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Have you considered advanced biobanking?

Have you ever considered advanced biobanking? It is not something that I considered while I was pregnant; simply because I wasn’t aware of the procedures and the benefits. If I had known more about cord blood banking, chances are I would have strongly considered it.

Cord blood banking is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collect, process and preserve your baby’s stem cells for future medical use. Collecting your baby’s cord blood is a simple and safe procedure that happens immediately after the birth and usually takes the healthcare provider about five minutes to collect and package for shipment to our state-of-the-art cord blood bank facility located in New Jersey.

Cord blood is an important source of rich stem cells, and has been proven in treatments to help replace and rebuild diseased blood cells. Today, cord blood stem cells are used in the treatment of more than 80 diseases, including various types of blood disorders and cancers such as leukemia.

Intriguing isn’t it? This option is on the rise and there is no wonder why more and more parents are choosing to bank cord blood given the advantages. Cord blood banking, however, is just the beginning. With Advanced Biobanking you can bank placental blood, complete placentas, cord vessels or cord platelet rich plasma. This increases the number of life-saving cells that you store and therefore increases the number of conditions that you can treat.

Every day, parents are choosing to bank their child’s cord blood because they know these powerful cells could one day be used to save a close family member’s life. Parents choose to also bank placenta blood with LifebankUSA to make their cord blood collection even more powerful, providing them with even greater peace of mind. Only LifebankUSA’s proprietary technology allows you to bank your baby’s placenta blood. Banking placenta blood in addition to cord blood gives you the ability to preserve significantly more of your baby’s stem cells. Why is having more of your baby’s stem cells important? Because numerous studies presented in top medical journals have shown that transplanting more cells significantly improves success and survival rates.

Think about this. LifebankUSA has released cord blood stem cell units for sibling transplants, resulting in 100 percent survival rates in treating both hemoglobinopathies and malignant diseases. That's astounding to me! LifebankUSA’s processing procedures are tested and validated, giving you confidence that your collection is well preserved and transplant-ready.

The first cord blood stem cell transplant was performed in Paris in 1988. The patient was a 5-year-old boy named Matthew, with Fanconi’s Syndrome—a rare, serious type of anemia. The transplant was a success, and Matthew is now a loving husband and father who is doing well today thanks to the wonderful work of the medical pioneers who performed his transplant using his sister’s umbilical cord blood. He has since become a vocal advocate for cord blood banking. Since that first transplant, cord blood stem cell transplants have been used to treat at least 80 different diseases, including leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma, in more than 30,000 patients worldwide.

You can enroll simply by calling 1.877.LIFEBANKUSA or visit their website at www.lifebankusa.com for additional information.


LifeOiL, Non-GMO Cooking Oils, Now Available!

Concerned about GMOs and the effects they might be having on your health? Try the new Non-GMO cooking oils from LifeOiL! You can find them in Sam's Club and WalMart stores now!

Donald Bryant Jr. believes small innovations hold great potential. Bringing this potential to life is the driving mission behind his consumer products company, Alden Group Brands.

Since founding the company in 2007, Donald and his team develop brands that promote wellness. “Our company and products,” explains Donald, “are designed to challenge the usual and improve lives.”

Their big break? When celebrity B. Smith signed on to become the face of their first product, olive oil. “This was a turning point for us,” says Donald. “We succeeded in getting our product in stores throughout the country and succeeded in promoting healthful and smart cooking, which is very important to me.”

Capitalizing on the success of B. Smith’s Olive Oil, Alden Group recently launched LifeOiL Non-GMO Cooking Oils.

LifeOiL products are designed to challenge the usual and improve lives. As one of the first Non-GMO cooking oil brands in the country, LifeOiL offers Non-GMO Project Verified Oils including: canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil (vegetable oil), and an all-purpose blend of sunflower, safflower and olive oil.

“I am so excited about LifeOiL,” he says. “It’s an alternative to the genetically engineered (GMO) brands and oils on the market. Our mission is to provide healthy options that improves they way people cook and eat. The potential there is so great.”

In fact, LifeOiL is now sold at Wal-Mart stores nationwide and select Sam’s Club stores, with distribution continuing to grow every month.

Bringing LifeOiL to life—and then to stores—is an important milestone for Alden Group Brands in becoming a major consumer products company.

Double packs of two, one-liter bottles can be purchased for just $5.98. But, you need to hurry! Products are only available through the month of October! Head to your local WalMart or Sam's Club today!


Career Ideas – Becoming a Nurse Anesthetist

If you want to work in healthcare, there are a huge number of different career paths open to you. While nursing is usually seen as the lower paid, easier to get into end of the scale with medical professions, some advanced nursing practitioners earn six figure salaries and are in high demand, and a good example is the Certified Nurse Anesthetist. Certified Nurse Anesthetists provide an essential service in all kinds of medical environments, and have excellent career prospects. Here, we take a look at what kinds of work you can expect to do should you choose to work to become a CNA, and what you need to do to get there.

What Does a CNA Do?

As you might expect, a CNA administers anesthetics. They deal with all the different types of anesthetic, from local anesthetics used for certain types of surgery and dental work through to general anesthesia for all kinds of more intensive surgery. Because anesthesia is very important in modern medicine, but can be dangerous, CNA's are highly trained, and are given a lot of respect and autonomy in their working environments. To the patient, the CNA who treats them is as important to their procedure as their surgeon.

As a CNA, you will be able to competently and safely prepare patients for all kinds of surgical and medical procedures, from life saving surgery to cosmetic enhancements, and can also be involved in helping people with pain management.

Where Can a CNA Work?

There are lots of places where CNA services are important, and this is the case all over the world, so you will never struggle to find work. You can work in a hospital or clinic, at a dental office, a podiatrist, hospices, and even in the military. You can also specialize in a field that interests you, whether it is cosmetic surgery, feminine health or pediatrics. There are so many possibilities, and if travel is your aim you will find your qualifications very much in demand all over the country and in other desirable parts of the world. Anywhere where there is medicine, there is a need for nurse anesthetists!

You also have a lot of earning potential as a CNA. The average salary is around $157,000 per annum, but experienced CNAs further on in their careers can earn over quarter of a million a year.

What Qualifications Are Involved?

As you might expect from such a responsible and important job, you need a lot of training to become a CNA. The full path can take 6-7 years to complete, which will include some 'on the job' training in a medical facility. You'll need to first do a bachelor's degree in nursing, and then a masters. Ultimately, you'll need to gain the NCE qualification, which can be quite intense but well worth it, and there are nurse anesthetist courses available to help prepare you from education companies like Valley Anesthesia.


Is There a Dark Side to Starting a Fampreneur Business?

Last month, we discussed the fampreneur phenomenon and the fact that a lot of moms have chosen to go this route instead of striking off on their own while other family members keep their traditional jobs.

As a quick refresher, that article brought out that “the term “fampreneur” – coined by BusinessesForSale.com, a global marketplace for buying and selling businesses – describes groups of “two or more family members who invest together in a business venture in order to spread the risk while capitalizing on the loyalty and commitment that comes with strong family ties.”

It went on to explain how this phenomenon seems to be a natural progression of the improving economy which is allowing families to more confidently assume the inherent risk of starting a business in expectation of greater rewards.

But, there are always at least two sides to every story and the truth is always somewhere near the middle. So, is there a dark side to being a fampreneur?

Where Family Businesses Go Wrong

Financial risk is a necessary evil in every entrepreneurial venture. In the case of fampreneur businesses, that risk is spread across multiple family members. But, being realistic, that doesn’t usually mean the risk is lessened. Read the global fampreneur report.

For example, if the fampreneur partners are husband and wife, they’re still taking on the full financial risk as a household. This can lead to stress and other related difficulties if things go poorly for an extended period.

Stress is also a factor in starting any business, but let’s face it: we all tend to take our stress out on family more than other coworkers or business associates. When our coworkers and business associates are family, the combination can be volatile.

Emotions running high can ramp up the stress level and create an environment where poor decisions are made or hasty action is taken. Highly emotional decisions are the enemy of smart, strategic decision making for your business.

Once again, no one knows how to push our emotional buttons like family, and we’re good at doing the same to them. Whether it’s anger, disappointment, frustration, or even jealousy, our emotions burn stronger and hotter when family is involved, so you can expect the negative outcomes to be stronger as well.

A failure to plan adequately is also a very common plight in family businesses, specifically when it comes to succession planning. If you’re hoping to start a family business that your children and grandchildren will take over when you retire, the statistics say there’s only a 48% chance you’ll succeed in doing so.

The reason is not because nearly half the children who grow up with family businesses in the household aren’t interested in taking over down the road. It’s because only 29% of family businesses have formal succession plans in place, and most of the other 71% haven’t even thought of it.

In all these cases, fampreneur businesses can and will suffer from the same plights if they’re not handled properly.

How Fampreneur Businesses Can Get it Right

No, it’s not complicated, but it’s also not the easiest thing in the world.

To succeed where many family businesses fail, a fampreneur needs to go into the venture with eyes wide open. They need to understand and accept that all of the above pressures are naturally going to be working against them because they are going into business with family right from the start, and they need to actively work against that natural inclination.

That means making a concerted effort to leave personal matters at home and leave business matters at the job. It means forcing yourself to treat family members just as you would any other employee, coworker, or business partner. And it means taking the time to formalize absolutely every agreement – including a succession plan – legally and in writing so there are no misunderstandings down the road.

By taking this deliberate action, a fampreneur can reap the benefits of going into business with family while avoiding the most common pitfalls.


Realistic Goal Setting for Weight Loss

You need to ask yourself right now, is the goal that you have set for your weight loss something that you can do in the timeframe that you have set? One of the biggest mistakes that people do is they set a goal for their weight loss but the goal just seems too good to be true, if even possible. Remember that if you are doing this now or if you have done it before, do not worry because it is normal and dieters all over the world are doing it too but in order to become motivated to continue with the weight loss, the main thing, that you can do is to set a realistic goal.

If you feel yourself dissatisfied with the weight that you have lost so far, you have to ask yourself, am I dissatisfied because I do not feel good or because I am not recognizing the changes that have happened to my body so far?

Focus on process (system) more, rather than goal

Goals are great, but systems work better. This means that you are going to have actionable lists of things that you can realistically accomplish rather than a final destination of where you can get. For instance, instead of saying that you need to lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks, you can say that you will eat vegetables every day for two weeks, which can eventually lead to the loss of 5 pounds. This can be achieved in two weeks, for sure.

This kind of attitude is especially important when following a strict diet plan with supplement intake. A great example would be popular weight loss method – hCG drops. The process requires dedication and following quite a strict diet. It will get you to your dream shape, but many people hearing that set themselves a goal, impossible to achieve, and when (not even if) they fail, their motivation goes down. Alternatively, they can repeat the treatment after some time (and even in-between their body will not gain extra weight) and reach that result they wanted initially, but due to that “failure” they are never able to push and complete step 2.

If you still like goals, the following techniques will help you:

Set mini-goals

Instead of creating big goals that you will be able to accomplish in months, you can probably set mini goals first like things that you can accomplish in about a week or two. When you do this, you will be able to see the progress and make another mini goal again until such time when it is more possible for you to reach the goal you have set for yourself.

Another example with HCG. Above I mentioned the diet involved in this method. If you look at it more carefully, you will see that it actually complies with mini-goals philosophy. Each week (within 3 stages it has) gives you another challenge and is a bit harder to accomplish with the previous, especially if you’re not used to dieting.

Make sure you are specific

You have to be specific in the goal that you have in mind because if you would just say, “I want to lose 15 pounds.” Without saying how you are going to do that, your interest in losing those 15 pounds will not be helpful at all. If you are more specific, your body will tend to remember it more and you will be more motivated to follow that goal more. Some more reading on this from HuffPo.

Honestly, losing 15 pounds is not very hard. However, will it be muscle, or fat? How will your workout feel after that? I’ll answer - if you lose muscles, not fat, even without extra 15 pounds you will not feel great. This means you need to be smart about setting goals like this and again, focus on process. Because if you will choose marathon running - your muscles will burn more, if running with more speed (even better - sprint), your fat will burn. So again, remember that system (I will run faster two workouts per week out of three) is more important than goal (lose XX pounds in 6 weeks), it gives you better motivation.

All the best of luck with your systems, processes and goals.

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