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Free online course "Functioning Above Entry Level"

Have you recently felt limited in your career or like you are not fully reaching your potential? A new free online course from Concordia University may be able to help you achieve more of your goals. We, at Market Mommy, are a strong advocate of continuing education and were very interested when this course was introduced to us.

It is entitled “Functioning Above Entry Level” and it’s perfect for the career-savvy individual who wants to build and expand on their leadership skills. It is conveniently delivered right to your inbox. The course aims to instill confidence and help you understand your own personal strengths. I was lucky enough to be given access to the course so I could share some of its benefits with you.

Ask yourself these questions. Are you functioning at your highest capacity? Do you have a strategic vision for yourself? As we advance, or maybe travel through, our career, we sometimes get in a rut. If you are interested in bettering yourself and leading others, this might be a great chance to pull yourself out of that rut.

The course is completely free, so there is no financial commitment; it’s a risk-free opportunity! The course consists of three lessons, each of which takes about an hour to complete. The time commitment is minimal, but the benefit could be tremendous. There really is no reason not to give it a try. It is specifically designed for busy professionals who want great, easy to digest material, presented in a manageable time frame.

Each lesson is comprised of short essays, videos, worksheets and interactive polls. The course is comprehensive and varied to give you the best experience. The instructor, Dr. Kenneth Harris, is a nationally recognized expert in personal leadership. The course content is actually taken from one of Concordia University’s Master’s program in Organizational Leadership and Administration.

Lesson one focuses on emotional and social intelligence. The premise is that having control over your emotions will equal having control over your life. The section focuses on getting to know yourself and the traits that you possess that can launch you to success. The social intelligence component goes into details about your own self-awareness, social beliefs and attitudes. According to the course both of these qualities are necessary to function above entry level. “Social interaction enhances intellect; intellect enhances emotion; emotion enhances social interaction, and so on.”

Do you feel motivated? Do you have initiative? Lesson two focuses on internal forces. This portion of the course explores the effects of internal forces on several areas. The types of things that affect your personality are how you reward yourself, how you think and how you regulate your emotions. It also looks at the importance of conscientiousness. How you manage all of these things will determine how and when you will excel at your position.

Training, leadership, culture are all external forces that can affect your success. The course encourages you to take advantage of training and leadership opportunities. Training especially can result in personal growth. As a conclusion, the lesson highlights the need to have your life at equilibrium. Balance is essential for success.

Does this material intrigue you? Are you invested in yourself and self-improvement? Take advantage of this free course and take some time to learn more about yourself and your potential. You may find that it expands your opportunities in ways you didn’t expect.

To sign up, simply follow this link. You can also learn more by visiting Concordia University, on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube. If you sign up, I’d love to hear more about your experience and how the course helped you specifically! #cuwselflead


Review:: StinkyKids and the Runaway Scissors!

With the many, many toys and books on the market today it is refreshing to find some that help teach life lessons to our kids. Inspired by her daughter, Britt Menzies has created 10 StinkyKids characters that are unique and fun.

The name “StinkyKids” comes from the phrase “little stinKers”, which Menzies used to describe the innocent behavior of her two kids when they were little. The StinkyKids characters learn to make good decisions through their mistakes.

I received a t-shirt in the mail to review as well as Menzies’ new book, “StinkyKids and the Runaway Scissors.”  In addition to the t-shirts which feature the StinkyKids characters, there are also plush dolls available.

My kids loved the book and listened intently as I read them the story about Britt’s dilemma that involved some gum, some hair and a pair of runaway scissors. The book had a great message and helped kids to realize that sometimes their parents help is needed to solve problems.

Throughout the StinkyKids books and other products, the message to “always be a leader of good” is repeated. I was encouraged by the book and happy that companies are working to produce such products for our children.

In addition to the great message within the book, the illustrations were also amazing. The bright and colorful pictures kept my children’s attention and made the book that much more enjoyable. Overall, I was very impressed.

After taking a look at the StinkyKids’ website, I realized that the company also donates a portion of all profits to Books, Bears, Bonnets, Inc., a charity founded in honor of Menzies’ aunt who died from uterine cancer. The organization delivers gift boxes to both children and adults who are suffering from cancer and other terminal illnesses.

To meet the StinkyKids and learn more about their adventures, visit their website or find them on Facebook. There is also a section to print coloring sheets, share your own story of “being a leader of good” and much more.


EBook Review:: How to Start a Diaper Cakes Business

As an experienced diaper cakes business owner, LaTersa Blakely has written an eBook about how to start a business for yourself. Blakely is the owner of Baby Diaper Cakes & Beyond by LaTersa. She has taken what she has learned and put it on paper for others.

One of the things I immediately liked best about the book was its length. Although it contains a lot of valuable information, it’s short and an easy read.

The book talks about several things that are important for new business owners to know, then directly relates them to specifically starting a diaper cakes business. Figuring out start up cost, writing a business plan and marketing are all important to any business. Blakely lays out some great, specific, ways to go about each of these.

One of my favorite segments of the book was where Blakely highlights four mistakes to avoid. She openly admits some of the mistakes she’s made along the way and how that negatively affected her. Even though entrepreneurship is hard, she encourages others to not give up.

Near the end of the book, Blakely suggests ways that new business owners can network and promote their businesses. I’m honored to say that she even mentions Market Mommy as a great resource. She also gives several other ideas for low-cost marketing efforts.

How to Start a Diaper Cakes Business is available for $16.95. It is available for purchase and immediate download here

*I recieved a complimentary copy of this eBook in order to do the review.




Product Review:: db Logic Earphones

I recently received a new pair of earphones, courtesy of db Logic. The new product uses a healthy-listening technology and they asked if I would like to give them a try.

All around, I was very impressed. The first pair I received in the mail was damaged, most likely during shipping. The company was very sympathetic and quick to send a new pair. I most often wear earphones while exercising at the gym. Sometimes I have difficulty with them staying in place or being comfortable. Not with the db Logic earphones, they were comfortable and stayed in place wonderfully.

According to the db Logic press release, the product is made with the company’s SPL2 technology and delivers superior sound, style and comfort. The earphones require no battery and offer ultra-low distortion and limit sound pressure levels.

SPL2 technology works by placing a tiny monitoring circuit between the MP3 player and the ear piece that regulates the volume where needed, while still providing great stereo sound.

The product is versatile and comes in a variety of colors. They are also very portable and compact. In addition to the earphones that I received, they also offer headphones.

Db Logic’s mission is to provide consumers – teenagers, adults and children – with the ultimate personal audio experience with less risk of long-term damage to their hearing. More information on the company and their products can be found online at their website.

Db Logic provided the product to me free of charge, however all opinions are my own.          


Product Review:: The Tiny Hiney

The Tiny Hiney, what a cute name for a children’s clothing boutique. The moms at The Tiny Hiney recently contacted me about reviewing their products. They were kind enough to send me one of their studded motorcycle burnout tees, see cute boy wearing such shirt at right.

It was a hit with mom and boy. He thought he was uber-cool sporting the shirt because his papa has a motorcycle. And, he loved the studs, which made the shirt shiny and attractive.

There were several things I liked about it. First, it just looks cool. The Tiny Hiney puts its burnout fabric through an extensive process to reveal years of authentic weathering and a cozy vintage worn-in feel, so no two shirts are exactly the same. Another plus, it’s made in the USA.

The shirt feels great, looks great and is fun. According to their website, The Tiny Hiney products use the highest quality fabrics on the market. They also are happy to accept new design ideas and custom orders!

After wearing, I followed the website's instructions for care and washed the shirt inside out in cold water. I then dried on low. It washed up great, with zero sign of damage or wear.

The Tiny Hiney clothing can be found at a variety of retail locations, as well as on the company’s website. And, they are available by wholesale. You can also find them on Facebook, where you get exclusive deals for being a fan!


The Tiny Hiney provided the product free of charge, however all opinions are my own.