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Interview with Jennifer Gault-Varner:: Founder of Pure eCommerce's "Business in a Box" Solutions

When Jennifer Gault-Varner’s husband was diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago, she began living each day to its fullest. Describing this time in her life, and that of her family’s, as one of the hardest she’s ever been through, it was also these circumstances that motivated her to pursue her dream of launching an online maternity store. She worked late in the evenings from her kitchen table, and suddenly her business took off. The experience and success she gained through operating her web-based business led her to realize that she could help other women to do the same.

Today, not only is her husband cancer-free, but Jennifer has built a thriving company that specializes in helping first-time entrepreneurs create successful online companies using Pure eCommerce’s "businesses in a box" solutions. The experts at Pure eCommerce have already concepted the business idea, secured the domain name, created the website and logos, and researched and secured all inventory. In addition, each business comes with 40 hours of one-on-one consulting services, so burgeoning entrepreneurs can be sure they have guidance as they launch and grow their new company.

If one of the current sites that they have for sale doesn’t interest you they also offer custom turnkey packages. This is where you come to them with your own idea or concept and they will build a business  for you based on your idea or concept. You simply choose the services.

Starting an online business can be overwhelming. The goal of Pure-Ecommerce is to simplify the process while teaching you how to create, run and then grow your business.

Market Mommy::  How did you become a MomPreneur?

Jennifer::  My husband was diagnosed with cancer three weeks after returning from our honeymoon. He was given very low odds of surviving and we were told we would never have children. Despite what the doctors told us, we became pregnant three weeks after his surgery. While pregnant, I was so overwhelmed with the joy of being pregnant that my idea of starting an online maternity clothing store was born. Jeff’s cancer was one of the hardest experiences we have been through, but it has also been the most rewarding. So many blessings came out of our experience with cancer. People don’t go out on a limb when everything is going well. It usually takes something drastic to make us really evaluate our life and go after our dreams.

Market Mommy:: Your first  online store was a maternity clothing store.  What components of your business plan made it such a profitable business?

Jennifer:: We had very good margins on our inventory and a great selection within a defined target market. We really understood our customers and what they looked for in clothing. I ran the company for 3 years. I eventually moved it from my home and into a studio. Suddenly it was no longer a work from home opportunity but a large company so I decided I needed to sell the company.

Market Mommy:: Was it hard to sell the business.? Were you attached to it emotionally?

Jennifer:: No, I was thankful it sold and despite the mistakes I made, it was a tremendous learning opportunity. What I learned through my mistakes set the stage for becoming an ecommerce consultant and the creation of my new company, http://www.pure-ecommerce.com/.

Market Mommy:: What made you decide to start Pure-Ecommerce.com?

Jennifer:: After I sold my first company, I started out consulting with others interested in improving their online business. I also started a pajama website. After running the pajama site for two weeks, I knew I wanted to sell it – my heart was no longer in online retail. I sold the site and included 40 hours of consultation as the owner had never run a business before. She found the consulting tremendously helpful, and my idea was born.

For most people, the barrier of entry into the online world is easy but the actual ins and outs of running an online business are difficult. I was seeing others make the same mistakes I made. To prevent them from financial disaster, I designed a step by step consulting process that goes over every aspect of setting up, running, and then growing their business. We do this through weekly phone consultations and email support.

Market Mommy:: I love the fact that your sites come with 40 hours of consultation.  Do you think this is a big part of why your website business is so successful, because women can get the direct training they need from an entrepreneur to move forward with their online business?

Jennifer:: Yes, the consultation piece is critical. Not only is the client getting a complete, ready to go business but they have someone personally mentoring them through the process. Suddenly their dream of owning their own business is not so scary and overwhelming. It provides a safety net – knowing they will have someone holding their hand and teach them each important point of running an ecommerce business. Also, instead of just handing them 40 hours that most people wouldn’t know what to do with, we actually have this step by step process for them to follow that touches on every area of running a successful, profitable ecommerce business.

Market Mommy:: Do you think the current state of our economy affects the ability to create a successful online business.

Jennifer:: I think it is a perfect time to start an online business. Starting a business at the PEAK of the economy is not smart move. Competition has been going out of business and advertising costs are going down. Also, many brick and mortar boutiques are closing, forcing more and more shoppers to turn to online to find what they need. All of these facts make it the perfect time to start an online business. You have nowhere to go but up!

A good example is http://www.nursingpjs.com/, which we developed to sell products needed by lactating moms, such as nursing bras, nursing pajamas and nursing pillows. Melinda Felton bought the site last December and says sales are strong because she provides these specialty items that news moms need, but are getting harder to find as more and more traditional stores go out of business. The advantage with our online businesses is that you don’t need to carry inventory, as most items are drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer. It’s a modest upfront investment that can pay off in big ways.   

Market Mommy:: You have so many great ecommerce businesses for sale on your site; how does one go about choosing the perfect business to start?

Jennifer:: There is no easy answer to that question. I always suggest analyzing your lifestyle. Choose an industry that will fit your time constraints. Also, try to choose an area you will have a personal connection to which will help you drive that business harder. When I started my maternity site I had a degree in teaching not business but I was passionate about maternity clothes. That passion helped my business grow to one of the largest online maternity clothing companies.

Market Mommy:: Why do you think an online business is perfect for a woman trying to balance a family and being an entrepreneur?

Jennifer:: Owning an online business allows you to work from home on your own time. You can even bring your computer on vacation and not miss a beat. An ecommerce business allows you to work the best of both worlds – being a mom and a business owner. It really is a dream come true, but also a truly obtainable goal. In addition, learning how to run an ecommerce business is a tremendous boost to both your resume and your self-esteem.

For more information about Pure eCommerce and their "businesses in a box" and consulting services, visit http://www.pureecommerce.com.



Are You Serious About Writing a Book? Authorize Yourself!

Have you ever thought about writing a book? If you've thought about it, but haven't had the opportunity, now is the time!

"Authorize Yourself" with your own B.E.D. (Brand it, Expose it and Design it) Time Story is a 6 week book writing intensive action shop. This is for those who have a book in them and ready to get it out. Ready to become the authority, ready to be the expert, ready to step into their greatness.

In this 6 week book writing intensive workshop you will learn:

  • How to turn your passion, expertise and industry know-how into a book.
  • How to bust through procrastination and distractions to write your book.
  • How to market your book to establish you as an industry expert.
  • How to turn your book into a business.
  • How to use your book to monetize relationships and create joint ventures.
  • How to come up with a winning title that speaks volumes.
  • How to turn your book concept from a Good Idea into a God idea!

In this 6 week book writing intensive,  you will have access to top notch publishers, editors, distributors and book writing experts to assist you  in getting " your book done" using the (B.E.D. Time Story) techniques that will attract media attention and clients.  Here's the program breakdown: (Be prepared to write your book by simply spending three hours a week for six weeks.)

This awesome program is hosted by celebrity mom entrepreneur Lucinda Cross, from Corporate Mom Dropouts. She has partnered with several well-known and best-selling authors and business experts. This intensive writing course will be well-worth the low $297 cost, I'm sure! And, as an added bonus you can sign up and make payments on the fee.

Find out more information, and sign up now so you don't miss the into bonus call on August 24!


Guest Blog Post:: The Christian Moms Business Resource

Hi Market Mommy Friends!

I’m excited to meet you all today! My name is MariLee Parrish and I own the Christian Moms Business Resource and also Mommy Bag Marketing.

Here’s a little background about my company:

The Christian Moms Business Resource (CMB Resource) was founded in 2009 to help other moms start and promote their own small businesses from home. From small business training and freelance writing resources to step-by-step instructions on using facebook and twitter for business, CMB Resource offers tried & true “ideas that work.” These include Small Business Ideas, Seminars, Free Webinars, PR & Advertising Packages for Mom Businesses, including participation in the Mommy Bags that are distributed nationally!

If you are a Christian Business Owner, we have tons of opportunities to help you get the word out about your product, event or service. If you’re interested in becoming a Mom Partner with us, you can view the details here.

We help you navigate social networking sites, we provide a forum to answer all of your questions, and we support one another as Christians in business. When you partner with us, you are immediately introduced to our network of Christian moms who come and fan your pages, follow you on twitter, and become your friend. It has been amazing to see the friendships and mentorships that have come about through our partnership. Our faith in God binds us all together in ways that other groups do not.

Our inspiration is the Proverbs 31 woman. Have you heard of her? Let me share a little bit this amazing woman:

'She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for the task. She sees that her trading is profitable, and her lamp does not go out at night...She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: "Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all." Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.'
Proverbs 31:17-18,27-30

I must admit that I am a far cry from this strong woman, but it is my prayer that I can honor the Lord in all that I do and that my work would be pleasing to Him.

One more thing: Our blog is a fun way to connect with all of our Christian Mom Partners. We also host the Friday Favorites Giveaway each week. I hope you’ll stop by and see us at: www.wahmblog.info

Thanks for letting me share today! I hope to get to know you all better.

Blessings & thanks,

MariLee Parrish


Are you using Twitter effectively?

Twitter is easy and it’s fast. It’s pretty much a gateway into your business, your blog, your life. It’s a great way to get more exposure. But, are you using it effectively?

First of all, do others you regularly connect with know you are on twitter? You should be telling others about it. Your twitter handle, or ID http://twitter.com/MarketMommy}, should be on your blog, on your About Us page, on anything you publish, on your facebook page, in your e-mail signature, etc.

Do you have followers? How many people are you following? One of the most obvious ways to increase your relevant followers is to first seek out others who you want to network with. Find other mom business owners that you’d like to connect with, learn from, sell to, etc. When they get the notice that you’re following them, chances are they’ll check out your profile and maybe follow you back.

In my opinion, one of the most effective ways to make twitter work for you is to make personal connections with others. Read others’ tweets and respond to them. Reply and make conversation, build friendships. You should already have multiple things in common with those you are following, use that to your advantage. You can also use direct messages to exchange e-mail addresses and other information more directly.

It’s been said that microblogging is the future of the internet. On some level I’m sure that’s true. Twitter really is a great tool and there are so many neat things you can do with it. You can search for people, find conversations about things you’re interested in, automatically follow others, track your tweets, automatically tweet your blog posts and add badges to your site.

Keep in mind that everything takes time. Building an effective network won’t happen overnight, but with a little effort twitter can be a lucrative networking tool.


The Business of Being a Mom

You've probably heard of Boogie Wipes, but you may not have heard about the Boogie Moms behind the product. If you are interested in learning all there is to know about starting a business while raising a family, they have the blog for you!

The Business of Being a Mom offers a wealth of information, resources and links. Literally, you could spend hours scanning all they have to offer! They talk about a multitude of topics; legal issues, branding, marketing, inventing, inspiration, mom guilt, confidence and much, much more.

The most impressive page, I thought, was their resources page. Everything from legal help, manufacturing help, to books, to networking sites and business planning and funding, and everything in between. Extremely helpful!

The Boogie Moms {I just love calling them that} can also be found on Facebook and Twitter!