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New Tool Available for Mom Business Owners Launches Today

There is a new and innovative tool now available online for mom business owners. launched today and serves as a marketing resource for moms who need a little help learning how and where to market their business.

Market Mommy was created by a marketing professional who is also a mom and business owner herself. The new site offers a list of advertising definitions and articles explaining the ins and outs of marketing a mom-owned business, all in easy to understand terminology.

And, it doesn’t stop there! Market Mommy gives direct links to some of the best advertising options available. There are many resources that explain how to start a business, but then what? Market Mommy takes it a step further.

“When I started my online business I had a background in marketing, but still struggled when it came to choosing quality places to advertise,” said Dawn Berryman, owner of Announcements Galore and founder of Market Mommy. “That’s why I founded Market Mommy, to give mom business owners a central location to find great advertising opportunities.”

All of the resources on Market Mommy are completely free to mom business owners. A free e-newsletter is also included with additional tips, advertising options and success stories about moms who have taken the plunge and created a successful business while raising their children at the same time.

Market Mommy is proud to have partners on board such as, to help give mom business owners the most resources possible. is currently looking for more publications and websites to partner with. This innovative new tool is sure to generate more advertising dollars and increase readership!

**Media Opportunity**

Market Mommy Founder, Dawn Berryman, is available for interview and to provide more information about Market Mommy. She can be reached at [email protected]