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Is There a Dark Side to Starting a Fampreneur Business?

Last month, we discussed the fampreneur phenomenon and the fact that a lot of moms have chosen to go this route instead of striking off on their own while other family members keep their traditional jobs.

As a quick refresher, that article brought out that “the term “fampreneur” – coined by BusinessesForSale.com, a global marketplace for buying and selling businesses – describes groups of “two or more family members who invest together in a business venture in order to spread the risk while capitalizing on the loyalty and commitment that comes with strong family ties.”

It went on to explain how this phenomenon seems to be a natural progression of the improving economy which is allowing families to more confidently assume the inherent risk of starting a business in expectation of greater rewards.

But, there are always at least two sides to every story and the truth is always somewhere near the middle. So, is there a dark side to being a fampreneur?

Where Family Businesses Go Wrong

Financial risk is a necessary evil in every entrepreneurial venture. In the case of fampreneur businesses, that risk is spread across multiple family members. But, being realistic, that doesn’t usually mean the risk is lessened. Read the global fampreneur report.

For example, if the fampreneur partners are husband and wife, they’re still taking on the full financial risk as a household. This can lead to stress and other related difficulties if things go poorly for an extended period.

Stress is also a factor in starting any business, but let’s face it: we all tend to take our stress out on family more than other coworkers or business associates. When our coworkers and business associates are family, the combination can be volatile.

Emotions running high can ramp up the stress level and create an environment where poor decisions are made or hasty action is taken. Highly emotional decisions are the enemy of smart, strategic decision making for your business.

Once again, no one knows how to push our emotional buttons like family, and we’re good at doing the same to them. Whether it’s anger, disappointment, frustration, or even jealousy, our emotions burn stronger and hotter when family is involved, so you can expect the negative outcomes to be stronger as well.

A failure to plan adequately is also a very common plight in family businesses, specifically when it comes to succession planning. If you’re hoping to start a family business that your children and grandchildren will take over when you retire, the statistics say there’s only a 48% chance you’ll succeed in doing so.

The reason is not because nearly half the children who grow up with family businesses in the household aren’t interested in taking over down the road. It’s because only 29% of family businesses have formal succession plans in place, and most of the other 71% haven’t even thought of it.

In all these cases, fampreneur businesses can and will suffer from the same plights if they’re not handled properly.

How Fampreneur Businesses Can Get it Right

No, it’s not complicated, but it’s also not the easiest thing in the world.

To succeed where many family businesses fail, a fampreneur needs to go into the venture with eyes wide open. They need to understand and accept that all of the above pressures are naturally going to be working against them because they are going into business with family right from the start, and they need to actively work against that natural inclination.

That means making a concerted effort to leave personal matters at home and leave business matters at the job. It means forcing yourself to treat family members just as you would any other employee, coworker, or business partner. And it means taking the time to formalize absolutely every agreement – including a succession plan – legally and in writing so there are no misunderstandings down the road.

By taking this deliberate action, a fampreneur can reap the benefits of going into business with family while avoiding the most common pitfalls.


How are you branding YOURSELF on Social Media?

How are you branding YOURSELF on Social Media? Sure, you have probably read everything about getting exposure for your business and taken countless trainings on how to market your company, BUT how are you branding yourself???

Ok, so you are probably thinking, I spend all my time working on my business, why do I need to brand myself on social media. My business is the most important thing.

Let me pose this question: Are you reaching ALL your potential customers with your company’s social media pages? Odds are, probably not. You could be paying for ads that aren’t reaching your ideal customer. And if you aren’t paying for ads, then are you getting the engagement you want on your page? If not, the algorithms are not playing in your favor and exposure is low which means your page is not very effective.

As a small business owner, it is your responsibility to represent your company in all facets of social media. You need to be the brand and face of your business. Since many entrepreneurs are in charge of their own social media, you need to be embracing your personal social media pages as well.

Let me paint a picture for you: people are loving your brand, they are loving the product or service you are providing and then they go to do a little more research on the company especially the person behind the curtain.

They start Googling you and find amazing articles and interviews that show how awesome other people think you are. Curiosity sinks in and they start following your personal page on Facebook or Instagram. It turns out it’s not quite what they thought it was going to be. There is a strong disconnect between your business and your personal brand. Your page is full of unoriginal posts, shared posts, game requests, candy crush scores out the wazoo, political rants, obscene pictures of you getting wasted at a family party or worst yet it’s ONLY posts about your company.

All of a sudden the brand they loved is something they are questioning now. All they wanted was to get to know the owner and with this, they really are seeing a side of you that is incongruent with the message your company is putting out there.

Enhancing your personal brand on social media is going shift the whole landscape of your business. It will open up a brand new network of customers that might have never even come into your scope because you chose to forget a major outlet that you were unaware of tapping into.

How do I do this without turning my friends away but instead turning them into paying customers or even better REFERRALS!!??!!

It’s all about authenticity and giving them a peek into your amazing life without flat out selling or pushing a product 24/7. Think about it, when you log onto Facebook in the morning, do you sit down at your computer and say “hmm, what am I going to buy from Facebook today?”


You are going on to see what your friends are doing: who had a baby, who went on an amazing trip, who ate what and basically being a voyeur into their lives. It’s fun and that’s what it’s all about. You like and you comment because it’s interesting not because you want to buy something from your friends.

Let me let you in on a formula that has worked well with my business. If you go onto my personal page, you can easily figure out that I do something in the health and wellness field, but that’s what I do, it’s not who I am.

Who I am is a positive person, pouring motivation and inspiration into others, a mom who loves posting pictures of her kids, a woman who shares her travels and adventures and how she incorporate fitness and running into her busy life!

This is a general formula I use when planning out what I will post during the week:

10 lifestyle posts: meaningful posts with pictures of your family, your amazing life and all over positive posts. No political rants or negativity on your page.

4 posts somewhat inferring about your business: giving your friends a glimmer of what you are doing. Are you traveling somewhere fun for your business? Can you take a picture with your product placed in the background? You are looking to post something nonchalant about what you do without pushing it into people’s faces.

1 power post: this is a post where you share a deal you have going on, a new product you are launching, or a new service you are offering. You can put it all out on the table with this one post during the week.The point of only doing this once a week is so that people do not get annoyed with how many times you are posting about your business and in turn will probably unfollow you. They are also more likely to purchase this particular offering if you are only bringing it up once in awhile. What’s better than free marketing?

The point of doing it this way is to create curiosity but to not overwhelm your friends with your business either. By using this method, people will start asking questions like, “oh, are you still doing…?” or even better “what do you do? I have to know because your posts are amazing!”

Remember you are the person behind your company so project the persona in your personal social media pages that will make people know, like and trust you equaling more revenue for your empire!

Abbey Fatica is a busy mom of four, a runner and loves to travel. She is passionate about helping others transform their lives by become physically and financially free. She loves helping other moms feel comfortable in their skin and be able to dream again. She is a Life and Business Coach working with entrepreneurs who are wanting accountability and increase productivity to balance both their business and their personal life.   She is on a mission to help families create their healthiest life, full of financial and time freedom, so they can live out their passions with a strong purpose! Connect with Abbey Fatica on Facebook today!


Realistic Goal Setting for Weight Loss

You need to ask yourself right now, is the goal that you have set for your weight loss something that you can do in the timeframe that you have set? One of the biggest mistakes that people do is they set a goal for their weight loss but the goal just seems too good to be true, if even possible. Remember that if you are doing this now or if you have done it before, do not worry because it is normal and dieters all over the world are doing it too but in order to become motivated to continue with the weight loss, the main thing, that you can do is to set a realistic goal.

If you feel yourself dissatisfied with the weight that you have lost so far, you have to ask yourself, am I dissatisfied because I do not feel good or because I am not recognizing the changes that have happened to my body so far?

Focus on process (system) more, rather than goal

Goals are great, but systems work better. This means that you are going to have actionable lists of things that you can realistically accomplish rather than a final destination of where you can get. For instance, instead of saying that you need to lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks, you can say that you will eat vegetables every day for two weeks, which can eventually lead to the loss of 5 pounds. This can be achieved in two weeks, for sure.

This kind of attitude is especially important when following a strict diet plan with supplement intake. A great example would be popular weight loss method – hCG drops. The process requires dedication and following quite a strict diet. It will get you to your dream shape, but many people hearing that set themselves a goal, impossible to achieve, and when (not even if) they fail, their motivation goes down. Alternatively, they can repeat the treatment after some time (and even in-between their body will not gain extra weight) and reach that result they wanted initially, but due to that “failure” they are never able to push and complete step 2.

If you still like goals, the following techniques will help you:

Set mini-goals

Instead of creating big goals that you will be able to accomplish in months, you can probably set mini goals first like things that you can accomplish in about a week or two. When you do this, you will be able to see the progress and make another mini goal again until such time when it is more possible for you to reach the goal you have set for yourself.

Another example with HCG. Above I mentioned the diet involved in this method. If you look at it more carefully, you will see that it actually complies with mini-goals philosophy. Each week (within 3 stages it has) gives you another challenge and is a bit harder to accomplish with the previous, especially if you’re not used to dieting.

Make sure you are specific

You have to be specific in the goal that you have in mind because if you would just say, “I want to lose 15 pounds.” Without saying how you are going to do that, your interest in losing those 15 pounds will not be helpful at all. If you are more specific, your body will tend to remember it more and you will be more motivated to follow that goal more. Some more reading on this from HuffPo.

Honestly, losing 15 pounds is not very hard. However, will it be muscle, or fat? How will your workout feel after that? I’ll answer - if you lose muscles, not fat, even without extra 15 pounds you will not feel great. This means you need to be smart about setting goals like this and again, focus on process. Because if you will choose marathon running - your muscles will burn more, if running with more speed (even better - sprint), your fat will burn. So again, remember that system (I will run faster two workouts per week out of three) is more important than goal (lose XX pounds in 6 weeks), it gives you better motivation.

All the best of luck with your systems, processes and goals.


Managing the Chaos for Mompreneurs

By Lara Galloway, author Moms Mean Business: A Guide for Creating a Successful Business and a Happy Life as a Mom Entrepreneur

If you—like I do—sometimes feel that you’re only barely managing to juggle motherhood and all the ins and outs of running a business, then it’s time to take a good, hard look at how you spend your time.  No matter how much I plan for it and expect it, getting back to school in the Fall always leaves me exhausted and flustered. I’m stressed out with all the deadlines that come with school programs and field trips and with the logistical nightmare of carpooling three kids to all their after school events. Add to that the renewed energy and ambition for my business that shows up for me at the end of summer, and I struggle to figure out how to get it all done. I give myself a week or two to figure out our new schedules, and then I get down to business and back to owning my time. Here are a few of my favorite tips for getting things done. 

1.  Get a routine.  Now I understand that there are those of you who will balk at the idea of a formalized routine.  But hear me out.  While it’s totally not necessary to plan your day in strict, 15-minute increments, a regular schedule of sorts will support the flexibility you value in your life, allowing you time to work on and in your business, as well as time for household chores and family events.  Start by creating a loose schedule—morning, lunchtime, afternoon, dinnertime, evening—for Monday through Friday, blocking off office hours and your regularly scheduled daily activities, like packing lunches, getting kids off to school, and so on. Knowing when you have time set aside to do certain tasks will help you get them done without stressing out all the time.

2.  Break down your office hours into manageable chunks.  This one is simple, and you can block off time by just observing your habits.  Is there a particular time you tend to work on the computer?  How about returning emails or phone calls?  Schedule time to work on your business—marketing and the things that cause your business to grow—and in your business—actual, billable hours of production or face-to-face client time. 

3.  Make appointments for yourself.  You would never stand up a client with an appointment.  Why not show yourself that same respect?  Need to work on your website redesign?  Make an appointment! How about Tuesday from 9-11am? Have a business proposal due?  Set a time for yourself to work on it.  Give importance to the things you want to accomplish by putting that time and date on the calendar, and then showing up for that appointment. 

4.  Schedule downtime.  Yes, productivity is important.  Yes, as mom entrepreneurs, it seems that 24 hours is never enough.  But taking care of yourself is a priority, and it needs to be planned for!  Try alternating tasks that require mental focus with good-for-you breaks—a walk around the block, a healthy snack, a phone conversation with a friend—whatever relaxes and recharges you.  You may be surprised at how productivity soars when you’re fresh and energized. 

These are a few tips that I use to manage my time as a busy mompreneur.  All of this will help you round out a really ideal schedule for you, adding up to more time to get things done in a way that makes you feel productive and purposeful—not overwhelmed. 

Which of these tips can you implement today to help you get control of your time? 

What other tips would you include that keep you focused and productive? 

Lara Galloway is an author, speaker, business coach and host of the Mom Biz Solutions Show podcast. Her passion is helping entrepreneurs create and run businesses that honor their priorities and make them successful and happy. Her book, Moms Mean Business: A Guide to Creating a Successful Company and a Happy Life as a Mom Entrepreneur, published by Career Press, offers inspiration, advice, and a healthy dose of how-to. She is frequently interviewed for her expertise on work/life balance, starting and running a successful small business, marketing your business on Social Media, and creatively managing your time by Inc., Fast Company, Forbes, Crain’s, The Chicago Tribune, and More Magazine. Her extensive online influence and unique approach to coaching mompreneurs to success have led to her being named one of “30 Women Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter” and one of the “100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter.” When she’s not working, she’s wrangling her three kids with her husband, drinking good wine or micro-brewed beer, and baking something with lots of calories since food is her love language. She loves living in Michigan, especially when it's 80 degrees and sunny. Learn more and connect with her at LaraGalloway.com.


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