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Simplify Your Mass Email Capabilities 

If you are running a business, there can be a lot of technical stuff to learn. You need a website, a strong social media presence, the ability to send relevant mass emails to your contact list and much more. This, on top of the basic business duties can be overwhelming.

Here at Market Mommy, we are all about simplifying things. The easier, the better. We offer tips to help simplify the world of business ownership and marketing for mom business owners.

Without a doubt, you want to get the most out of your email marketing. You want it to be cost effective and have a strong ROI.

If you have a Google sheet of contacts, it’s now simple to send a mass email to your list. GMass’s Google Sheets integration is complete. You can now send a mass email/mail merge campaign easily to contacts in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

First, you need to ensure your spreadsheet is formatted correctly. Then, you need to choose your Google sheet and then your worksheet.

If you’d like to personalize your messages; that’s easy too. There are settings options that will allow you to choose personalization options for each column of the spreadsheet. By clicking on these, you can insert personalized fields into the subject and/or body of your email.

In addition to these great features, there are advanced features for the more experienced. Some of my favorite options include setting up recurring emails and the option to do automatic follow up emails. Following up is one of the most important marketing tactics. It can’t be forgotten.

Now, how do you expand your contact list and make this process even more beneficial? But there are some more creative things you can do, too. You want to cultivate and engage your list, so be sure to always include valuable content when you do make a connection with them. If you provide valuable articles or tips repeatedly, chances are your open rates will be higher. It also increases the chances that people will forward your valuable information to others who may in turn sign up for your newsletter. Be sure to include links so your e-mails can easily be shared and others can quickly sign up.


The Tell-Tale Signs That It's Time To Move Home

Moving home isn't always the answer. Considering the expense and stress of a house move, as well as the need to uproot not only yourself but also managing your family in the process, staying put is sometimes the best idea. Giving your existing home a makeover, or opting for an extension, may be cheaper ways to deal with that moving itch you sometimes feel.

However, there may be tell-tale signs that it probably is time to move from where you are and into somewhere new. If any of the following are true for you, then we wouldn't blame you for wanting to make the move.

Tell-tale signs it's time to move home

1. Space is tight. You may have had a new baby. An elderly relative may have moved in with you. Your lifestyle might dictate the need for more space. Whatever the reason, things may be a little tight for you at home. Sure, you could extend your home, and you could declutter to make more space, but if your home is still too small for your needs, then moving to a larger property may be the best answer.

2. You desire a change of locale. If you're living in a busy town or city, you may be tired of the noise and traffic pollution. There may be high levels of crime, putting your property and family at risk. Moving away, perhaps to a more rural area, may be just the thing you need for your peace of mind and happiness. On the other hand, you may be living in the sticks, so moving towards the centre of town may be better for you. It might be nearer to work. There will be more amenities. And you might prefer the hustle and bustle of town and city life to that of a quieter area. Be you a town or country mouse; moving may improve your quality of living.

3. Your home is full of bad memories. Your kids may have flown the nest, and the empty space they have left behind may be filling you with grief. Your relationship may have ended, and the memories of both the good and bad times may be hurting you emotionally. Your home may have been burgled, and you may no longer feel safe, especially with those uncomfortable memories of your home being trespassed upon. Whatever the memories, you might want to escape them and build new memories elsewhere.

4. You have terrible neighbours. Your neighbours may be keeping you awake in the night. Their behaviour may give you cause for concern, especially where your safety is concerned. There may be conflict between you, so living near to them may aggravate your stress levels. Whether they are new or long-term neighbours, you might want to escape them and your current surroundings and retreat somewhere new. There are ways to deal with a terrible neighbour, of course. Talking to them kindly may solve some of your issues if you can appeal to their good side. Speaking to the police or local housing association are two options if things get out of hand with them. And opting for a mediation service may settle disputes. But if none of these things are valid, and you would sooner be away from these neighbourhood nuisances, then getting out of dodge may be the right thing to do.

5. Your financial situation has changed. If you have received a raise in your salary, or you are in a better paying job, then making the move into a nicer area/property is a desirable thing to do. On the other hand, if you are living on less money than you used to be, for whatever reason, then downsizing may be the sensible choice. There are ways to save money at home, of course, but if you are still destined to struggle, then looking for a new house or a smaller apartment for sale may be a wise and practical decision.

6. Your family situation demands it. You might need to move nearer to an ageing or sick relative. Your kids may benefit from being in a better school. You or your partner may have secured a new job, so relocating may be the best answer. Whatever the reason, if your family situation demands a house move, then it could be the logical thing to do.

Should you move home soon? If any of the above were true to you, then yes, it might be time to make the transition. We wish you every success if you do, and hope that your new home, wherever that may be, brings you and your family every joy and happiness.

Take care, and thanks for reading!


Why Your Website Isn't Ranking On Google (And What To Do About It)


Launching a business is fraught with annoying challenges. But one of the most intractable is getting your site to rank well on Google.

What’s so annoying is that you often know your site is good. It looks good, there are no broken pages, and customers can find what they need to quickly. It’s just that when Google’s bots crawl your site, they don’t review it well, and you wind up on the fifth or sixth page of results for your keywords.

SEO is like a kind of modern alchemy, but there’s quite a bit that you can do to improve your ranking. Try some of these things if you're struggling to make headway.

#1: Boost Your Content

According to www.charlesit.com, the quality of your copywriting has a significant impact on the ultimate success of your website. Sites with little original content, or “thin” content - such as content that is spun from other sites - don’t tend to do well because they don’t offer Google’s users anything unique or exciting.

If you want to make headway in the search results, then you need to boost both the depth and length of your articles. A simple 1000-word post probably isn’t enough to provide your audience with anything truly useful. Most of the top articles on the internet - those showing up on the first page of results - tend to be between 2300 and 2500 words in length. This seems to be the sweet spot between providing depth while avoiding waffling on unnecessarily. Remember to create H1, H2 and H3 headings for your articles, as Google will often use these as keyword signals.

#2: Create More Links

Google ranks your site depending on the number and quality of links to it. Sites with more links from quality websites will tend to rank more highly than those without according to https://digitalmarketinginstitute.com.

Getting links is relatively straightforward - it’s the sort of thing that you can pay for out of your marketing budget. But building quality links is a lot harder. The best way to get great links is to increase your media presence. Some of the most valuable sites in the world, such as Forbes and Business Insider, allow space for entrepreneurs to share their stories, and they will often provide a link for their readers to their site.

The other tactic you can try is to snoop on your competitors to see who is linking to them. Tools like Semrush, provide you with a complete snapshot of all their inbound links, allowing you to target the same websites.

#3: Target Different Keywords

Competition for common keywords is fierce, even in the paid space. In organic search, the situation is even worse. As a result, savvy entrepreneurs look for ways to bypass their competitors and target less popular keywords.

Try to find keywords that your customers use, but other businesses in your sector have not yet used in their SEO. Stick to popular phrases if possible, and begin to include them in your content. Also, focus on local searches if possible, as these are more likely to single out your business.



Stop, Stop, Your Business Is Spending Too Much Money!

“It takes money to make money”, “You get what you pay for”, both of these ancient mantas convey a fundamental truth of business. A truth with which all entrepreneurs struggle. In running your own business, you must always walk the line between investing sufficiently in your business for it to grow while managing the costs so that you are able to maintain a healthy cash flow. The importance of cash flow in small business really cannot be overstated. It’s cash flow that keeps your vendors paid on time and your employees properly remunerated for their efforts. It’s cash flow that allows you to react quickly and decisively when a bargain comes on the market like a piece of equipment that could boost your productivity, or even a new and better located premises. Making savings wherever you can is fundamental to easing your business’ cash flow.

But you have a brand to maintain! And with that brand comes a level of quality and prestige which your customers have come to expect of you. You certainly can’t be perceived to be cheap or to cut corners. But while a passion for quality is utterly commendable, it can lead you to face hefty and unnecessary operational costs. Here are some areas in which you can save money without compromising on quality…

When in doubt, outsource

Investing in your very own marketing team, a dedicated HR department or a robust IT infrastructure is a potent way to plan for future growth, but it can be extremely costly. Moreover, outsourcing to companies like Single Point Global may actually get you superior service for less financial outlay. In most cases outsourcing your telecoms, IT, digital marketing and HR function will give you a standard of service that’s consistent with your branding but is tailored to the unique needs of your business. This is often far more cost effective.

Save on your suppliers

In most cases your suppliers will be small businesses, just like you. Cash flow is every bit as important in your operation as it is to yours. As such, most would prefer to be paid a little less on time than to have to wait for full payment. Don’t be afraid to ask them for a discount for early payment. If you have a great relationship with them and a history of prompt payment, they may just be amenable to the idea.

Are you overpaying on your taxes?

No business wants to fall afoul of the IRS by underpaying on their taxes. But in their zeal to honor their tax obligations, many entrepreneurs can find themselves paying over the odds. Never forget that you are taxed on your profits and not your earnings. Whenever you order something for your business, ensure that the cost is logged and that your receipt is stored so that your accountant can accurately gauge your tax obligation. Little expenses have a tendency to slip through the cracks here and there which can add up to big savings by the end of the financial year.

Nobody expects you to compromise on quality, but there’s no excuse for overspending in business!


Managing Yourself Effectively When You Work From Home

When you are an employee, you are likely to work in a commercial property where your employer or a team of managers and other authority figures will oversee your work and ensure that you are doing everything that is expected of you. You have no choice but to do what is expected of you if you want to maintain a secure employment. However, thanks to the improvement of technology and the fact that many people only require a computer or laptop and an internet connection in order to carry out their work, increasing numbers of people are being offered the opportunity to work from home. Either that, or they may have decided to set up their own small business and work from home developing that! Now, anyone who has ever worked from home will be able to tell you that (though there are definite perks), it is not necessarily easy. You have to exhibit a whole lot of self restraint and self control in order to complete the work required of you. The key to keeping on top of everything is effective self management. Here are a couple of steps that you can take in order to avoid slacking and falling behind!

Get Into a Routine

As we have mentioned, when you work outside of your home, you tend to almost always have some sort of manager or supervisor monitoring you and keeping an eye on your activity throughout the day. This encourages you to work hard and avoid slacking. But when you work from home, nobody is watching and nobody can intervene when you become distracted. It’s not all too surprising that many at-home workers will allow themselves to become distracted and to procrastinate. But this isn’t any good for you. Sure, you might put work off a little. But at the end of the day, you have to complete it or you will lose money yourself. You’re only wasting your own time! Procrastination, however, is a tough habit to break and you may find yourself struggling to impose rules for yourself. This is why you need to get yourself into a routine and set yourself targets to meet. Start each working week out with a set of tasks that you need to complete and a time frame for yourself to complete them successfully. Use a free work scheduling app to help with creating a schedule that you can stick to. If you fall behind, you will simply have to take time out of your scheduled breaks.

Create a Home Office

When you work from home, you can work from pretty much anywhere in your home where you can take your laptop and still be connected to the wifi. It’s not all too surprising that many at-home workers do what most of us would do and work from their bed or the sofa. This is comfortable at first and seems like one of the perks of the self-employed job. But when it comes down to it, this is definitely not the most productive or the most healthy way to work. Instead, you should create some sort of home office where you can retreat to in order to get your work complete in a professional and healthy environment. If you have a spare room, this will prove ideal. Try to keep the space clutter free and ensure that plenty of natural light can filter through the windows. Not only will this ensure that you aren’t distracted and that you can see what you’re doing, but natural light helps to regulate your circadian rhythms, which means you will be able to sleep better at night and will be arise fresh each day, ready to get some work complete. Fit a clock in an easily visible location, as this will help with any self-imposed deadlines you have created and it will also help you to monitor rest breaks, ensuring that you don’t allow yourself too many. Make sure to invest in a high quality chair. You will spend extended periods of time sat in this and if it is ergonomically designed, you can pretty much guarantee that you will reduce your chances of developing a workplace related strain or injury. Other ergonomic equipment and accessories can help you to steer clear of other issues such as repetitive strain injury.

These are just a couple of steps that you can take to make yourself more productive and a better worker when operating from the comfort of your own home. Implement them into your lifestyle today in order to reap the most benefits!

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