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How to Get Your Kids To Read and Love It!

KD Novelties a publisher of personalized children’s books and gifts has been in business for over 10 years.  Their goal is to touch children’s’ lives through personalization, one child at a time.

Their unique children’s books feature the child as the star of his or her own story.  Their books promote literacy; build self-esteem, and confidence in children because they become the heroes of the story.  KD Novelties has been recognized and awarded publishing and best book awards for their creative storylines, uniqueness of each book and illustrations. According to Kim Delgado owner of KD Novelties “we promote ourselves as avid lovers of literacy and believe that the love of reading starts at home.”

If you have a child who is learning to read or one who is reluctant to read, getting them a personalized book of their own will help boost their motivation, get them to read more and love it!  These books are also treasured keepsakes and are not thrown away or donated as most books are but most importantly the expression on the child’s face when they read about themselves is priceless!  

Visit us today!

Reading to your child... IMPORTANT
Reading a personalized book... UNIQUE
Seeing their face light up... PRICELESS!


Why Bandwidth is Important for an E-commerce Store

Bandwidth, simply put, is the amount of traffic that passes through your website. All companies that have their own website anticipate a certain amount of traffic per month, and allocate resources accordingly. However, bandwidth is more important to some companies than others. For example, a company that facilitates buying or selling online, like eBay, has to be concerned about bandwidth more than, say, a website that hosts a family blog. If you can’t properly calculate the bandwidth you need, your company could end up with bad deals and misinformation from hosting companies. To avoid this scenario, learn why bandwidth is important for your online store:

A Slow Loading Time Will Cost You Customers

Unless you are Google, don’t expect people to wait for your website to load. These loading seconds matter a lot. According to a survey conducted by two content aggregator companies, web users expect a site to load within 2 seconds or less. More than a half of web shoppers say they won’t return to a site that is slow. An online business could lose a quarter of its customer base if the website takes over 4 seconds to load. If you reach the peak of your bandwidth limit, your website could become slow, which will most certainly cost you in profits. That’s why it’s extremely important that e-commerce sites take bandwidth issues seriously.

Traffic Can Spike Unexpectedly

If you are a budding e-commerce site, you probably dream about the day your traffic stats spike to alpine levels. Some dreams do come true. If your company is mentioned in the news, or if a deal you are offering goes viral, more and more people will begin to visit your site. More page visits require more bandwidth. If the traffic exceeds your current bandwidth package, your site will go down faster than the Hindenburg. A crashed site will bring your business to a standstill, and you’ll have to start attracting customers from scratch. Therefore, you should carefully choose a bandwidth package and web hosting company. Some hosts, like hostgator.com and bestwebhosting.co.uk, offer robust plans and automatic upgrades if your traffic spikes, which is ideal for start-ups.

It’s Necessary for Digital Sales

Does your e-commerce site offer digital downloads? If so, you’ll require a lot of bandwidth. Having a site run smoothly is vital for your customers to have access to any digital content that they might purchase and copy to their personal computers from your server. So if you sell downloads, make sure your bandwidth capacity is at least double that of a regular online seller.

Revamped Websites Can’t Do Without It

If you are a proper business, you will end up redesigning your website time and time again. If you add new graphics or videos to your site, you’ll need a good bandwidth package to ensure that visitors can interact with the new content without a hassle. If you have a devout follower base, introducing a new design can be a tricky business. Don’t let things get worse by making the new website load slower.

Basically, think of bandwidth to your online store as the buying lines in a physical store. You want these lines to move through the counters and shelves quickly if you want customers to come back to your store. Therefore, don’t be frugal when it comes to purchasing a good bandwidth package for your site.


Tips on Finding Real and Legitimate Work-From-Home Jobs

When it comes to work-at-home jobs, the adage “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” is especially accurate. If all of those ads that promise amazing opportunities were true, everyone on the planet would work from home. Classic examples of this are envelope-stuffing jobs that instruct you to send out ads like the one you answered. The problem with this is there isn’t an actual product being offered. Other common scams include assembling crafts and promises of big bucks for medical transcription services. To avoid scams and find legitimate work-from-home jobs, consider the following tips:

Understand the Pros and Cons

Fortunately, not all work-at-home offers are scams. With some diligence and research, it is possible to find honest work that comes with actual pay. One way to do this is to become an independent contractor. Before you jump into the freelance pool, it’s important to be aware of the pros and cons of this type of work. In most cases, becoming a freelancer means getting paid to do work that you love, such as taking photographs at weddings or writing for a blog. Schedules tend to be pretty flexible, and you can pick and choose which jobs you want.

As for the cons, freelance work is not usually a guaranteed gig, and your number of assignments will ebb and flow. This may mean you have some pretty lean months, especially as you are getting started. Tax time can also be difficult for freelancers; most do not have taxes taken out of their wages and are issued 1099s instead of W2s, so it’s vital to find an experienced accountant who understands deductions that work-at-homers can take.

Use the Power of Online Platforms and Tech Tools

A great way to find actual contract work is through online platforms. The first thing you need to do is decide what type of freelance positions you are qualified for. Then, learn how you can transform your experience for cash. Using the photographer example from above, the Foap app enables you to turn your photos into actual money. Once you capture an amazing moment on your smartphone’s camera, you use the app to upload the pictures from Instagram, Flickr and others. You can also use the Foap app to create a web portfolio that buyers can access. To make this type of work possible, you need amobile device with a great camera, like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The camera features a 16-megapixel camera and auto-time HDR, and the phone’s dual edges glow silently to alert you when the phone is face down, so you can stay connected with your clients at all times.

Have Several Sources of Income at Once

Freelancers are a lot like fishermen; to get the most fish (or jobs), you have to have multiple lines in the sea at one time. This is especially true when you are starting out. Sign up with numerous online platforms, and use your vast array of talents to earn extra cash when other jobs are not panning out. For example, moms are known for being chaffeurs, so register with Uber and get paid for your outstanding driving skills, taking people to the airport and other important appointments while your kids are in school. Other popular online platforms that allow you to find legitimate work include TaskRabbit.com, Handy and Elance.



Five Great Ways to Market Your Stay at Home Business

Do you work from home, operating your very own business and being your own boss? Are you looking for ways to branch out and reach a broader, wider audience so you can continue doing what you love, and more of it? Then continue reading for a few great ways that you can market your stay at home business effectively. You may be surprised by how easy it is to get out there and get to know more customers.

Attend Trade Shows, Exhibitions, and Other Events

One of the best ways to meet new customers and reach a wider audience is by meeting them in person at a trade show or exhibition, as well as other promotional events in your area. Make sure that you really research a particular event before you use the time and funding necessary to attend, as you want to be certain that the event caters to your niche and target audience. Then, to get the very best trade show booth possible, hire a company like finesse-exhibitions.co.uk, as they'll have the creative team you need to save money and time on building a booth that will attract and retain the attention of visitors walking by.

Use the Power of Social Media

There are so many effective social media channels that you can take advantage of today as a small business owner. From Twitter and Facebook, to LinkedIn and Instagram, among others, you have the opportunity to network with people from all over the world. Set up professional pages on all of these networks and, if necessary, hire someone who can take care of the day-to-day postings and interactions. Be sure to post about your products and services, answer questions, and host contests and promotions to get people involved and interested in what you do.

Partner with Another Small Business That Needs Help Promoting Itself

If you want to really expand your reach, you can access the customers of a fellow small business by partnering with them to market one another mutually. For example, if you create soaps and other bath and body care products, you can network with local businesses that sell these products, as well as with local spas and health centres. They can help promote your products or sell them at their facilities, and you can also promote them and mention that they're supporting you. In this way, it's a win-win for everyone involved and you all get to reach each other's current customer base to expand your own. 

Encourage Email Signups

Finally, offer freebies online through your website and social media channels to those who sign up for your email list. From there, you can increase your subscriber list and directly promote your products and/or services to them on a regular basis to generate new and recurring sales.

There are plenty of creative and surprisingly easy ways to market your stay at home business effectively. The key is to develop your product or service until it's the very best that it can be. Then work hard and with consistency to promote it to the masses.


Get More Out of Your Social Media by Posting Less

Yes, you read that right. You can spend less time on social media and make a bigger impact on your specific audience. With all the different social media sites out there, it’s easy to get caught up in a dozen different sites from Tumblr to Pinterest. How many social media sites do you really need to maintain for your blog? And which ones? There is no cookie cutter answer.

But the good news is that experts recommend fewer social media sites with a higher quality of content for businesses large and small. And the even better news is that you can find the right social media mix for your specific audience for free with a little research and insights from the experts.

Choose Wisely

With approximately 1.5 billion active monthly users on Facebook and only two million on Reddit, it seems like a pretty easy decision of which one to spend the most time on right? Wrong. When selecting which social media sites are right for your blog, it’s not just a numbers game. Would you rather reach a million random people for a moment, or 100 interested people for an hour? That’s the power of choosing the right social media based on your audience.

And while Facebook is ubiquitous for establishing the professionality of your blog or business these days, it’s probably not the best way to reach your desired readers. In fact, with the recent changes to the way Facebook feeds work, many of your followers will never even see your posts.

That’s why sites like Reddit are so powerful: they allow you to specialize your content and share it with a niche market directly. A breastfeeding blog post shared to a Reddit thread about breastfeeding guarantees that your audience is already engaged and looking for the exact content you’re providing. And the best part is that it doesn’t cost a dime.

Content that Counts

The content that you share is the single biggest determining factor in how much attention a post gets, no matter what social media site you choose. Your content needs to engage your readers on a personal level if you want them to click through to your site, and even better yet, share your content with their friends and followers.

Although you’re probably writing about personal experiences, you want your title to grab the reader’s attention and make them think about how your experience pertains to their life. Instead of the title: “My Little Two-Year-Old Terror” a more engaging headline might read: “How to Survive the Terrible Twos.” With just the turn of a phrase, you’ve taken the focus off of you and your family, and turned it into lessons that readers can apply to their own families. Look to other businesses that have a successful social following for more ideas that you can apply to your own strategy. For instance, LifeLock’s Twitter account is a great example of a social media news feed that is specifically designed to address all the worries and stresses associated with identity theft, not just the products that LifeLock offers.

Timing is Everything

The third key to maximizing your social media efforts for free is timing. All social media has a shelf life. The second you share something it loses value and relevance and continues to do so until your audience engages with it by liking, clicking and sharing. Sometimes a great post goes stale because it’s posted when the majority of your target audience isn’t online.

Most online sales happen on Mondays. Most feel good posts perform best on Fridays. And most social media sites have all kinds of analytics that can help you plan your posts to perfection and hit your audience when they are online and ready to engage with your brand. And what if the optimal posting time falls right at Jimmy’s naptime? Check out tools like Hootsuite that allow you to write a post any time and schedule it to post at high traffic times.


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