One of the easiest and most basic ways to advertise your business is in a directory. There are several options available. There are directories for small businesses, mom-owned businesses, online businesses and more. Some listings are charged for and some are free, depending on the location and the audience. Do your research before submitting a listing. If there is a charge, check out the directory’s traffic and readership. What type of audience do they have? Are their readers people that will be interested in your products/services?

Most directory listings, if they have a cost, are reasonable and affordable. Customers who generally seek out and use these directories are those who are committed to working with specific types of business owners. Directories can also be a valuable networking tool. Meeting other moms who own their own businesses can lead to endless business possibilities. Below are some great directories that you may want to consider listing your business in.

If you haven't yet, start by listing your mom-owned business in Market Mommy's Free Business Directory.