one of the 10 Best Start-ups of 2012.

In addition to their website, ScoreBig is also on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

Do you shop online? There are many different strategies and tactics that you can use to save yourself money while shopping online. There is a vast amount of businesses offering products (often the same products) for sale online. It really does pay to do some research and find the best price.

This can include coupon codes. Many businesses will offer deals and coupons on items to try and outsell their competition. I for one, always at least search for a free shipping coupon before ordering online. Some coupon codes will offer this free shipping, while others will offer a discount on a certain product or on a certain amount spent.

Using coupon codes can make shopping online more enjoyable. Not only can you shop from the convenience of your home, you can also save money using promotions that oftentimes are not offered in stores.

Two sites that offer a variety of coupon codes are the Coupon Lady Blog and Joss and Main Coupon Codes. Joss offers coupons, discounts and promo codes for both US and Canada based outlets. The Coupon Lady Blog offers discounts from a variety of markets and vendors.

Coupon codes can change often. They usually have an expiration date and promotions are changing constantly. I encourage you to bookmark your favorite sites for promo codes and visit it often for new and updated information. If you didn’t find a coupon for your item today, don’t give up, you might tomorrow.

You can save a great deal of money by making it a habit to use coupon codes whenever you purchase something online. The little extra time it takes can end up saving you your hard earned cash. What other tips do you have for saving money online? Does your shop offer promotion codes? How do you advertise them? Tell us about it in the comments!

And, here are some great money saving tips when shopping at Target!

Are you a tech-savvy mom looking for a way to monitor your child’s health records, get relevant advice, have access to useful resources and talk with experienced parents all in one place? Kinsights is an advice-sharing network for parents and offers all of the above.

Parenting is tough! Whether you’re facing a fever or potty training, Kinsights can help you make the right decisions. They safely monitor your child’s health records, give you access to resources, useful data and most of all a community of parents who’ve been there before!

It’s a place where you can get answers to questions that are specific to you and your child. For instance, if your child has a certain food allergy, you’ll be connected to families who share that experience and can help answer your questions. You’ll be able to post note and give advice to other parents, or even journal your own experiences.

Kinsights is an online community and features groups that you can join. Groups pertain to you and foster discussions between you and other parents. You can discuss anything from allergies to local events and more.

Once you create a free account and sign in you’ll be able to ask questions of parents who have been in your shoes before. You can share your own experiences with others and you can track your own child’s health history. The site aims to let you spend more time enjoying parenthood and less time dealing with it.

You’re encouraged to post questions to the Kinsights community of parents and then you’ll get great answers in return. While you’re at it, look around at the questions other parents have asked and see if you have any helpful advice to offer them in return.

Here are just a few of the topics covered on Kinsights:

  • Health
  • Teenagers
  • Responsibility
  • Race
  • Technology
  • Activities

Check it out and let us know what you think!

By Amber Davis

It seems like there is a day to celebrate everything lately. Siblings day, nurse appreciation week, grandparents day and more. While I feel all the days are worth celebrating, I wonder why we are not celebrating each day as special days! Without being told to do so?

Paying it forward, teaching kindness, loving more, doing more, you get it!

Yet here we, Mothers Day upon us.

What made Sunday the day to celebrate moms? To me it adds pressure to an otherwise busy schedule. My mom is amazing, she should be celebrated everyday! As should my mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, my friend with four kids under four and even women who are childfree. Many women play the role “mother” to people in our lives even if we have not given birth to a child.

Step mothers, Aunts, Daughters, so why have a day just for moms?

Arguably, it’s a day for mothers to enjoy!
Let’s see…..sleeping in, waking to a clean house, quiet house, or maybe waking at the beach or on a cruise ship and rolling out of bed and heading right for the spa?

A realistic view from my house will go something like this…..
Getting home late from a volleyball tournament Saturday night the house will look like a mess from those who stayed home from the tournament, husband will be farming, little sleeping in will happen! I will try to savor my coffee and argue “it’s mothers day” but I will push on cleaning, doing laundry, enjoying lunch with my MIL, dinner with my mom and by the time I sit down the day will be over.

I celebrate everyday! I am blessed to be a mother! My journey wasn’t an easy one! Hard time conceiving and rough pregnancies. 3 child births with no pain meds and a 4th later in life with meds that I had a bad reaction to. High blood pressure, bed rest, endless vomiting!

What I see everyday through the chaos of our busy life are four amazing children created from the love my husband and I have for each other. Four independent children with great attributes and flaws from each of us.

I don’t need a day on the calendar.
I savor everyday! I made the choice to be a mother, I make sacrifices and do the best I can everyday!  Am I sometimes selfish? Oh yea. Right or wrong, I take moments……day trips…..overnights with my husband. I take moments all year long to celebrate being a mother! More like a reprieve from being a mother!

I am grateful to my mother who had me only a few days after she turned 17! Her life has been filled with sacrifices to be the best mom to her children! I am grateful to my mother in law. She is a generous and loving woman!

I am blessed and grateful to so many women……too many to list!
However you celebrated Mother’s Day I hope you enjoyed it and find other moments throughout the year to celebrate motherhood!

Amber Davis is a 17 year direct sales associate and currently director for at Thirty One Gifts.  Holding a degree in business administration and marketing, she previously worked in the business industry. After the birth of her second child; family took priority over work and she left her full time position. Now a mother of four, she believes firmly in direct Sales and the endless opportunity it provides! “I can’t imagine ever returning to a traditional 9-5 job,” she said. She firmly believes in doing what works for your family. She often helps her husband on the family farm. Her Facebook page can be found here. In her free time she loves to travel and enjoys volunteering.

By Theresa Ceniccola

If you’re finished washing windows, cleaning closets, organizing the garage and spreading mulch, then I’ve got another job for you. This one involves a lot less elbow grease and a little more brainpower, but I think you’re up to the task. I’m talking about doing some spring cleaning on your business. It’s the kind of cleaning that doesn’t smell like lemons – but it will leave you feeling energized and excited about your work. 

Here are (in no particular order) 10 simple tasks that will help renew your clarity and passion for your business. I would be lying if I told you I’ve done all of them in the past few weeks. But I can truthfully say that I’ve done them all in the past. Pick two or three that are calling your name and see if they help you create a fresh start.

10 Simple Ways to Spring-Clean Your Business

1. Air out your file drawer. Is it time to go through your paper filing system and create some breathing room in those drawers? Toss out anything you haven’t touched in a year – or store it in the attic if you need to hang onto it. Give yourself room to add new files and welcome new clients and projects into the business. While you are at it, throw away any business cards you have shoved in your desk – scan them or manually add them to your contact first if you want to keep them.

2. Create a clean slate and reprioritize your projects. If you are even slightly organized you probably made a list of projects, goals or tasks for the new year in January. We’re three quarters of the way through the year so it’s a great time to revisit that list and assess your progress. Is there anything you can cross off the list? Are there new projects you want to add? How can you make time for the most important items on the list?

3. Clean up your website. My website can become more cluttered than a mudroom on a snow day if I let it go. Now is the perfect time to review your site and see what you need to clean out. Is there too much going on in your sidebar? Do you have too many plugins or widgets slowing the site down? Are there 404 errors and redirects that need to be fixed? Does your backup system work?

4. Take a fresh look at your leads. Is your prospect list growing a bit stale? It might be time to review what’s working when it comes to bringing in new business. Write down the names of your last 20 clients or customers…then take a few minutes to figure out how they found you. If you own a brick-and-mortar business or an e-commerce site you may want to do this as a survey at check out. Analyze the results and identify the most effective lead generating strategies for your business. Then focus your energy on doing more of what’s working and less of what’s not working.

5. Let go of your old excuses. While you’re scrubbing the baseboards and clearing the cobwebs of your home, you might want to examine the dirt and dust that resides in your mind as well. I’m talking about the fear, doubt, guilt, envy and worry that you have allowed to take up residence in your heart and soul. Try journal writing to get clear on what’s holding you back right now and use this time to be honest with yourself and create a plan for letting go of whatever is not working for you now.

6. Get a handle on your financial records. Remember just a few weeks ago when you were compiling tax information for your CPA and you swore you would keep better records this year? Now’s the time to get started! Create a simple system that allows you to collect financial and tax-related data throughout the year so you’re not scrambling next year. I like using Evernote and Dropbox for this…along with Quickbooks, of course.

7. Update your inventory. What do you have hiding in boxes in the corner or closet somewhere? Pens with outdated logos? Broken or defective items? Brochures with the wrong phone number? Products you no longer sell? Make a decision today – you can sell them, donate them or toss them. But move them out of the closet and make room for new inventory!

8. Get a headshot makeover. If it’s been more than three years since your last professional photo shoot, you might want to slap on some lipstick and get a new headshot. I’m due for a new photo myself, and I know what you’re thinking…you want to wait until your hair grows out or you get a little bit of a tan…or you lose a couple of pounds. You know as well as I do that there’s never a perfect time for trying on bathing suits or getting your photo taken. But when you don’t look anything like your photo, people start to wonder if you’re hiding something. So embrace your beautiful self and get a headshot makeover.

9. Create some whitespace on your calendar.  Whenever I clean out my closets or my pantry or my garage, I enjoy the clutter-free space for a few weeks. And then something tragic happens…stuff slowly creeps in and takes over the space again. I seem to grow into whatever space I have – and then I quickly outgrow it. The same thing happens with my calendar, which is why I need to ruthlessly protect my free time by blocking it off on the calendar. Take 20 minutes to block off your “down” time for the remainder of the year. Maybe you want to take off every Friday afternoon….or set aside one day a month for yourself. Go ahead and make the appointment now!

10. Get some fresh air. I mean this in a literal sense. Nothing helps you focus and remain productive more than a few minutes in the great outdoors. Build some time in your schedule daily to get some fresh air. Go for a walk, sip your coffee on the porch or take a catnap by the pool…whatever works for you.

Did I miss anything? What other spring cleaning tips or strategies do you have for your business?

Theresa Ceniccola is The Christian Mompreneur—a Mentor to Moms Who are Running a Business that Supports Faith and Family. As the president and founder of the International Christian Mompreneur Network, she empowers entrepreneurial moms to build profitable businesses with wisdom and grace. Theresa has successfully run a home-based business as a freelance writer and marketing consultant for the past 18 years. She considers herself blessed to make a living doing what she loves and empowering other moms to create businesses that support their values of faith and family. Join the International Christian Mompreneur Network (it’s free!) today and you’ll receive Theresa’s Mompreneur Toolkit featuring the Ten Commandments of a Mompreneur.