How do These 3 Travel Influencers Stack Up on Social Media?
Friday, January 11, 2019 at 11:58AM

According to Upwork's 2018 Future Workforce Report, 38% of hiring managers predict that their employees will work predominantly remotely in the next 10 years. The simple fact is that many millennials are meandering from the nine-to-five office grind in favor of making a living for themselves by doing what they love best -- traveling. These social influencers, ranked by IZEA, have turned their favorite way of living into a permanent way of life, and many brands can take advantage of the power of influence they truly have. Let's take a look at three top-ranked social media accounts dedicated to the love of traveling.

Kiersten Rich, aka, 'The Blonde Abroad'

Kiersten Rich, aka, The Blonde Abroad, has about 429,000 followers on Instagram and is ranked as a top travel influencer. She started her traveling and blogging career after deciding that corporate life just wasn't for her. Aviation data company FlightAware estimates that there is an average of 9,728 planes carrying 1.27 million people in the air at any given moment, and from the moment Kiersten Rich became one of those passengers and stepped on a plane to her life abroad, she's never looked back. Check out her Instagram photos for picturesque shots of beautiful and scenic locales including New Zealand, South Africa, and Bali. She also has a website -- -- that has an itemized guide organized by country with specific advice. Visitors can browse based on their destination country of interest, like Poland, France, or Ireland, which is 32,595 square miles and has over 3,000 miles of coastline. Essentially, The Blonde Abroad is a one-stop site to get modernized and millennial-targeted travel expertise.

Eric Stoen

Travel blogger and photographer Eric Stoen has also turned his hobby into a career he enjoys with the whole family. That's because his approach focuses on family travel. Understandably, his Instagram account is filled with photos of him and his children enjoying the carefree life that comes with being on a permanent vacation. According to data from Benedict Evans, people share around 22 billion per year on Instagram, and Eric Stoen has garnered more than 61,000 Instagram followers to date. He's also an ambassador for Travelocity and experiential travel publication, AFAR.

Brian Kelly, aka, 'The Points Guy'

Brian Kelly, better known as The Points Guy, is all about sharing advice on how to save while traveling abroad. His website,, gets about 4 million unique visitors each month. Brian and his team are dedicated to telling other travelers about how to get the most of various travel rewards cards. His Instagram also has 145,000 followers and is full of scenic and breathtaking shots. Kelly was even voted as the number one travel influencer by Forbes in 2017. Furthermore, Kelly has gone above and beyond when it comes to his philanthropic efforts:

"An avid believer in using travel as a force for good, Kelly is passionate advocate for causes around the globe, using his platform to create change and supporting organizations close to his heart," read The Points Guy's 'About Us' page. "As a Committee Member for Rainbow Railroad, he is intimately involved in the organization’s cause to provide transportation for LGTBI individuals flee persecution and seek asylum. He’s also an active Global Ambassador for the PeaceJam organization, where he brings Nobel Peace Prize winners to promote peace and support young leaders in communities all over the world."

Take a look at some of these travel influencers' websites and social media pages. What stands out to you? You can use this insight to better tailor your own social media efforts to a unique and specialized audience.

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