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Flowers Beautify Home Offices

Do fresh flowers make you feel happy? Refreshed? Ready to conquer the day? Fresh flowers are a great thing to have in your home office. They not only add beauty and sophistication, they can add a splash of color to an otherwise drab office setting.

There are studies that show a definite link between flowers and life happiness. So, if that’s the case, we believe they can make you happy in your business life too. (For more flower tips, visit Fresh Flowers Adelaide.)

According to a behavioral research study at Rutgers in New Jersey, flowers improve emotional health. They relieve stress; have an immediate effect on happiness and long-term effects as well. One of the most compelling reasons to keep flowers in your home office is the calm that they bring. I don’t know many business owners who couldn’t use a little calming, stress-reducing beauty in their office.

If you are planning to host clients or business associates in your home office, flowers are a great touch. They make your space more inviting, less intimidating and just overall more pleasant. They are a symbol for sharing and create a sharing atmosphere. They also relay a message of hospitality and friendliness. This is perfect if you’re looking to collaborate on a new project or strike a deal with a colleague.

If you have trouble getting motivated in the morning, maybe some flowers would help. Another similar study was done at Harvard and that study concluded that people feel more happy and energetic in the morning when they see flowers. With flowers in your home office, you just might complete a day’s work before lunch!

What type of flowers do you prefer? There really aren’t a lot of specifications when it comes to making people happier overall. Everyone has their favorites and if you choose some of your personal favorites it can only enhance the effects, I would think.


All-in-One Epson WorkForce 840 Perfect for Home Offices


I’m thrilled to say that I was recently contacted to review a WorkForce 840 All-in-One printer from Epson. What a great addition to any home office! This new model has some great features that will make any work-at-home mom’s job a little easier. You can even print directly from your iPhone, BlackBerry or other mobile device!

I love the fact that the printer is wireless, so I can use it from my pc or from my laptop downstairs. And, it’s not difficult to set up at all. It didn’t take me long at all to unpack, read the instruction manual, get the ink cartridges inserted and have the printer up and running.

The print quality is amazing, and it’s fast! The WorkForce 840 uses four separate ink cartridges, so you only need to change the one which is empty. Plus, it is instant dry ink! Your documents won’t smudge or fade and they’re water resistant!

The printer also has several eco features and is designed to be recycled. It saves energy by using 70 percent less power than laser printers. That’s a nice bonus for businesses trying to operate in an environmentally friendly way.

There are a multitude of other great features that small business women will love:

  •  According to Espon, the printer offers the world’s fastest two-sided printing.
  •  The printer holds 500 sheets of paper with two 250 sheet trays.
  •  The 7.8” smart touch panel lights up only the buttons you need.
  •  It easily prints, copies and scans. And, it can fax documents directly from your computer.
  •  You can also scan to e-mail, pdf or to your computer.
  •  It easily prints on a variety of paper sizes and weights, including great looking photos.

Who doesn’t want their business to run more smoothly? The ease of use and expanded features make the WorkForce 840 a great choice for moms working at home.

Go here to purchase your very own WorkForce 840.

**Epson supplied Market Mommy with a free WorkForce 840 in order to write this review.



Friday Frenzy

So, for me, Friday's seem to fall into one of two categories.

  1. I'm extremely motivated to get as much done as humanly possible before the weekend starts.
  2. Or, I'm so lazy and unmotivated that I pretend it's already the weekend and don't do a thing.

Do you have this problem? There never seems to be a happy medium on Friday. It's always all or none for me. Right now I'm in limbo. My coffee hasn't really kicked in yet and I'm leaning toward the slacking type of Friday.

However, I have a to-do list a mile long staring me in the face.


On a bright note, one of my to-do items is to finalize the menu for my daughter's upcoming birthday party. She will be three and we are celebrating princess-style. It should be fun.

Time to get motivated ..... Although I struggle at times, time management is an important component of running your business. We all always need more time than we have. So, make what time you do have productive. Focus on one to-do item at a time and before you know it you'll have several crossed off!

Enjoy your weekend! Oh and by the way, February's newsletter will be published latter today. If you're not already on the list, sign up! We share some great insider-only info with our subscribers ;)


Tuesday's Tip:: Location, location, location!

Since many of us operate our businesses out of our home, I thought a great topic to visit would be creating a great home office space. The location where we complete our work is SO important! It needs to be functional and comfortable! Good office space helps us to be effective and to keep our sanity! Here are a few key components!

  • Limited distractions! Your office probably shouldn’t be located in the center of your kitchen, or any busy room for that matter. Choose a room or location that is away from most of the home’s traffic. A spare bedroom or a basement make great options. If one of those isn’t available, you can still create an effective space by portioning off an area of a larger room.
  • Adequate work space! If you need a table top or extended desk area to assemble products or mailings, make sure you have it. Use the top of filing cabinets or bring in a spare card table if you have limited funds or space to work with.
  • Stay organized! Create a system that works for you! This goes for your hard copies and your digital copies! Keep your spreadsheets updated and in order and keep your filing cabinet the same way! Both you and your customers will appreciate it!
  • Involve the kids! Making your office kid friendly will allow you to get some work accomplished while your children are close by. Set up a small area for them, with their toy computer, some quiet toys and books that will keep them occupied while you return a few e-mails and make a phone call or two.
  • Details! Don’t forget about some of the seemingly small things. Good lighting, a comfortable chair and enough storage space are all critical elements. All of these can strongly effect your work environment!

Hope you are having a great week!