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4 Simple ways to change up your small bathroom

You can say that a bathroom is your own personal sanctuary. In fact, for people who have big families, it is one of the rare places where you can isolate yourself and find some comfort. Due to this, most of us see it as a room where you can relax and take care of yourself.

Due to all of this, we cherish our bathrooms a lot. It can be very hard when you have limited space at your disposal or when the bathroom is not functional enough. This is why you have to rearrange it and place equipment and furniture in a way so that you can maneuver around. Besides that, different rules apply when it comes to decoration. We have much less options when it comes to a small bathroom and that’s why we have to be extra careful.

Here are our tips as how to do it.

Be careful with colors
Colors can have an amazing impact on tiny bathrooms. Both your floor and walls have to be painted in a certain way. White or light gray should be used as a basis. You can add some more nuances to them making a perfect blend. Soft yellow and green are also amazing choices as they leave a natural impression. But, make sure to avoid dark colors as well as very intensive ones. They can be a little bit overbearing and visually imposing. Black is especially troublesome as it “shrinks” the room.

Light is an asset
Light is another factor that needs to be considered and works great in conjunction with proper colors. In this case, windows are great solution as they add a lot of natural light to the room. You also have to be careful when adding light bulbs. Standard yellow ones are pretty hard to pull off. They are good for certain color schemes. However, white neutral light is great. It emphasizes colors and makes room more vivid. Whatever you do, make sure not do overdo it. Even though room has to be properly illuminated, you shouldn’t add to many bulbs. It can have a very negative impact on your eyes making stay in the bathroom unbearable.

Buy things according to the space
If you just moved to the apartment or house, you might have brought your old furniture and equipment. But, they probably won’t fit in your new small bathroom. Tiny bathrooms give you lot less liberties in comparison to the big ones. Every piece of equipment needs to be bought especially according to room’s dimensions. In fact, make sure to get everything in advance and project how the room will look like with all those pieces together. Each corner has to be utilized properly as well as the upper regions of the room, near the ceiling. You can do wonders with limited space if you have enough imagination. Although you need to compromise with the equipment, you can definitely try and use unutilized parts of the room.

Be Rational
We have certain expectations and views when it comes to this space. We believe that bathroom should be used for all your hygienic and cosmetic needs. Although you are right when it comes to hygienic part, small bathrooms shouldn’t be used cosmetically. Make sure to remove everything that doesn’t belong such as hair dryer, manicure kit, make-up etc. Limit yourself to using bathroom only for personal hygiene and basic human needs. Install mirror someplace else in your house and start putting make-up there. This will save you a lot of space in bathroom as you remove anything that is not absolute necessity.


There are just the main things you can do with small bathroom. However, it is possible to try some other things as well. Do not be shy and use everything at your disposal. Be creative when it comes to placing furniture. Lastly, make sure to remove anything that is not completely necessary. In the end, bathroom is not a storeroom. Any excess towels or hygienic products should be relocated.

If all of this doesn’t help, you can always try and completely renovate the bathroom adding more space. It is much more expensive solution but it is definitely worth it!


FOUR Financial Traps Working Moms Can Avoid

Is there anyone in the world busier than a working mom?

Without a doubt, you have your hands full 24 hours a day from work to handling all the tasks at home that your family relies on you for. Amidst all the organized chaos, there are some costly financial traps you can inadvertently run into. Following are four specific tips for avoiding these financial traps:

1. The Grocery Gauntlet

In an effort to select healthy food for the family without spending hours in the grocery store, many working moms make numerous trips throughout the month to pick up last minute items.

This can be costly for a few reasons:

●     Every trip to the grocery store requires gas and time

●     The more often you step through those automatic doors, the more likely you are to be exposed to clever marketing that encourage impulse purchases (especially if you’re hungry!)

●     Spread out over 10-15 short trips, it can be extremely challenging to maintain a predictable grocery budget

One option to avoid this financial burden is to set aside time early in the month and plan one large-scale trip to hit one or more grocery stores for the bulk of the month’s essentials. Between non-perishable foods and items that can be frozen, this can help reduce the rest of the month’s visits to replenishing staple items like milk, bread, and eggs.

This allows you to save time and money on transportation, and gives you a much better chance of sticking to a reasonable grocery budget.

2. The Dental Care Decoy

We all know that proper dental care is important to our health. However, when dental insurance is not an affordable option, families face paying out-of-pocket for dental services, which can be very expensive.

To help ensure your family gets the dental care they need without heavily impacting your budget, consider the following tips:

●     Consult your dental office. Most dentists are willing to work with you on prices and payment options as opposed to losing you and your family as patients.

●     Take advantage of discounts. As an alternative to insurance, dental discount plans like the one offered by Dental Solutions, provide a great way to save up to 50% off the retail cost of dental care at participating providers.

●     Don’t skip dental visits. Ironically, maintaining a strict biannual schedule of visits to the dentist for every member of the family can end up saving more money than it costs. Considering the adage, “An ounce of prevention saves a pound of cure”, it makes sense that maintaining a healthy mouth is more affordable over time. In fact, restorative and emergency dental services are far more expensive - not to mention potentially painful - than routine cleanings and x-rays.

3. The Bundle Booby Trap

Like many families, you may be paying one company a monthly fee for bundled cable, internet, and phone services. On the surface, this seems like the best possible deal, plus it’s much more convenient to handle one payment as opposed to three or more.

However, realizing this is the case, cable companies have been known to add in fees for services and maintenance over time.

It’s always in your best interests to routinely review your bundled bills and contact the provider regarding any unexpected or erroneous fees. If you have more than one provider available in the area, keep a sharp eye on specials they’re offering and use those as leverage to discuss having your bill lowered. Or, if your current provider won’t budge, considering switching to another.

4. The Amazon Ambush

Without a doubt, shopping online can be both cost-effective and extremely convenient. However, there are always ways to shop smarter to cut costs.

While you make use of the internet to shop around, be sure to compare prices and find customer reviews to make wise buying decisions. You should also consider one important fact: just because you’re ordering something online doesn’t mean it’s going to be cheaper than it would be elsewhere. In some cases, shipping and handling costs are inflating the bottom line. Additionally, return policies and warranties may not be what you expect.

The best option? Use the internet to inform your shopping plans, but including local stores in the final decision making process. Many physical stores now offer free “ship to the store” services for items you can order from their online inventory and pick up at the local store rather than having them shipped to your home, which, at times, may be the best price option available.

While these are just four financial traps, there are plenty more out there to be aware of, and it takes diligence to stretch every dollar as far as it can go. As a mother and business professional, you do a great job working hard for your family. So, enjoy these money saving tips, and keep up the good work!


How to recognize whether you have psychic abilities

Being psychic is not a new concept. It is something that has been mentioned in antic books, including religious ones such as the Bible. Some may refer to these abilities as a curse while others see them as a gift. Regardless, they are something that makes us stand out.

Like everything else in life, being psychic has its pros and cons. First, these powers can be very useful, not only for you, but also for others. They can improve quality of life, heal, help you connect with the dead and give you a completely new perception of reality.

Unfortunately, there are also downsides to having a psychic power. Mediums are oftentimes overwhelmed with voices and information coming from another plane of existence. Also, in order to use many of these abilities, you require a lot of mental exertion.

In most cases, psychics are highly sensitive people, able to absorb most of the sensations from their surrounding regardless of their origin. Because of it, life can be quite burdening for an untrained medium. You require a lot of discipline in order to develop these skills and even more to keep them in check.

If you are not certain whether or not you have a psychic power, these things can help you determine it.

  1. You often have visions and specific type of a hunch that later on comes true
  2. It is easy for you to foresee sickness or death of a loved one
  3. You oftentimes have dreams which later on come true. Furthermore, these dreams can be described as very vivid and full of emotions
  4. Medium can sense (hear or feel) his surrounding and notice the way it impacts people around him
  5. When a psychic person comes into contact with another individual, she feels as if that person is copying itself within her
  6. Gifted people have high affinity to nature and can converse with plants and animals
  7. There is always some kind of a connection between daily visions and a medium
  8. Gifted people occasionally smell, see, hear or touch things which induces a feeling that cannot be explained logically
  9. Oftentimes, these individuals feel shame or fear due to their powers
  10. Mediums often feel as if they will become mentally unstable or mentally sick
  11. In majority of cases, there is more than one medium within a family
  12. Psychic powers appear at a very young age. Due to this, there is a lot of psychics that visit a vivid imaginary world when they are children
  13. This special ability is something inherent. Individual is able to notice if there is someone or something interfering with it or reducing its potential
  14. Some of the mediums are unsatisfied with the fact that they can see so much. As a result, they  would love if they could see and feel less
  15. As we mentioned on the start, these powers are documented in earliest human texts. Mediums have uncanny wish to start learning antic teachings and traditions even if they are not aware of their powers
  16. Psychics are able to detect a lot of things regarding their family. In most of the cases, they choose to omit these information
  17. Sometimes, psychic doesn’t have to have a psychical contact with a place or a person in order to sense it. A lot of them are able to see distant places without ever visiting them
  18. Artificial food products as well as chemical substances may interfere with psychic abilities
  19. Mediums have a high level of empathy. When they see a person or an animal suffering, they can feel it strongly on their own skin
  20. In most of the cases, gifted people may have issues adapting to their surroundings. Also, it is very hard for them to lie
  21. These individuals are able to read between the lines when they read books. They are able to sense the author and relive emotions which he had while writing a piece
  22. It is easy for mediums to recognize people who wish to manipulate them. This is why they usually avoid them even though they cannot tell why

Attracting a First-Time Customer

When starting a business every customer is a first-time customer. Before you can attract returning customers, you must establish a base of the first-timers. What are some strategies that will help you accomplish this?

1. Attractive web design is a crucial factor. When visitors are on your site, it needs to be visually appealing, easy to navigate and up-to-date. There should not be expired or non-working links and how to order should be easy and straightforward.

2. When you are just starting out, testimonials can be hard to come by but they are necessary. Personal follow up to your first customers soliciting feedback can be a great start. Putting testimonials on your site and social media pages can be a great way to encourage those who may be on the fence about placing an order. This can underscore the importance of quality customer service as well. Ensure that all of your customers have a good experience and would be willing to give you that positive testimonial.

3. Coupons can be a great way to build your network as well. A discount on their first order and/or in exchange for signing up for a mailing list can help extend your reach right away. CheekyTummy is an online store selling beautiful and functional accessories for mommies and babies. They offer things such as diaper bags, breastfeeding covers and bibs. They strategically attract new customers by offering 10 percent of each customer’s first order.

4. Also, be sure not to neglect social media marketing. It can be overwhelming and difficult to get a grasp on, but it is important to have a social media presence. It can hurt you not to have a Facebook page for your business. It’s a great way to get those awesome product photos viewed more, it’s a great way to expand your network, and it’s a great way to promote sales and specials.

What are some other ways that you’ve attracted first-time customers?


Unique Gifts For Guys this Father's Day!

 From Jason, creator of UniqueGifts4guys.com:

Hello! I'm just a guy who loves odd, unusual things that you've never heard of...things that would make a great gift for him!  But, gift-giving can be hit or miss...

A bad gift leaves you with a fake smile, saying thank your through your teeth...but a great gift shakes your soul, and really creates a bond between the two of you...Its like, they get you..and you get them. Huge difference. So, which are you? A good gifter, or a bad gifter? Either way, let me help! Getting ideas is half the battle...

I take the best from around the web, and archive it on my website: uniquegifts4guys.com in order to get the juices flowing, and help you pick out a gift you know he'll love. Everything on my site, I either have and love, I want, or I know other guys will want as well..I'm a guy...I know what guys want!

My site has gift ideas for guy for all ages. From Huggies to Depends (did I go there? I think I just did) I really take the time to think about my audience, and what they'd really want on their special day. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Also, LIKE my facebook page to get gift ideas in your facebook feed! My favorite gift on my site right now is a personalized bobble head (so cool!)...and a post that is coming up...a game called the human slingshot! Looks like tons of fun! Check it out!

Also, Fathers Day is Sunday June 19th..check out my Fathers Day gift ideas blog post. There may be some things on there you've never heard of...and he might want! Go now!

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