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Extravaganza Guest Blogger:: Heather Lopez

Let's Play "Name That Brand": Brand Identification via Audio Visual Cues

Take a look at the following pictures, logos, and slogans and identify what brand is associated with them.







G: "It's Everywhere You Want to Be"
H: "Have It Your Way"
I. "The Greatest Show On Earth"

Now that you've taken the time to work your brain a little, think about how these logos and slogans relate to the brand and company they represent. Were they easy to identify or hard?

If they were easy, why do you think you were able to identify them so easily? Do you think that it was because you have seen them in multiple places. Most major brands have developed an image in your mind, which is constantly reinforced by being exposed to visual and audio cues. Most studies show that people need to be exposed to an advertising image or stimulus around 6-8 times before they actually take notice of it. Once they take notice of it, they must then engage with the company in order to further develop and maintain the brand image of that company.

What does this mean for your business?
It means that you need to develop a consistent audio visual message via your logo, slogans, marketing materials, social networking profiles, etc. that will expose potential customers to your brand numerous times & get them to engage with your business. This consistent message serves to further maintain the brand identity once the customer is obtained.

Think about Burger King, which is one of the companies with a slogan listed above. Burger King offers a franchise arrangement in which the franchisee incorporates their own business and pays for a license to use the Burger King brand. Most consumers don't really think of the franchisee as a separate company from Burger King, even though they legally are. The Burger King brand image is so strong that others are willing to pay to use it. Additionally, in order to maintain the brand value, the franchisee must adhere to Burger King's guidelines or lose their license. Burger King franchises use the same audio visual cues regardless of the owners, therefore reinforcing the consumer's image of the brand.

Another tidbit
I attended the Growth 2.0 Conference offered by Entrepreneur Magazine and Jay Conrad Levinson, Father of Guerilla Marketing, was the keynote speaker. During his very fun and enlightening presentation, he explained that logos are dying. He said that the new age of brand imagery involved "Memes." Memes are like logos but trigger actions by the consumer, as opposed to just showing the name of the company. Does your logo or banner portray an action-oriented message to your customer? Is the action-oriented message implied by your logo related to your business? These are things to consider when developing your brand messages and images.

About the Author:
Heather Lopez is a 30 y/o married mom to two in diapers, as well as a small business/nonprofit consultant and marketing professional, with over 10 years experience in business development and management. Her experience ranges from being on the frontlines of direct service & sales, all the way to the top of the company food chain. She is the founder of Happy and Healthy Mom.Com and the co-founder of the Super Mompreneur Conference & Expo. She is currently developing the Bloggin’ Mamas Cruise Conference and heads Become Better Brands.

Answers- A: Wikipedia B: Wordpress C: Twitter D: Nike E: Apple F: Microsoft G: Visa H: Burger King I: Barnum & Bailey Circus


Market Mommy in 2010

2009 is coming to a close and soon 2010 will be upon us. I want to take a moment to thank everyone for their support over the past 6 months. Without our loyal subscribers, followers, readers, customers and advertisers Market Mommy would not be growing the way we have been. So, thank you!

Since our inception in June, Market Mommy has already grown by leaps and bounds. We've added this blog, hosted some VERY fun blog parties, gained hundreds of newsletter subscribers, surpassed 260 fans on our Facebook page and now have nearly 2,000 followers on Twitter. Wow!

In 2010, we're dedicated to continued growth! Market Mommy is planning to expand services as well as opportunities to promote your mom-owned business! It is going to be an exciting year at Market Mommy! So, be sure to stick around and invite all of your mom entrepreneur friends!

If you have an extra moment, please click here. This very short survey will help give us some insight to what you'd like to see on Market Mommy. Thanks!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year! We'll 'see' you in 2010!


A couple of friendly reminders.....

Hurry!! Contest ends soon!!

You may remember that we announced a little contest a couple of weeks ago to increase our subscribers, fans and followers..... Thanks to all of you who are participating! There is a small window of time left, so keep referring your friends to Market Mommy! The contest ends this Sunday night. All of the details can be found in the original post here.

Holiday Blog Party begins Monday!!
Our Holiday Blog Party will begin here, at The Blog, on Monday! This is not a party you want to miss! We will be giving away more than a dozen awesome prizes from great mom entrepreneurs! Check back each day for fabulous features and fun extra credit entries!!


Odds & Ends

I just wanted to make everyone aware of a few things happening this week.

First, I've started a discussion on our Facebook Fan page. If you're not a fan already, become one and you can participate. Today is the first day of school here, so it has a back to school theme. Everyone that joins in the discussion will be registered to win an Announcements Galore gift certficate!

Also, we have a special promotion going on this week. You can save 20% on any listing, advertisement or service at Market Mommy just by entering coupon code SAVE20 at checkout. So, take advantage of that as well!

Last, but certainly not least, we've made a few very minor adjustments to our main site. We've activiated our Guest Book page. So, if you have any compliments or concerns you'd like to share, feel free to visit us there. We've also created a News/Opportunities page, where you can see our press releases (which we'll be uploading soon, I promise) and our current opportunities.

Thanks! Here's to a great week! {And a short one for me, I'll be out of town on Friday!}


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