I’m thrilled to say that I was recently contacted to review a WorkForce 840 All-in-One printer from Epson. What a great addition to any home office! This new model has some great features that will make any work-at-home mom’s job a little easier. You can even print directly from your iPhone, BlackBerry or other mobile device!

I love the fact that the printer is wireless, so I can use it from my pc or from my laptop downstairs. And, it’s not difficult to set up at all. It didn’t take me long at all to unpack, read the instruction manual, get the ink cartridges inserted and have the printer up and running.

The print quality is amazing, and it’s fast! The WorkForce 840 uses four separate ink cartridges, so you only need to change the one which is empty. Plus, it is instant dry ink! Your documents won’t smudge or fade and they’re water resistant!

The printer also has several eco features and is designed to be recycled. It saves energy by using 70 percent less power than laser printers. That’s a nice bonus for businesses trying to operate in an environmentally friendly way.

There are a multitude of other great features that small business women will love:

  •  According to Espon, the printer offers the world’s fastest two-sided printing.
  •  The printer holds 500 sheets of paper with two 250 sheet trays.
  •  The 7.8” smart touch panel lights up only the buttons you need.
  •  It easily prints, copies and scans. And, it can fax documents directly from your computer.
  •  You can also scan to e-mail, pdf or to your computer.
  •  It easily prints on a variety of paper sizes and weights, including great looking photos.

Who doesn’t want their business to run more smoothly? The ease of use and expanded features make the WorkForce 840 a great choice for moms working at home.

Go here to purchase your very own WorkForce 840.

**Epson supplied Market Mommy with a free WorkForce 840 in order to write this review.


Christie Hosea is a stay-at-home mom of four children. Not only is she always seeking more adult, girlfriend time, but she also had the desire to contribute to her family finances. For her, Stella & Dot was the perfect opportunity to achieve both.

“Like lots of moms, I dreamt of having a business in which I have the flexibility to be there for my kids, but also reap the benefits of any hard work and time I put into a business. When I discovered Stella & Dot, and realized how affordable it was to start a profitable and high potential business, I knew I could stop dreaming and start living!” she said.

Hosea didn’t have any sales experience with jewelry, but she didn’t find that to be a problem. The products have widely been seen in popular national magazines, and according to Hosea they are so stylish and affordable that they sell themselves.

Stella & Dot was founded by Jessica Herrin about six years ago. Already a successful entrepreneur who co-founded WeddingChannel.com, her goal was to create a home based business opportunity with great products, but without the high pressure sales tactics and dated approach. It’s been very successful. Revenues in 2010 were $104 million and more than $50 million has been paid out in commission to stylists like Hosea.

Hosea is currently working on expanding her customer base as well as her team. Hosting a party is easy, she said. Hostesses are able to earn free products and discounts while having fun with friends. It’s also a great business for busy moms, she said. The start-up cost is low and there is great potential.

For more information, visit Hosea’s website here, or contact her via e-mail.


*This post was sponsored by Christie Hosea.


Chic Designs for The sassy kinds! Babykakesink specializes in items for the chic and sassy Mommy & Child. Personalized items for those one-of-a kind gifts and hip and trendy finds for your little one!  Our newest Big & Little sister bodysuits and tees are so fabulous and trendy. Ultra comfy ringspun cotton with chic designer fabric make this a must-have. Don’t worry…we haven’t forgot about Big & Little brothers. Check out these favorites today!


Do you feel like a pack-mule when you’re out and about with your kids in tow?  Struggling to carry your baby, push a stroller and carry an enormous diaper bag?
When it comes to your diaper bag, space is a commodity. In this age of pocket size and travel size, it makes sense that the next thing to reduce is diapers.

DiaperBuds has you covered with a fresh full size diaper in every bud. Great for travel! Each Bud is individually wrapped to stay clean and is small enough to fit in your pocket! Now sold at Amazon.com and diapers.com!


KD Novelties
Personalized Children’s Books, Music and Gifts by KD Novelties specializes in educating and promoting literacy in children utilizing personalized reading, audio and visual methods.  Your child becomes the star of every story, music and DVD enhancing their self-esteem and self-image.  Imagine your child seeing their name in their very own story and becoming the hero with their favorite characters or hearing their name sung by their favorite classic characters such as the Disney and Sesame Street cast.  Your child also takes part in a personalized photo DVD starring as the main character in these personalized cartoon adventures with Dora, Diego and more.


Ivy Rose Gifts
Ivyrosegifts.com celebrates spring with fresh, colorful designs from artist Rebecca Harrell that make perfect personalized gifts for baby, nursery, christening and wedding.


texthook™ is a smartphone holder that attaches to any handlebar providing a convenient and safe place to store your smartphone. Before texthook, parents had to fumble around in their bag or pockets in order to locate their phone.  However, texthook™ provides a convenient accessible holder which easily straps to any stroller handlebar. The mount rotates so that it can be secured to either a single or double handlebar. Fitness apps can be easily viewed while using your stroller for exercise. Great for use with handsfree headsets. Makes a perfect baby gift and registry item! 



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Karen Bullard has been designing and manufacturing stationery for years. She launched Paper Fancy in 2010, after spending six years producing her own stationery line, Karen Cole paper.

The online shop offers designer brands such as Boatman Geller, Whitney English, Kelly Hughes and many more of her personal favorites.  “After being in this business for a few years I know the established, trend driven companies with the best quality and customer service and want only the best for my customers,” Bullard said.

Paper Fancy also offers these brands at an affordable price. According to Bullard, many items are priced at 20 percent below retail.  

Because her children are school age, Bullard said that she mostly works during the day while they’re at school. “I balance that with volunteering at their school, serving on the board of a local preschool and I also work at night as well as in the carpool line, thanks to my Verizon portable hotspot,” she said.

When asked what advice she has for other mom entrepreneurs, she encouraged them to follow their dreams. “But don’t neglect yourself or your family and be ready to work at night,” she added.

Market Mommy readers can save 10% on a purchase at Paper Fancy with the code MarketMommy10. In addition to the main site, Paper Fancy can also be found on Facebook and on Twitter!

I am a mom of three kids (5 years old, 3 ¾ years old and 20 months old).  I live in New York City where I use my strollers to transport my children from one activity to the next.  I was pregnant with my third child when I realized there was a void in the stroller accessory market.  When parents are out with their children, they always bring three things with them: a diaper bag, a bottle of water, and their phone. There are holders for your water bottle and your bag but no convenient place to put your phone.  I decided to develop a safe and convenient place to put my phone while out with my children. 

Before texthook™, parents had to fumble around in their bag or pockets in order to locate their phone.  However, texthook™ solves this problem by providing an accessible holder which easily straps to any handlebar.   I designed the mount to rotate so that it can be secured to either a double or single handlebar.   The base can accommodate the most popular smartphones, including iPhone, DROID, BlackBerry, etc. 

texthook™ is perfect for both urban and suburban parents and allows the user to locate his/her phone quickly and effortlessly. texthook™ has many benefits in addition to being a convenient holder.  It is perfect for parents who use their strollers for exercise and wish to easily view their fitness apps.  It can help keep kids entertained with music while on the go.  It is perfect for use with hands-free headsets, such as bluetooth®.  Finally, texthook™ is also great for when the parent can get some time away from the children as it can be used at the gym by attaching to the handlebar of a treadmill, exercise bicycle, etc. 

Since many parents use their strollers as their “car”, I created a product so that they have a “dashboard for their mobile life™” while out with their children.

texthook™ makes a perfect gift or registry item.  You can check out our site at www.thetexthook.com. AND, Market Mommy readers can save 15% off your order! Just use promo code MOMMY15 at checkout!

** This post was provided and sponsored by texthook.com


Ivyrosegifts.com celebrates spring with fresh, colorful designs from artist Rebecca Harrell that make perfect personalized gifts for baby, nursery, christening and wedding.

Hand personalized by artist/owner Rebecca Harrell, each of our designs make unique, commemorative keepsakes, perfect for recording life’s important occasions.

For spring, our popular baby birth records are offered in bright and cheerful colors.  Choose from pink, yellow and white daises, pink and green bunnies, little boy sailboats and whimsical moon and stars. Each personalized design makes great nursery art and is always a welcome baby gift.

Artist Rebecca Harrell celebrates ten years online this spring.  Along with www.ivyrosegifts.com, she can be found on Facebook and Etsy!

**This post was provided and sponsored by Ivy Rose Gifts.

Market Mommy:: When and why did you found your business.

Erin Giglia:: We are Laurie Rowen and Erin Giglia, the founders and owners of Montage Legal Group, LLC. We formed Montage Legal Group in 2009 after Laurie and I both voluntarily left practicing law at a large law firm.  Laurie had been practicing for 5 years and had a one year old baby, and I had been practicing for 8 years and had a 3 year old and a one year old.  We both felt that the traditional law firm business model did not fit well into our ideal roles as mothers, so we decided to create a new model with more flexibility.  In the process we, somewhat inadvertently, formed a company focused on supporting other attorneys in similar situations to ours.  Our company, Montage Legal Group, allows attorneys to remain in legal practice by doing freelance legal projects from home for other law firms, while they tend to family needs, each on their own schedules.  Montage Legal Group also assists attorneys who are re-entering the legal practice after a long absence due to caring for young children.  Successful female attorneys do have many resources available to them, especially when in large law firm practice.  But, this often changes when we alter our priorities after having children.  Montage Legal Group tries to support these educated, high-achieving women as they transition to a very different and unfamiliar situation.  

Market Mommy:: How long did it take before you felt successful?  

Erin Giglia:: Not long at all!  All it took was having attorneys contact us wanting to join, as well as overwhelmingly positive feedback from our clients.

Market Mommy:: How do you define success?  

Erin Giglia:: Success for us is providing our law firm and attorney clients with exceptional attorneys while giving Montage Legal Group attorneys the ability to practice law and tend to family (and without the crazy 2000 hour required billing at a traditional law firm).  Our clients typically need and want excellent attorneys, but often cannot afford to hire someone full time.  Montage Legal Group attorneys are available for the exact amount of legal work the client needs, and at a great price.  

Market Mommy:: How do you balance parenting with running your business?  

Erin Giglia:: We rely on each other quite a bit, and since the work we do is done from home and/or while our children are at school, we can fit it in well with our schedules.  We also learned how to be incredibly efficient in law school and in legal practice, especially for me after practicing at a large law firm with two babies under 3-years-old.

Market Mommy:: When did you break the six-figure threshold?  

Erin Giglia:: We hit the six-figure threshold several months after we started adding attorneys to our network in terms of gross revenue. But at this point, we measure our success by the fact that we’ve grown the business by over 15 attorneys in less than one year, and that our attorneys and clients are thrilled with our service and business model.  

Market Mommy:: What business strategies contributed to your success?  

Erin Giglia:: We’re extremely organized (thanks to Laurie!).  Of course, our attorneys are all so incredibly talented that it would be hard for us to go wrong.  Our goal is to create a situation that benefits as many people as possible.  If the ultimate goal is to help law firms and their clients to get the talent they need while saving money, and to help attorneys stay in the market while tending to family. It really is a win-win situation for everyone.  

Market Mommy:: What specific marketing efforts really paid off for you?  

Erin Giglia:: Our blog has created a lot of interest in our concept.  We also attend marketing events, and talk to a lot of people.

Market Mommy:: What advice do you have for moms who are just starting out on their entrepreneur adventure?  

Erin Giglia:: Be passionate about what you’re doing.  For us, we are passionate that because of our flexibility, we’re able to offer our clients a unique, highly desirable product.  We’re also passionate about giving attorneys another option besides the demanding work schedule required of a law firm associate (all away from young children).  Enlist a supportive spouse, friends, and family for ideas and support.  Be firm, and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.  Be proud of your product, and of yourself for what you will accomplish.  Have fun!!!

In addition to their primary website, Montage Legal Group can be found at their blog, on Twitter and on Facebook.


This post is part of a new series on Market Mommy, Achieving $uccess. These posts detail the journey these mom entrepreneurs have taken to reach sales of six figures and beyond. How do they balance it all? What strategies have worked for them? What advice do they have for you, the new mom entrepreneur? Follow our blog for more Achieving $uccess stories in the future.


Stephanie is the mom behind Hawaiian Island Gifts which she stared in May 2010. She was born and raised in Hawaii and moved to Texas in 2005. After five years working in corporate America and missing valuable time with her family, she said she decided to quit a very good job and start her own business. “I love Hawaii, so starting this business made sense for me.”

Hawaiian Island Gifts offers island inspired gifts, mainly from Hawaii, but also from other tropical areas. According to Stephanie, their prices are reasonable. Coffee, tea, photo albums, sarongs, body care, jewelry, coasters, wallets, purses and shopping bags, are just some of their popular items. They offer additional products at vendor shows in the Dallas Fort-Worth area.

Like most moms, Stephanie admits it is hard work to balance family and business. Aside from her family and Hawaiian Island Gifts, she’s in graduate school full-time and works in sales for Mommy Bag Marketing. “Balancing everything is not easy,” she said. Knowing that plans often fall through, she simply tries to plan the best she can and be prepared for what she can control.

Stephanie feels that mom entrepreneurs will be most successful if they are in a business they are passionate about. “If you have additional free time, attend a networking event in your area,” she said. “This gives you another outlet at promoting your business.” She admits that being an entrepreneur means putting in more than her regular 9-5 job, but she doesn’t mind. “My quality of living with my family is a lot better than ever before and I would not change it for anything in the world!”

Mention Market Mommy in the comments section when you place your next order and you’ll receive a free coffee filter packet or a sample tea bag. Offer good until supplies run out! You can find Hawaiian Island Gifts on Facebook too!

The Hybrid Mom Bazaar is a premiere marketplace for mom-created products and mom-run businesses.  The Bazaar is a true showcase of all things beautiful, practical, trendy, and vintage.
We at Hybrid Mom have created a powerful and unique resource for momtrepreneurs.  It’s just this type of pioneering spirit that secured for Hybrid Mom a 2010 Stevie Award for Women in Business and that compelled Forbeswoman to call Hybrid Mom a “Top 100 Website for Women.”
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KD Novelties Personalized Children’s Books, Music & Gifts believes in educating children through personalization with our innovative assortment of personalized books, music, DVDs and gifts.  Studies show that when children are a part of what they read it builds self-esteem, confidence and promotes literacy. Personalized gifts teach while they entertain and make children feel special about themselves.

Our personalized children’s books will not only encourage children to read, it enhances their self-esteem and self-image because they are the stars of the stories with their favorite popular characters.  All of our personalized books contain the child’s age, hometown, friends and relatives and a dedication from the gift giver to add a special personalized touch to the gift.

Our personalized children’s music is entertaining and provide children with an audio experience enhancing their self-image when they hear their name being sung by popular characters such as Elmo, Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses and more.  Name recognition and repetition builds audio awareness of their name and builds confidence knowing that they are personally known by their favorite characters singing their name.

Our personalized photo DVDs star your child as the main character in their very own cartoon adventure.  Your child’s photo is incorporated into the video with their favorite characters such as Dora, Diego, Spiderman and more.  Imagine the joy and expression on your child’s face when they see themselves interacting with their favorite characters on television.  Priceless! 

Our mission is to promote literacy by providing personalized books and gifts that children will want to keep for a lifetime.  We truly believe in Making Reading Fun and our goal is to touch children’s lives through personalization, one child at a time.

**This post was provided and sponsored by KD Novelties.