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Top Social Media Marketing Trends This Summer

If you’re looking to revitalize your marketing campaign, then it’s essential to consider the newest trends in social media marketing. Utilizing these tips will be sure to provide a framework for your new social media marketing campaign and guarantee your business always stays on-trend.

To kickstart your social media, here are some of the summer's top marketing trends:

Keep it local

If you’re looking to present a welcoming image to your clientele, think about participating in local events or partnering with other local businesses. Every consumer wants to see your business integrate itself into the community. It not only proves you’re devoted to the people you serve, it also shows that you love the land on which your company was built. Take advantage of local summer events and festivals, but be sure to post plenty of pictures with geo-tags. Interacting with consumers on the ground is great, but you’ll reach more people by proving you’re a locavore online.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are making a comeback thanks to their popularity on image sharing apps. These tags are a great way to reach a lot of people at once. If you post a great image or have a new promotion, utilizing a number of different hashtags will make your business more accessible.

The current social media landscape has hit a slump over the last 2 or 3 years, so using tried-and-true methods are a sure-shot to inform your clients on the great things your business is doing.

Make sure your images are post-worthy

The best thing you can do for your social media account is post professional, high-definition images: what you’re doing, company camaraderie, new promotions, and new products. Simply posting an image on Twitter makes it 150% more re-tweetable than a post without an accompanying image. While anyone can post an image, posting a good image is what’s going to get you traction on social media. Take composition, lighting, editing, and structure into account when you’re posting an image for an ad campaign or other promotion.

Pay To Play

Once upon a time, your business's Facebook followers could actually see your social media posts. Not so, today. Unless you're willing to pay to "Boost" a post, your content is all but invisible. However, social media advertising on Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook has never been more popular, and for good reason. Don't be afraid to show off your goods through paid social media advertising.

Your fans’ images can also have a huge impact on the buzz surrounding your business. Though you cannot control what your consumers post about your products, you can definitely make your materials more post-worthy: products with unique, or eye-catching packaging are 40% more likely to be shared on social media by consumers.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone when you’re trying out the new trends in social media this summer. Staying on-trend and adapting to the changes in social media will be sure to provide you with a more successful marketing campaign.


How Are Companies Changing Their Social Media Marketing Tactics in 2018?

Marketing methods have significantly changed over the past few years. Due to the increasing use of technology, companies have had to change their communication tactics and find new ways to reach young consumers.

Many of today's marketing strategies utilize social media platforms. In order for businesses to keep up with competitors in this hyper competitive space, they should consider these trends that experts expect to dominate the world of social media marketing in 2018.

Rather than pictures, more and more companies are focusing their marketing strategies around video content. Marketers have found video to be a more engaging platform than pictures or texts. However, it's important for videos to show the product or service in use in order to actively engage consumers.

In addition to videos, more companies are utilizing live content platforms. Live content is a great way to get followers excited and engaged with the brand. Using live content can consist of demonstrating products, announcing events, or simply saying hello to followers.

If companies haven't already invested in mobile ready content, they will soon. With younger generations being true digital natives, any company that doesn't switch to mobile-friendly content is quickly going to be left behind in the marketplace. In web design, mobile-friendly sites depend on what's called responsive web design, which has fundamentally changed the way your favorite websites are created.

The same shift is happening on social media sites, which increasingly take a mobile-first approach to content creation and design. Today, 52% of internet users say they will think less of a company with a bad mobile website, and mobile friendly content is now considered a given in the social media world. That's why experts also predict that more companies will hire employees to focus solely on content creation for mobile users.

With the amount of time young consumers spend consuming photos, videos, memes, and gifs online, companies must ensure they post content that is created for specific platforms. In order to do that, companies have to hire experts in content-creation to manage all of the social media content. Hiring in-house talent for social media marketing is something more companies are investing in.

In order to engage followers, companies are also beginning to leverage user-generated content. By asking followers to submit pictures, posts, or videos and then uploading them to their page, companies will be able to better interact with customers.

Along with more user-generated content, companies are always expected to increase their use of influencers on social media. Brand partnerships allow companies to reach new users and can often be a cost-effective marketing tool.

With digital material often being skimmed by viewers in 15 seconds, or less, it's becoming more difficult for companies to attract the attention of consumers online. And with younger generations knowing no time without smartphones, businesses need to step up their online activity in order to effectively engage young consumers.


Study: There Are Just 4 Types of Facebook Users - Which Are You?

Researchers have found that it is possible to group all the billions of Facebook users into four different user profiles.

In an attempt to understand how social media works and to find a reason behind why Facebook is so popular, researchers at Brigham Young University have taken a deeper look into who logs onto the social media site every day.

Facebook is more popular than any other social media available. On any given day 1.28 billion people check it, it has 1.97 monthly active users worldwide and over 2 billion users with active accounts. And it's not that users simply go onto Facebook for a couple minutes at a time; the Daily Mail reports that the average user spends 35 minutes every day scrolling along.

It was this amount of time that had the leader of the research team, communications professor Tom Robinson, ask, "Why are people so willing to put their lives on display?" So, his team compiled a list of 48 statements of why people log onto social media and asked participants to rank each statement on if it resonated with them or not.

Based on their findings, the team was able to clearly identify four different types of Facebook users: town criers, selfies, relationship builders, and window shoppers.

Town criers focus on reporting information about their surroundings, and rarely ever post pictures or information about their personal lives. They mostly share news stories, re-post viral articles, and go on Facebook to see what is going on in the world.

Selfies are Facebook users with the primary goal of self-promotion. They are solely focused on getting likes, comments, and shares. According to the study, the Selfies use Facebook "to present an image of themselves, whether it's accurate or not."

Relationship builders are looking to do just that, foster relationships with others around the world. This goes for regular users who are looking to build relationships with friends and families, or for small business owners who are trying to boost their visibility online. Considering that only 44% of businesses survive their first five years, social media can be a powerful tool for gaining customers, and relationship builders are quite dedicated to the cause.

Lastly, the window shoppers primarily look to see what others are doing online. Similar to town criers, window shoppers don't post a lot of personal information but choose to have a Facebook account simply because of social pressure.

With these four personality traits in mind, study author Kris Boyle explains that the goal is to have people really sit down and think about why they choose to interact online. The research team believes that if every person sat down and at least tried to figure out how and why they interact online, it would be easier to identify with others in the online sphere.

Boyle explains, "Social media is so ingrained in everything we do right now. And most people don't think about why they do it, but if people can recognize their habits, that at least creates awareness."

So what personality type do you identify with? We'd love to know!


How are you branding YOURSELF on Social Media?

How are you branding YOURSELF on Social Media? Sure, you have probably read everything about getting exposure for your business and taken countless trainings on how to market your company, BUT how are you branding yourself???

Ok, so you are probably thinking, I spend all my time working on my business, why do I need to brand myself on social media. My business is the most important thing.

Let me pose this question: Are you reaching ALL your potential customers with your company’s social media pages? Odds are, probably not. You could be paying for ads that aren’t reaching your ideal customer. And if you aren’t paying for ads, then are you getting the engagement you want on your page? If not, the algorithms are not playing in your favor and exposure is low which means your page is not very effective.

As a small business owner, it is your responsibility to represent your company in all facets of social media. You need to be the brand and face of your business. Since many entrepreneurs are in charge of their own social media, you need to be embracing your personal social media pages as well.

Let me paint a picture for you: people are loving your brand, they are loving the product or service you are providing and then they go to do a little more research on the company especially the person behind the curtain.

They start Googling you and find amazing articles and interviews that show how awesome other people think you are. Curiosity sinks in and they start following your personal page on Facebook or Instagram. It turns out it’s not quite what they thought it was going to be. There is a strong disconnect between your business and your personal brand. Your page is full of unoriginal posts, shared posts, game requests, candy crush scores out the wazoo, political rants, obscene pictures of you getting wasted at a family party or worst yet it’s ONLY posts about your company.

All of a sudden the brand they loved is something they are questioning now. All they wanted was to get to know the owner and with this, they really are seeing a side of you that is incongruent with the message your company is putting out there.

Enhancing your personal brand on social media is going shift the whole landscape of your business. It will open up a brand new network of customers that might have never even come into your scope because you chose to forget a major outlet that you were unaware of tapping into.

How do I do this without turning my friends away but instead turning them into paying customers or even better REFERRALS!!??!!

It’s all about authenticity and giving them a peek into your amazing life without flat out selling or pushing a product 24/7. Think about it, when you log onto Facebook in the morning, do you sit down at your computer and say “hmm, what am I going to buy from Facebook today?”


You are going on to see what your friends are doing: who had a baby, who went on an amazing trip, who ate what and basically being a voyeur into their lives. It’s fun and that’s what it’s all about. You like and you comment because it’s interesting not because you want to buy something from your friends.

Let me let you in on a formula that has worked well with my business. If you go onto my personal page, you can easily figure out that I do something in the health and wellness field, but that’s what I do, it’s not who I am.

Who I am is a positive person, pouring motivation and inspiration into others, a mom who loves posting pictures of her kids, a woman who shares her travels and adventures and how she incorporate fitness and running into her busy life!

This is a general formula I use when planning out what I will post during the week:

10 lifestyle posts: meaningful posts with pictures of your family, your amazing life and all over positive posts. No political rants or negativity on your page.

4 posts somewhat inferring about your business: giving your friends a glimmer of what you are doing. Are you traveling somewhere fun for your business? Can you take a picture with your product placed in the background? You are looking to post something nonchalant about what you do without pushing it into people’s faces.

1 power post: this is a post where you share a deal you have going on, a new product you are launching, or a new service you are offering. You can put it all out on the table with this one post during the week.The point of only doing this once a week is so that people do not get annoyed with how many times you are posting about your business and in turn will probably unfollow you. They are also more likely to purchase this particular offering if you are only bringing it up once in awhile. What’s better than free marketing?

The point of doing it this way is to create curiosity but to not overwhelm your friends with your business either. By using this method, people will start asking questions like, “oh, are you still doing…?” or even better “what do you do? I have to know because your posts are amazing!”

Remember you are the person behind your company so project the persona in your personal social media pages that will make people know, like and trust you equaling more revenue for your empire!

Abbey Fatica is a busy mom of four, a runner and loves to travel. She is passionate about helping others transform their lives by become physically and financially free. She loves helping other moms feel comfortable in their skin and be able to dream again. She is a Life and Business Coach working with entrepreneurs who are wanting accountability and increase productivity to balance both their business and their personal life.   She is on a mission to help families create their healthiest life, full of financial and time freedom, so they can live out their passions with a strong purpose! Connect with Abbey Fatica on Facebook today!


5 Seriously Simple Ways to Boost Engagement Organically {and for FREE} on Your Facebook Page 

By Prerna Malik

Have you been struggling with a Facebook page that looks like a ghost town?

Do your posts reach next to no one?

Does it seem like your fans don’t “like” you even though they like your page?;)

Well, then, my friend, I have just the solution for you – seriously simple but superbly effective ways to boost engagement organically on your Facebook page, like, right now!

1. Ask a Question, But Not Any Question

Yes, everyone asks questions, but do they get answered?

Um, not really?

The idea is to ask a question that your audience will LOVE to answer, will want to answer, will jump over each other to answer. You get my point, right.

How do you know which question to ask then?

You spend some time understanding what your audience specializes in. You play on their strengths, you focus on their needs, wants, desires and then, you ask.

So, spend some time identifying what your audience would love to share, ask, know, find out and then, ask? Also, make your questions interesting. You can share a snippet, a fact, a photo even, and then, ask a question.

2. Share a Photo, But Not Any Photo

Photos, too, are really popular with Facebook fans and tend to go viral fast. But again, don’t share just any photo.

Share one that your readers would relate to. Share one that stirs up emotions. Share a photo that would spur your readers into action.

And yes, don’t forget the call to action. Ask your readers to like or share the photo should they agree with what it depicts.

Tell your fans what you’d like them to do and chances are they will. They are your fans, after all.

3. Take Your Community Behind-the-Scenes

This is a fantastic way to show the person behind the page, so to speak. You can combine the photo idea in the point above and share a photo of one part of your home office every day.

At the end of the week, you’ll have a nice little album that readers can look at and know more about how you do business.

4. Host a Giveaway or a Contest

The evergreen. The favorite for every online marketer. The Facebook contest.

First things first, run the contest in accordance with Facebook guidelines.  You can read the latest guidelines here.

Make the contest or giveaway simple and fun to enter and have a prize that your tribe will love.

5. Answer, Share, Invite

Finally, make sure that your fan page is a place fans would want to congregate and commune at.

Make it inviting. If there are comments, acknowledge them. If there are questions, answer them. Invite people to share by asking them to do so.  

Make your online presence an engaging one just as you do in real life.

Ready to go all awesome with the engagement on your page? Get 600+ ready-to-use social media updates for your community with The Social Spread A year’s worth of updates for less than $0.50/day. Use your exclusive coupon code MARKETMOMMY to save 20% on it.

When she isn’t socializing online, Prerna Malik and her husband work together at Social Media Direct offering gourmet content and community management solutions for time-starved business owners. She can also be found at The Mom Writes, sharing their life with their daughter, Manini, and simple ways for busy moms to do more with less.