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Community, Delegating & Success

I’m knee deep in planning an annual fundraising auction at my childrens’ school. This is the second year that I’ve co-chaired the event and I really love it. There are so many things about putting on a successful event that I enjoy.

I love the organization, the planning, the teamwork, but most of all I love seeing the fruits of our labor. When it finally all comes together, the end result is the most rewarding. In this case, I hope that translates into a lot of money made.

As I sift through spreadsheet after spreadsheet and call donor after donor, there are a few things that have become even more apparent to me. There are these constant themes glaring at me, that I know are important when planning an event, but also important in the overall context of life.

First, community. It literally takes a community to put on an event like an auction. We need volunteers, committee members, leaders, donors, attendees and more. Without any of those pieces, the puzzle would not fit together properly. Teamwork is a critical element in life. Family, friends, colleagues, coworkers, everything just works so much smoother when everyone comes together. One common goal can really unite a group. Cooperation is something I highly value and love when people show hearfelt support for others.

Delegating is essential. Everyone has different strengths and assets. By dividking and conquering the work, we can be more successful. If individuals are able to use their talents, they feel more productive and the quality of the work improves. This is important at home, too. As a family, we are a team. Delegating to other members of our team strengthens our unit. The kids can benefit from building work-ethic and responsibility. And, as adults, we can benefit from lighter workloads and knowing that we are all working toward the same goal of a happy household.

Lastly, preparation for this year’s auction has reminded me that there are many levels of success. We are still two weeks away from the big event, but on many levels we’ve already seen success. We’ve seen a team come together and work hard to secure thousands of dollars in donations. We’ve seen event tickets being sold. And, we’ve seen volunteers sign up to work shifts over the next few weeks.

Sometimes, I think, we are too focused on the ultimate goal to realize the small successes we see along the way. As my children grow, all too quickly, I am constantly trying to remind myself to notice the small things. We obviously want our kids to grow up to be productive and successful members of society. The positive things they are doing every day are the stepping stones that will lead them there.


Two-Day Workshop Helps Christian Moms Start Home Businesses

The International Christian Mompreneur Network, headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA, is hosting a training and networking event for moms who are ready to start or grow a business so they can spend more time with family, share their gifts with the community and make money too! The moms who attend this workshop run a wide range of home businesses as photographers, consultants, artists, writers, speakers, crafters, graphic designers, educators, counselors, virtual assistants, wellness coaches, personal trainers and more. Some of them have been in business for many years, while others are just getting started!
She Builds A Business is a 2-day small group workshop event that teaches moms how to run a successful business that supports their values of faith and family. It's led by Theresa Ceniccola, founder of the ICM Network. Theresa has run a profitable home-based business for more than 20 years. She is a mother to three children (ages 10, 12 and 14) and is very involved in community, school and church activities including Girls on the Run South Hampton Roads, Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast and Tidewater Destination Imagination. She knows what it's like to balance business and family and she loves helping other moms prosper.
Theresa extends an invitation for entrepreneurial moms, self-employed business owners, bloggers, freelancers, authors or ministry leaders to learn and grow in business -- and to connect with other creative and talented women who share similar values.  
Event Details:
She Builds a Business: The Premiere Training and Networking Event for Christian Moms
October 27-28, 2014
Oceanaire Resort Hotel
Virginia Beach Oceanfront 
To register: www.SheBuildsABusinessEvent.com


Indy Family Fest Offers Great Marketing Opportunities for your Business

By Jenn Kampmeier

Have you heard the latest BUZZ going on around Indianapolis...IndyFamilyFest is coming to town and Indy's Child and Hamilton Family Magazines are the Presenting Sponsor of the event.

New to IndyFamilyFest?

IndyFamilyFest is a all day celebration of the family with a full schedule of entertainment, shopping, how-to demos,and activities for every member of the family from belly bump to tween. We are proud to announce Mary Susan Buhner of "Mommy Magic" has signed on as our keynote speaker.

IndyFamilyFest will take place on Saturday, October 19, 2013 from 9:00am to 4:00pm at the IN State Fairgrounds in the Blue Ribbon Building.

Your Business Will Benefit. 

Since you are a current Market Mommy reader, you will receive an extra discount of $75.00 off booth rental space. Use code MARKET.

We have multiple ways in which your company can directly market your business to the consumers whom attend our event.

* Become a Vendor.

* For greater visibility become a sponsor.

* Sponsor at an interactive area.

* Have a Product? Then place in our Swag Bags.

* Can't attend? We offer onsite marketing options even if you can not be at our show.

Our event will bring consumers to you, so you can directly market, sell and inform consumers about your product,brand and/or service. We estimate over 2,000 consumers will attend this show.

This extra discount special will expire on August 1st, so hurry and contact Jenn@indyfamilyfest.com for vendor and sponsorship information.


Making Events Work for Your Business

By Amber Davis

To be successful our businesses must grow! To achieve growth we must find new and innovative ways to market our products and meet new people! Events can be one way to do both!

An event can be as simple as an open house or as elaborate as a Home and Garden Show! I have done both, as well as, other event types that fall in the middle of these spectrums. Most recently I attempted my first large scale event. A home and garden show with over 40,000 attendees. What an amazing opportunity for growth!  In order to determine if an event is worth your time and money you must consider a few things:

  1. What is the traffic flow and does it fit with your target market?
  2. What is the expense vs. traffic flow and amount of time the event is being held?
  3. Do you have the resources to handle the show?

In my case, a Home and Garden show fit my business about 50%. My products consist of three basic lines – a thermal line, a purse line and an organizational line. For this event my target market would be people looking to organize their home or life! Making my display focus on this concept would help draw attention to my products.  I included all my product styles in the display but my core line of organizational products was my main focus.

Secondly, this event was by far, the most expensive I have ever undertaken but with the help of two team members I was able to split the cost and hours needed to work. This was helpful considering the initial investment was so large and having a family of 6 sometimes my hours away need to be carefully considered.  The cost then for me would be 50 % booth rental, all my supplies, my door prize and my time. All in all I was very excited going into the event and worked hard to prepare my literature, recruit packets, hostess packets and products display!

Finally, I felt I did have the resources to handle the large show! My home company provides a ton of training, literature and items needed for the show. Combine that with my 17 years in Direct Sales and I was ready to work the floor!


Once the show hit I was ready! I worked 11-9 day 1 and never ate, drank or sat the entire day. My belief is people won’t feel your approachable if your slouched on a chair in the back of your booth shoving food in your face! I wanted to be ready and approachable for any possible leads! Being from a small farm community I really need to meet new people away from the cornfield I call home! This show was my ticket!

Day one went very well. I had several strong leads for parties, orders and one recruit lead who took home one of my fancy packets!

Day two also went well. I worked 11-6 that day followed by tear down. Needless to say I was exhausted!

I am not an aggressive sales person by nature, nor will I ever be. A wise person once told me “If your friends cross the street when they see you coming your doing something wrong”. I kept that mentality when doing the show. Trying to be approachable but not pushy. Not sure it was my best method as my girls booked 10 firm shows on their days!

I love watching people at events! There are so many different personalities out there! The Type A who barrels into my booth and starts doing her own demonstration for her friends and family! They shy observer who won’t come near me or my booth with a ten foot pole but will look and stare for a long time! To name a few! Knowing how to talk to and approach different personalities is helpful in situations like these! NEVER PRE-JUDGE! You know nothing about this person, their life or the circumstances leading up to this moment! This person could be your next top seller, biggest buyer or strongest hostess leading you to many, many more in home parties! Simply stick to your plan and ASK EVERYONE! “Hi, have you heard of Thirty One? Would you be interested in hosting a show?” Hi, have you heard of our company? Did you know it’s a Christian based company and our name is based on Proverbs 31 and you can be your own boss for $99” Find the conversation starter to fit the situation!

Now the show is over and the key is to follow up with any leads I have.

  1. Any phone numbers who marked “Yes” or “maybe” on their slip will be called.  So far, one home show booked in a neighboring community, one catalog show packet mailed, one order and one recruit packet sent! Plus many messages left!
  2. Any e-mail addresses will be added to my monthly Thoughts, Talks and Trends letter.  This will share specials and product ideas with them monthly.
  3. ALL postal addresses will receive a postcard from me.

The other thing I have done for the month following the show is set up a Home and Garden show party on my site for any attendees to place orders through. This will help me track my income vs. expense from the show.

My experience with the show overall was very successful! Since our company is relatively new in the direct selling industry many people have never heard of it. That itself is very helpful and the fact that we are not even close to our peak in the direct sales lifecycle is amazing! I am still working on the follow up and feel like it will take a month before I can evaluate the true success. My strong lead fell through but LOVED the recruit packet I gave her and plans to duplicate it in her direct selling business! That makes me smile! My favorite part of direct sales is leadership and motivation to my team members! I love watching them grow and achieve their business goals!

My best wishes to you in choosing an event that works for your business!

Amber Davis is a 17 year direct sales associate with The Lonagberger Co. and currently director for at Thirty One Gifts.  Holding a degree in business administration and marketing, she previously worked in the business industry. After the birth of her second child; family took priority over work and she left her full time position. Now a mother of four, she believes firmly in direct Sales and the endless opportunity it provides! "I can't imagine ever returning to a traditional 9-5 job," she said. She firmly believes in doing what works for your family. She helps her husband on the family farm and writes her own blog: Adventures in Farm Life. This, she said, is a work in progress and mostly serves to share family photos. In her free time she loves to travel and enjoys volunteering.


Funky Finds:: Buy & Sell Handmade Goods!

Funky Finds has been dedicated to promoting independent artists, crafters and designers worldwide since 2006. They host semiannual indie art and craft shows in Fort Worth & Longview, Texas. Over 100 talented artists, crafters and designers will be selling hand-crafted items at the FREE family AND pet-friendly event!

If you're interested in becoming a vendor at a Funky Finds event, deadlines are quickly approaching! See below for more information!

This is the perfect place to purchase unique one-of-a-kind handmade gifts that you won't find at any big box store! Event will feature swag bags for the first 75 attendees each day to purchase a minimum of five $1.00 raffle tickets. Raffle features items donated by all participating artisans and sponsors, and all raffle proceeds benefit the local Humane Society. Pet adoptions facilitated by The Humane Society throughout the event.


4th Annual Funky Finds Spring Fling:: Fort Worth

March 10 (10am-5pm) & 11 (11am-4pm)
Will Rogers Memorial Center, Small Exhibits Building, 3409 Burnett-Tandy Dr., Fort Worth, TX 76104
Facebook Event Page

Funky Finds Spring Fling:: Longview
April 21 (10am-5pm) & 22 (11am-4pm)
Maude Cobb Convention / Activity Complex - Exhibit Building, 100 Grand Blvd., Longview, TX 75604
Facebook Event Page

Learn more about all of Funky Finds services that are aimed at promoting independent artists, crafters and designers worldwide, including our online marketplace, The Shops @ Funky Finds - Buy & Sell Handmade Goods! http://funkyfinds.com/services