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We Hope They Remember You: Use This Advice And They Will

If you search online today for videos of unexplained phenomenon, you’ll find countless hits. From videos of ghosts to footage of aliens, UFOs and much more, there is thousands of Gbs of data online that seemingly proves our world is not quite as it seems. Why then, have these ideas not caught the public eye. Why do they not make the news on a daily basis? Why are users around the globe not obsessed with finding out more? Simple - without marketing, these are merely ideas, concepts, gimmicks and fads. True or not, real or fake, without marketing and promotion no idea is ever going to be remembered and have a long-lasting impact on users or society.

Last but certainly not least, you should always be looking for ways to introduce innovative concepts, ideas and products into your business model. This could be anything but it’s always a good idea to push to provide more for your customers. Either with a faster turnaround time or potentially a better product.

We hope you use this advice and make sure the spotlight continues to shine on your company.

The same is true for your business ideas, products and services. Without the right marketing and promotions, they will be forgotten. The right steps here can be the difference between being the next Itunes and the next Napster. Remember Napster? Of course not. So let’s look at the ways that you can keep your business memorable.

Focus On The Logo

Studies show that consumers find it easy to remember images compared to words. For this reason a brand logo is important. It needs to be eye-catching, yet simple enough in shape and design. It needs to be bold and beautiful. It should look fantastic on whatever type of packaging you choose to use for your product or service be that the side of a van or drink pouches. The best way to guarantee this is to hire a professional logo designer. You can find these experts online and it’s well worth making this hire. Particularly if you want to avoid an accidental copyright lawsuit.

Go Beyond Standard Promotion

You do need to reach beyond the typical promotion if you want your product to be remembered and become a hit with consumers. One of the best examples of viral marketing in recent years is probably Jurassic World. If you’re not familiar with the box office industry, it’s worth noting that the third Jurassic Park movie made just 368 million at the box office. The fourth made a staggering 1.672 billion and the third still managed to hit 1.3. How did this happen. It could be the rebranding but Universal also engaged in some very clever viral marketing tactics. The tagline for the movie was ‘The Park Is Open’ and the film producer sold this idea with merch and an active website for the park itself. Essentially, they made it seem like the park really was opening rather than pushing a film for release. This surely helped transform a box office dud into a reinvigorated franchise that joined the billion-dollar club.

Aim For Innovation


Last but certainly not least, you should always be looking for ways to introduce innovative concepts, ideas and products into your business model. This could be anything but it’s always a good idea to push to provide more for your customers. Either with a faster turnaround time or potentially a better product.

We hope you use this advice and make sure the spotlight continues to shine on your company.



Become A More Successful Entrepreneur This Year

Whilst all entrepreneurs are individuals with different mindsets and aspirations, there are certain business-related suggestions that can be applied universally. If you want to become a more successful entrepreneur this year then take this advice on board.

Spend your money more intelligently.

Obviously, you already know that success in the business world all comes down to investing smartly. As everybody says, you have to spend money to make money. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re spending your money as well as possible. After all, being successful in the world of business is all about taking risks. You just need to learn which risks you should take and which risks you shouldn’t take. For example, it’s unwise to invest in an entirely new department of marketers when your marketing efforts are already successfully growing. It’ll eat into your profit margins. That’s a bad risk to take.

But if your company is looking to expand then you might want to consider outsourcing your operations rather than hiring new full-time employees. You’ll achieve the same result at a lower cost, so that’s an example of a smart risk to take. It’ll also be much easier to cut back if it was a bad move; it’s easier to stop outsourcing than it is to fire a team of full-time employees who all need severance pay and so on. You also need to work on your budgeting skills. You should regularly take a look at how you’re spending your money to see if there any unnecessary expenses which could be cut or any areas of your business in which your money could be better spent. That’s the key to managing your finances more intelligently.

Don’t be afraid to pursue new ventures.

As mentioned in the first point, being successful in the world of business is all about taking risks. This isn’t just the case with regards to your business budget - it’s the case with regards to your business as a whole. There’s no saying you have to cling onto the same business plan. There’s no saying you even have to cling onto the same business forever. Many top entrepreneurs have several failed businesses under their belts before they create companies that actually do well. If you think it’s time for a venture then you might want to sell your business. Do some research to find out the best option for you in this regard because there are plenty of great ways to maximize your profits from this sale. The point is that you should never become too attached to a specific business plan or a specific business as a whole. The market grows and changes - you have to do the same.

Work on your leadership skills.

We’ve talked a lot about managing your money well and being brave in business, but the real key to being a successful entrepreneur is leading a team and a company well. At the end of the day, you need more than a great business idea to be a great entrepreneur. You need to be a passionate and driven individual who can enthuse a team with that same sense of passion. You need to work on your leadership skills to better rally your employees around you. In turn, your business will be more productive and profitable.



10 Things to Expect When Upgrading From a Home Business to an Office Workplace

If you’ve been given the opportunity to upgrade your at-home business to a fully-fledged office workplace then you’re making great strides to achieve success in your career. It’s not something that many at-home business owners get to experience due to the sheer amount of work and courage it takes to grow your business, but it can be a wonderful feeling to finally get your big break and move on to bigger things.

However, adapting to an office environment can be challenging especially if you’ve grown accustomed to life as a solo entrepreneur. So to help you out, we’ve put together a couple of handy tips to help you cope with the changes that you should expect to experience.

1. You’ll feel like you need a lot of employees

A bare office can often feel very quiet, lonely and unproductive. It’s great to have employees to help you run your business, but you should consider outsourcing business essentials in order to save money and only hire when you absolutely have to. Hiring too many employees at an early stage will only make things harder for you in the long run because there’s more to many and more money to invest.

2. You’ll need to resupply your office on a regular basis

Unlike working from home, you’re going to need to supply your office with lots of basic essentials like pens, paper, printer ink and even milk and coffee. Thankfully, supplying coffee to your office is made easy with regular deliveries and you can schedule weekly or monthly orders for office supplies as longa s you monitor usage so that you don’t buy more than you need.

3. Meeting new faces can be difficult

Let’s face it, working from behind a computer is a lot different from working in an office. You’re going to have to get used to new faces and for someone that’s work on their own at home for a long time, adjusting to meeting new faces can be rather challenging.

4. You need to learn to trust your team

It’s very common for at-home entrepreneurs to have a hard time putting trust in their team members. As a result, you might resort to micromanagement, looking over the shoulder of your team members whenever they’re conducting important work. However, this is bad for your office culture because you’re not putting faith in them and you’re not giving them enough freedom to carry out the work and complete it how they see fit. Trusting your team can be a difficult hurdle to overcome, but it’s essential for any healthy businesses.

5. You’ll start paying for things you never thought were necessary

Some common examples of services or employees that you never thought you’d need to hire (at least during the startup stages) are business lawyers, cleaning companies, private transport hire or even catering services. You need to get used to paying for services that you normally didn’t think about and this will require some level of expertise in the field, meaning you’ll likely need to hire an advisor or consultant as your business grows in size.

6. You’re might miss working in solitude

One of the biggest reasons why people tend to work on their own is because they enjoy working in solitude. They like that every decision is their own and they enjoy the feeling of making or breaking their company based on their personal ability. When you start working with other people, your company’s results will start to be affected by other people. If they’re not on the same page as you, then this can be incredibly difficult to cope with and you might find yourself getting into heated debates at work over the success of your business.

7. Growing your business is different from scaling it

There are a couple of key differences between growing and scaling your business that many people misunderstand, leading to overall poor decision making. The first thing to consider is that growing a business typically means that you’ll be looking for ways to improve your business in small increments. It could mean adding a few percentages to your sales, it could be reaching a wider audience or it could be finding ways to reduce your expenses to make more profit. On the other hand, scaling is a holistic approach to growth which has to cover more than just a few percentages. Instead, it’s focused on the growth of every sector of your business at an even rate, thus accelerating the rate at which your business grows on an exponential level while only making small investments.

8. You’ll still be working at home

Despite what you might think about working in an office, your responsibilities mean that you’re still going to be on duty even when you’re at home. As an entrepreneur and business manager, you need to remember that your business is conducted wherever you are and there are no real breaks to speak of. Perhaps an employee needs to contact you over the weekend or maybe you get a call at night regarding and overseas client that wants to work with you. Don’t expect to contain your work in the office–it’s going to bleed out and you can’t escape it.

9. You need to find your style of leadership

Every leader is different and it’s vital that you start looking at how you want to be perceived in the world in order for people to start respecting you. Will you be the caring boss that invests heavily into working relationships to improve the atmosphere in your office and employee retainment, or will you take the corporate approach where only the hardest workers are rewarded and feelings are left at the door?

10. You might find yourself giving up

Let’s face it, running a business with 12 employees is exponentially more taxing than operating at home on your computer by yourself. You might find that mingling with employees and caring about their well-being isn’t right for you because you’re just not used to it. Perhaps you’ll find that your business is growing too large and you no longer have the ambition to follow through with your grand plans. Just keep in mind that there’s always help available in the form of services, mentors and advice, but there’s also the option of selling your business at its peak so that you can start a new project if you feel like your current one is growing stale.


Passive Income Side Hustles For Busy Momtrepreneurs 

Momtrepreneurs, we know you are busy! We know that while you would love to increase your income, you already have schedules that are jammed packed with taking care of business and looking after your family. However, before you write-off your ability to generate additional income, you need to consider the passive methods. These are methods that require only a little work in the beginning and then continue to generate incomes with minimal attention, meaning you can engage in them without draining you of the little energy you have left! Read on to find out more.

Buy to let property investment

One way to make a passive income as a momtrepreneur is to invest in a property which you then choose to lease out. This is known as buy-to-lease investing and can work incredibly well for moms that don't have enough time to offer a hands-on approach.

In fact, by choosing to invest in a new property that is far from your own location, or even in another country, you can significantly cut down any of the work involved.

This is because newer places will usually be in better condition and will need less renovation and decorating work before they can be leased out. Additionally, by siting the property away from your home location, you will be less tempted to get personally involved when there is a problem that needs fixing, allowing you to instead leaving it to your property management company.

This will then allow you to reap the profits of this type of investment without having to do any regular work at all. Of course, combine this with the fact that you can actually make a fantastic return on buy-to-let properties and this becomes an option that is partially attractive to busy moms that have the capital to invest.

Write a book

Next, another fantastic option for generating an additional passive income along side your business is to write and publish a book. OK, so you will have to put in some initial effort as you are writing the thing unless you go with a ghostwriter that is, but once it's done, you get to sit back and let the revenue come pouring in.

Of course, you'll need to find a way to monetize your book too with many people choosing to self publish on your own website, or on Amazon and then charge people for the option to download it. Alternatively, you may even wish to go down a more traditional publishing route, although this can be harder to break into, especially if you don't have the celebrity or expertise to leverage you into the market.

Regarding what to write about, remember that your book can be fiction or nonfiction, and on any subject you choose. Although, it's always best to write about something that you have a particular insight into or some personal experience of, if you want to sell the largest number of copies and make the most income, that is.

Affiliate marketing

For the momtrepreneur that already blogs, why not consider affiliate marketing as a method of generating a passive income? After all, it's pretty easy to do, and if you get in with a good partner, you can be in line for some excellent commission for very little work.

Of course, you'll need to have a firm grasp on how affiliate marketing operates to make a go at this. In particular, it pays to be aware that affiliate marketing is based solely on commissions that are awarded by the stores you are working with. These will be given to you when a customer clicks through from your blog to their website and makes a purchase. What that means is that it's often best to individually review the products that you are linking to, as this will increase the chances of a sale and so boost your revenue.

Investing in the stock market

Lastly, for moms that have little time to dedicate to generating an additional income why not consider investing in the stock market? Of course, they can sound pretty intimidating, as we all know what profits aren't guaranteed here.

However, you can help to limit the risk, and shrink the time you need to give to investing by using a robo advisor. These are programs that manage your investment portfolio for you in line with specific preset instructions meaning you don't have to be online all the time to make trades or even watch what the market is doing.

This, of course, is something that can help you get involved in investing without having to dedicate a lot of time and effort to it. Thus, making it perfect way of generating passive income for moms that are busy with other projects and responsibilities.


Organizing Your Home Office

When you work in an office, there’s a system. You have to organize your files in a certain way. Things need to be saved in the right folders online. Files need to be presented in a certain way, and there’s a company-wide method for organization.  All you really need to worry about is doing what you are told and keeping your desktop or office tidy.

Then, you decide to start working for yourself out of a home office. Suddenly, there’s no system. There’s no one to tell you what to do or to explain the office guidelines. There’s no gartner mdm set up to keep data organized and consistent. You are on your own. Even worse, your office is at home. Kids toys find ways to invade. Cups and plates appear. There’s not even anyone to run the hoover around at the end of the day. Many new home workers find that they have difficulties keeping their office organized. They lose important files and documents, the clutter affects their state of mind and their ability to focus, and a lack of organization makes their workdays harder, less focused and less productive.

Invest in Some Storage

Many home businesses today are based online. We send emails. We save files on the cloud, we even communicate with clients online. Those of us without a physical product that offers an online service might think that we do not need storage. But, you’d be wrong. It’s incredible how fast notepads, pens, books and other stationery starts to pile up. Without the right storage, it can quickly become messy and cluttered. Invest in some shelving and a small set of drawers, as well as some simple additions like a desk tidy, and it’ll be much easier to keep your home office tidy.

Get into Good Habits

The key to keeping things tidy and well organized is getting into good habits from the very start. Put a system in place, label folders and drawers and get into the habit of spending 10 minutes at the beginning of every day writing a to-do list, and 10 minutes at the end of every day tidying up and filing things away.

Set Aside Time to Clean

Unless you are fortunate, you won’t have a cleaner come around to tidy your home office once a week. You need to do it yourself. Again, good habits are essential. Get used to taking cups to the kitchen at the end of the day. Spend 30 minutes at the end of the week giving your office a good clean.

Tidy Your Desktop

Your desk is organized. But what about your desktop? For most of us, computers play a big part of our work day. Failing to organize your desktop can lead to the same lack of focus as an untidy office. Spend some time organizing and naming your folders, both on your computer and in the cloud, give every document a clear name, and then, just keep on top of it.

Keep on Top of Your Accounts

Accounting and finance is a common area of disarray in small business. People are scared of finances. They let them get out of control. This is another good habit that you need to get into. Make time every day to look after your finances, so that you are prepared for tax return season when it comes. Do this with physical folders and with spreadsheets.

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