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Black Friday Advertising Special

2016 Black Friday Thru Cyber Monday
*A strict deadline for materials is set for Nov. 21!

Option 1:: $39

  • 4 Facebook Posts
  • 4 Twitter Posts
  • Image, link in dedicated newsletter

Option 2:: $69

  • 4 Facebook Posts
  • 16 Twitter Posts
  • Image, link & Text description in dedicated newsletter



Relax and let us do the work for you this summer!

Do you want to enjoy the summer and spend more time with the kiddos while they're on summer break? But, you don't want your business to suffer? We can help you stay on track with these great summer specials! Let us do your marketing, while you sit at the pool!

Social Media Summer Package (June 6 - August 19) $500

Don't disappear from social media this summer! We'll post twice weekly on your social media accounts and share a weekly post on our own! Just tell us what you want to focus on and we'll write and schedule all of the posts. Completely hands-off for you! This includes up to 3 social media platforms and up to 99 total posts. That's just $5 per post, well worth the investment!

E-newsletter Weekly Summer Package (June 6 - August 19) $1650

Stay in front of your clients this summer and let us write and distribute your weekly newsletters! You won't miss a beat with your customer base and you'll have more time on your hands to enjoy the summer season! This includes a total of 11 e-newsletters disributed on dates that you choose.

E-newsletter Monthly Summer Package (June - August) $600

Let us write and distribute 3 newsletters for you this summer and stay in contact with your key constituents. We'll take care of the work while you relax with the family! Newsletters will be distributed according to your time line!

Copywriting Mania (All Summer!) $750

Summer is a great time to freshen up your website copy, prepare blog posts for the upcoming fall season and just do some regular business maintenance. But, who would rather be at the pool?! Let Market Mommy handle the writing this summer while you chill! This package includes up to 20 pages of copy! Discounts available for lesser amounts! Our regular rate is $50/page so this package is a 25% discount!

If you are interested in any of these packages, please contact us immediately! We are accepting a limited number of clients and will choose on a first-come, first-served basis. No more than 10 total clients for this promotion will be accepted!

Use this link to send payment now.


Give the Gift of Strength, Stability and Sensory Support: MightyTykes™ Infant & Child Weights Offering Special Holiday Pricing

Does a child you love suffer from sensory processing disorder, overall weakness, one-sided weakness, toe-walking, tremors or low muscle tone (hypotonia)? MightyTykes™ Infant & Child Weights are used at prestigious institutions such as The Johns Hopkins University and can be purchased for use in your own home.

Isabella Yoshico invented MightyTykes™ after her son was diagnosed with hypotonia, low muscle tone and weakness common to kids with Down syndrome and other conditions. Using a scrap piece of fleece and sand from the kids’ sandbox, she created her first pair of tiny weights. After encouragement from her son’s physical therapist and others, she started manufacturing and selling the weights.

Since then, MightyTykes™ has been able to help thousands of children with all sorts of challenges. “We used the great feedback we received from pros and parents nationwide to make MightyTykes™ as good as they can be so MightyTykes™  can help your child be all s/he can be,” said Yoshico.

The weights have earned the Parent Tested, Parent Approved, Lekotek AblePlay Great Find, Preemie Genius, and Mr. Dad Approved seals. They are widely used MightyTykes™ are used by some leading American hospitals including some listed on the U.S. News & World Report’s Honor Roll of Best Children’s Hospitals.

The July issue of Guideposts magazine featured the MightyTykes™ story and how they are changing lives and making a difference for many kids. “We’re thrilled to hear MightyTykes™ are helpful to both typically developing kids and kids with special needs,” said Yoshico. “It was exciting to learn they are valuable for sensory challenges, and to help build strength, control tremors and improve body awareness for little ones.” The weights are an affordable tool that can be used regularly in the comfort of your own home.

Currently, you can save up to $10 with special holiday pricing. MightyTykes™ are made from high-quality, latex and lead-free materials that are commonly used in diaper covers.  The colorful weights are waterproof and can be washed in warm, soapy water or cleaned with a sanitizing wipe.  They come in three sizes – 1/8 lb., ¼ lb. and ½ lb. – and are worn around the wrists or ankles, attaching by Velcro closures. Visit www.mightytykes.com to purchase.


MightyTykes™ online: http://mightytykes.com/

MightyTykes™ on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MightyTykes

MightyTykes™ on Twitter: https://twitter.com/@MightyTykes

MightyTykes™ on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mightytykes


New Year, New You?!?

February is already upon us and the first month of 2015 is already a memory. How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? Hopefully they aren’t a distant memory and you are making progress with the business goals you’ve set for yourself.

I love this quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. and always appreciate when I’m reminded of it.


This is so true as we assess our goals. Often, it can seem that new roadblocks are put in our way too frequently. It’s up to us to overcome them and find a way to accomplish things despite them.

If you’re like me, you probably sometimes feel as though you are just treading water and doing everything you can to keep your head barely above water. When you have a family, children, a household to run and sometimes even another job, running your own business can take a backseat.

That can be the beauty of being an entrepreneur. Your business, your time, your rules. However, if you aren’t moving forward and making progress, that can be a double edged sword.

I’m challenging you to do everything you can in the coming months to propel your business forward! Let’s accomplish some great things and put your business in the forefront now! Spring is right around the corner and this is a great time to make advancements before the kids get out of school for the summer!

We’ve recently launched our 2015 Media Kit and have some great opportunities for you to take advantage of there.

And, for a few more days, we are still running our Pick5 Special – New Year, New You?!? Revitalize your business; put some pizzazz into it and get 2015 off to the rocking start you deserve!





Facebook Timeline for Businesses:: Are You Ready?

Are you concerned about your Facebook business page changing to the new Timeline layout later this month? Or, are you ready to embrace the change? I have to admit, I was a little {okay, a lot} leery at first. But, the more I learn about it and its advantages, the more I like it. I took the plunge and changed my page over this morning. Take a look. However, I didn’t make the change without educating myself first. This week on the blog, I’m going to cover the changes and make sure you know what you need to know to make them work to your advantage.

First, let’s discuss the new cover photo and all of its glory. To me, it was quite intimidating when I saw how big it was. Then, came the thought process of what I was going to put there. In a competitive business world of first impressions, the ‘above the fold’ presence on your page is everything!

This is what your cover image is and should be:

  • An image sized at 850x315 pixels
  • Attention grabbing and vivid
  • Something that accurately represents your brand

These are the things you CAN’T include on your cover image:

  • Website address or contact information {save that for your About Us page}
  • Pricing or sales promotions
  • The call to action words ‘like’ or ‘share’

Your cover photo should be just that, a photo. It should not be entirely made up of text. It also should not infringe on anyone’s copyright or trademark. Facebook has done it before and they will shut down your page for not abiding by these guidelines.

For those of you with product based businesses, this is a great way to get your product seen by others. This is going to put a big emphasis on product images and photography. For a service based business, the image might be a little more tricky, but the key is to be creative. {See below how we can help with that!}

If you scroll down ever so slightly on your new page, the cover photo is gone. It’s large, but it doesn’t take long to look past it. So, although that is a very important piece of your branding strategy, you also have to pay serious attention to what is displayed below it.

Directly below the cover image is a new, horizontal strip of information. To the very left is your page’s category and about information. The category you fall into will dictate some of the other options for what appears in this strip. For instance, if you’re a local business, a map application will appear to the right.

Directly to the right of the category and about, are your photos. You cannot move this, it always will appear there. The most recent photo you’ve uploaded will show in the application box, which means you have the ability to control what is seen there. The rest of the boxes to the right {and below using the little drop down button} are other custom applications that you use on your page. You have the ability to change their order and control what others see at first glance. Although the new Timeline has gotten rid of landing pages {you automatically are directed to a brand’s Timeline now} custom content and applications are still very important. On my page, you can see that I have the Constant Contact app, so fans can easily sign up for our mailing list. These application slots are crucial to setting your page apart.

Below this horizontal strip, your posts start and the page is divided into two columns. On the right, there are a few more static boxes. The first is the number of your friends who like the page, the next is a box that features a recent comment one of your friends has made about the brand and the third is recent activity by others. This third one can be turned off in your settings. Next, is a box that features the pages that your business likes.

In the left column, your posts, links and status updates appear. If you post something of significant importance, you can now highlight it. The option is in the top right-hand corner of the post box. This will make the post stretch across both columns and will be very attention grabbing as others scroll down your page.

You are also now able to ‘pin’ a post to the top of your Timeline. This means it will stay at the top {for a maximum of 7 days} and will not get buried as you continue to post throughout the week. This is great for contest entry information, sales or important product information.

There are even more changes and updates. Later this week, we’ll discuss the new admin panel, custom options and messaging, competitive analysis, and some new advertising options. Lastly, we’ll also give you some top ‘secret’ tips about how to make your new Timeline as effective as it can be.

Meanwhile, check out our specials for March. Do you want the perfect cover image to engage your fans? Market Mommy can help! All month long, we are running a special on designing your new cover image. For just $55, we’ll design the perfect 810x315 pixel image to tell the story of your brand. Or, you can choose to have a coordinating profile picture designed as well. We also have options to be our pinned post for 7 days or on our featured likes list.