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Red Jeweled Media Turns Market Mommy S.T.A.R. Mom Entrepreneur Winner into a Media Darling!

The following article was provided by Red Jeweled Media founder, Jenny Finke:

A few months ago The Market Mommy asked if we would donate a PR package prize to its first ever S.T.A.R. Entrepreneur Award. We said yes!

When Dawn told us the winner was Jessica Welsch, the co-founder of The HopeFULL Company, we were excited to have the opportunity to work with this trailblazing businesswoman and company that is making a difference in the lives of so many people.

Upon winning the award, Red Jeweled Media quickly stepped into high gear. We interviewed Jessica and then wrote and distributed a press release to five media sources in Minneapolis, MN (The HopeFULL Company is based in Minneapolis). Rather than only pitch the "award" angle, we pitched various story angles about the company - and we simply used the award as the timely tie-in or hook.

We are proud to say we were successful in getting The HopeFULL press on two TV stations in Minneapolis. Please view their coverage on KARE-TV (NBC) and they will be on WCCO-TV (CBS) on June 15th. Success!

If you didn't win the S.T.A.R. Mom Entrepreneur Award, you, too, can get press for your company. Let us know if Red Jeweled Media can help - or take a look at these tips to see what we think makes a great newsworthy story. Enjoy!

What Makes News::

Timing: Is it new? Look for new angles to work with when approaching media with your story idea.

Significance: Does your story impact lots of people? The more people impacted, the more likely it will be considered for coverage.

Proximity: Does your story have local appeal? News stations look to local business owners and professionals to chime in on stories making national news. Think of how you can localize national trends and breaking news.

Prominence: Is a famous person involved in your company or an influential business person or socialite? The more prominent the person involved in the story, the better chances it has of making news.

Human Interest: Will people find your story heartwarming and interesting?  Remarkable stories rarely get turned down by news media!

Unusual: Did man bite dog? Did an earthquake occur in a non-earthquake zone? The more unusual and/or rare the occurrence, the better the story!

Controversy: Does your story spark conversation or debate? Can you weigh in on a controversial legislative ban or school reform issue? If so, you just might make the local news.

Red Jeweled Media is a boutique PR and social media marketing agency. Its team of creative associates help mold a company's platform into a newsworthy story.


Moms and The City

When I was in NYC for the Super Mom Entreprenur Conference, I had the pleasure of meeting the ladies from Moms and The City. I sat in their session and listened to some great advice on pitching, since they all three have a fabulous background in journalism. And, guess what?! They are always looking for great pitches from mom business owners like you!

Here's a little more about Moms and The City::

Moms and the City is all about the real, honest and sometimes controversial opinions of three very bold  moms.  Comprised of three award-winning journalists -- Denise Albert, Melissa Gerstein and Raina Seitel Gittlin -- the women cover parenting issues from the trenches as they trek through the joys and dysfunction, the exhaustion and exhilaration that motherhood brings.

Moms and the City is a multi-platform brand with exposure on the web, television and in print. 

Specifically, the women of MATC co-host a half-hour TV show, Moms & the City and A Dad Named David, seen weekly on WNBC, New York Nonstop and other NBC properties.  Moms And The City is also running now in DC, Philadelphia and Chicago. The women also appear as experts on other TV shows and radio programs around New York. 

Specifically, the women of MATC co-host a half-hour TV show, Moms & the City and A Dad Named David, seen weekly on WNBC, New York Nonstop and other NBC properties.  Moms And The City is launching in other cities/markets by the end of the year.  The women also appear as experts on other TV shows and radio programs around New York. 

In addition, MATC writes and produces daily content which can be found online at the New York Daily News, www.nydailynews.com/moms the nation's 5th largest newspaper website.   Content includes first-person accounts on all topics motherhood and videos and interviews showcasing celebrity moms.

MATC recently launched with BabyCenter, the most trusted parenting and pregnancy site.  Now the Web's #1 global interactive parenting network, it has nurtured more than 100 million parents since its launch in 1997. BabyCenter reaches over 78 percent of new and expectant moms online in the United States, and 7 in 10 babies born in the United States in 2009 were BabyCenter babies.

Want to send your pitch? Do it!


Wind Up, Release, Pray & Follow Up:: Pitching Your Products to Holiday Gift Guides

We are quickly approaching the most critical part of the year for your product-based business; the holiday season! Typically, this time of year can make or break a company’s bottom line for the year. So, how can you take advantage of the hundreds of holiday gift guides that will be floating around in the months to come?

If you subscribe to HARO, you already know queries for holiday gift ideas have been swarming for weeks, maybe even longer. Some publications are already finished putting their guides together, but many are still working on them. Of course, you can hire a public relations firm to help you do the pitching. Or, you can attempt to save a good bit of money and do it yourself.

Here are some tips that will increase your chances of being included: 

  1. Timing is everything! If you see a HARO query, you know they are still looking. Otherwise, it’s wise to pitch early. Many magazines work sixth months in advance of printing, newspapers work on average 2 months in advance and TV, Radio and bloggers generally work a month or so ahead.
  2. Pay attention. Make sure you aren’t pitching your baby apparel to a technology gift guide. There are gift guides for nearly every segment of the market and many that contain various categories. Be sure you pitch something appropriate or you will just end up looking silly.
  3. Dust off your press kit. Now is a perfect time to put that press kit to good use. {We recently talked about how to put one together.} This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your company, your products and what you have to offer. For holiday gift guides, editors will be especially interested in your high resolution images!
  4. Make yourself stand out! If you have a celebrity endorsement, or media sighting of them in/with your product, use that in your pitch. If you are donating a portion of holiday sales to charity, mention that! If your products have been picked up by a chain of retail stores, tell them.
  5. Don’t forget to follow up. A friendly e-mail reminding them of what you sent could make a big difference. As always, there are no guarantees, but if you present yourself as professional and easy to work with you can’t hurt your chances.

Good luck! I want to hear about the holiday gift guides that you’ve scored placement in!

Holiday Gift Guide pitching is time consuming and can prove difficult. That is why Market Mommy has created our own guide. You can feature your business for as low as $25 and get lots of exposure. Visit our Holiday Gift Guide page for all of the details. Hurry, early bird pricing ends Oct. 1!


Press Kits 101

Do you have a press kit? Do you sell a product or service? If you have a business, big or small, but don’t currently have a press kit, you should seriously consider creating one! No matter its format, it’s one of the most important pieces of your marketing plan. I advise my clients to create one and work to keep it up to date.

Basically your press kit {also called media kit} should be a vehicle to share more information about your company with the media, potential customers or investors. It should be attractive, attention grabbing, and interesting enough to make them want to contact you for additional information.

There are many formats that you can use. There are services that allow you to create an online, web based kit, or you can put everything on a DVD or you can create the tried and true hard copy. Regardless, there are some crucial elements you should always include.

Background Info:: Write a letter introducing your company, yourself and the history of your business. Be thorough but interesting. List out what you’ve included in your kit and tell them why it’s of interest to them.

Product Info:: If you have a catalog, include it. If you have a brochure, include it. Include details about the products and/or services that you have to offer. The more attractive your product info is, the better.

Press Releases:: Include recent news about your company. Be sure to include any press releases that you’ve distributed related to new products or advances at your company. News articles or instances where your release was picked up and published in the media are also great.

Images:: You should always include high resolution images of your products and logo. Media are more likely to use your pitch if it comes with strong visual images. Your changes of attention-grabbing are much better if you can show off your products with high quality, professional artwork.

Miscellaneous:: There are many other things that you may want to include, if you have them available. Order forms, recent press coverage, frequently asked questions, testimonials, samples and upcoming events are always good to include.

Creative Packaging:: Now that you’ve gathered all of your press kit items, it’s time to package them. You are trying to stand out among the hundreds of other press kits arriving on media professionals’ desks daily. So, how do you do it? Think outside the box. Forgo that plain folder for a personalized graphic one. Or, incorporate your sample into the packaging. Sell coffee? Send everything packaged neatly in an oversized mug. Send information about your hair bow business in a package wrapped with one of your handmade creations. The possibilities are limitless, don’t overlook the importance of the first impression your packaging will make!



Handle Your Own PR

Jenny Finke is a PR and marketing specialist and owner of Red Jeweled Media, a full service PR agency for small businesses. We are thrilled to announce that she just launched a fabulous new company called HandleYourOwnPR.com. For anyone who is looking for a little DIY PR inspiration and tools, this IS the place to go. She has media lists available for immediate download. She also offers a free eBook, "How to Make the Most of your Media Lists" just for registering for her website!

We asked Jenny to provide 5 DIY PR tips for our Market Mommy readers - here's what she had to say:

Tip #1::  Know the reporter::  Never pitch yourself or your company to a reporter unless you've done your research first. Google them, read their previous articles and generally get to know them before asking them to write about you.

Tip #2::  Personalize your pitches::  Write pitches that speak to the topics the reporter writes about. Stay on topic and never waste a reporter's time with a pitch that is completely out in left field.

Tip #3::  Treat bloggers like reporters::  Bloggers can be a powerful way to get PR for your business. You must treat bloggers the same as reporters - after all, they can be just as influential as journalists.

Tip #4::  Get a great PR toolkit::  Your toolkit should include a power-packed media list, a rock-star pitch letter, and a full-on press kit complete with a fact sheet about your company/product, photos and other pertinent information about you/your company.

Tip #5::  Stay the course::  PR takes time and is something you earn. Stay focused and in the game - and I promise there is enough PR for everyone if you play your cards right!

Finke has also generously offered a discount to Market Mommy readers! Use code Mommy20 for 20% off your entire purchase through Oct 15!

P.S. See that super-cute button? Market Mommy designed it!