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Mommy Monday:: Renee Hribar

Hello! Happy Monday! Welcome to our Mommy Monday feature for this week! Each week, we interview a mom business owner and get to know her a little better! We like to find out how she balances life with children and a business! We also like to hear about the marketing strategies that are working for her! Hopefully, this provides a little bit of inspiration to all of the other hard working moms out there! If you’d like to be considered for this feature, send us an e-mail! We’d love to learn about your business, too!

Today’s mom entrepreneur is Renee Hribar

What is your business?
Renee’s website is reneehribar.com

When did you start your business?
I incorporated my first biz in 1996 and am just transitioning my offline skills to the online space Spring of 2016.

What services/products do you offer?
I help service based mompreneurs have “the sales talk” with potential clients. They go from “oh no…not the sales part to…I know how to explain what I offer in a way no one in their right mind could refuse"

How do you balance family and business?

My number one tool is a pomodoro timer. As a mom we don’t usually get hours on end to focus on one task…but I can always steal 15-25 minutes throughout the day to add up to 8 pomodoros a day. Focused, laser execution of tasks leaves lots of time for creative money making thoughts.

What advice do you have for other mom entrepreneurs?
Take it one day at a time. Give yourself the patience you give your own toddler.

How do your market your business?
Primarily through Facebook and now through a collaboratively promoted e-magazine. 

Where can we find you?

facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/renee.hribar/


What Does My Alexa Rank Mean & Why Is It Important?

What is an Alexa traffic ranking?

In basic terms, an Alexa Traffic Ranking is a ranking of how popular your website is. There are global rankings, comparing your site to those around the world. And, there are rankings by country. According to a recent survey, there are as many as 171 million active websites. The Alexa ranking is an approximation of where your site ranks in popularity among the other millions of sites. Market Mommy, for instance has a global ranking of 2,379,522, meaning there are approximately 2,379,521 websites that are more popular in the world.

How is an Alexa traffic ranking calculated?

According to Alexa support, “Alexa’s traffic estimates and ranks are based on the browsing behavior of people in our global data panel which is a sample of all internet users.” Therefore, it is an estimate based on a sample of users. It uses data over a rolling three month period, but ranks are updated daily. Most notably, Alexa (a subsidary of Amazon.com) uses unique visitors as well as page views. The sites with the highest combination of these is ranked number one, and so on.

Why is my Alexa ranking important?

You must keep in mind that an Alexa ranking is relative. Not everyone uses the Alexa toolbar; therefore it is not 100% reliable. But, what is? Rankings can be manipulated and purchased so it doesn’t necessarily represent the true status of your site. However, that being said, it does serve as a valuable comparison tool for your site and industry. It can be a great way to gauge your competitors and it gives you a higher leg to stand on if you are in the market of selling advertising.

How can I increase my Alexa ranking?

If you value your Alexa ranking and want to improve it, what should you do? You’ve heard this before, but content is key. Improve your ranking by improving your content and SEO efforts. Use keywords that your competitors are using and drive traffic to your site by having related sites link to yours. At the core is engaging and original content. If you produce that, the links, traffic and ultimately the ranking will follow.


Mommy Monday:: Bess Blanco

Hello! Happy Monday! Welcome to our Mommy Monday feature for this week! Each week, we interview a mom business owner and get to know her a little better! We like to find out how she balances life with children and a business! We also like to hear about the marketing strategies that are working for her! Hopefully, this provides a little bit of inspiration to all of the other hard working moms out there! If you’d like to be considered for this feature, send us an e-mail! We’d love to learn about your business, too!

Today’s mom entrepreneur is Bess Blanco.

What is your business?
FRESH Start for Health & FRESH Start Coaching Community 

www.freshstartforhealth.org  - we share easy, family-friendly, faith-based ways to eat, move and think FRESH! (no fundamental health stuff there!) www.freshstartcoachingcommunity.com  - our coaching team is in over a dozen states and over 40 strong! We empower and educate coaches to share the FRESH Start message of hope and healing in their own communities, giving the coaches the opportunity to create income as they do!

When did you start your business?
Jan 2011 - at least, that's when we officially released blog and began to build our focused business, which was called "The Intentional Lifestyle" then. I had been doing research and writing for blogs and magazines long before that!

What services/products do you offer?
1. On the FRESH Start for Health side, We hold Healthy Living Challenges with meal plans, daily guides and a LIVE coaching and support group (these are my FAVORITE!) I teach on-camera cooking classes and meal planning classes - we have a line of FRESH Start books (12 week Workbook, Fitness & Food Tracker and 14 Day Challenge Guide, a Grilling Recipe Ebook) with plans to add MANY more resources soon!

2. In our FRESH Start Coaching Community, we serve faith-based health coaches. We have a no-cost support group on FB (and membership on our website) as well as offer a low-cost Academy where we certify FRESH Start Coaches, and we offer a FSCC LIVE Support & Training Group that provides monthly training & support to coaches. We also have ready-made kits and printables available for coaches!

How do you balance family and business?
I don't! ha! Not well, anyway! Hubby and I joke that we we run best on "comfortable chaos" and we just try to do our best everyday. I have an 18 year old son who started junior college this fall, and then 3 girls: 15, 12 and 8! The older 2 girls are doing their schooling from home by request, so I am working to balance and schedule that one too! I am truly learning to just BE in the moment I'm in - and to FOCUS on that one thing or person in front of me. It's difficult many days as I struggle with a congenital back condition that causes daily pain (having major surgery to fix this in Oct!) and I deal with ADHD many times (and high anxiety some days!) I am living proof that IT CAN BE DONE! My worst day as a WAHM is still better that my best working outside my home for someone else (in my book!)

What advice do you have for other mom entrepreneurs?

1. Go easier on yourself! We mommy's are WAY to hard on ourselves and it's an unhealthy way to treat ourselves.

2. DON'T COMPARE yourself to other WAHMS - it has been my biggest trap some days! I would see how much others are getting done, or making, and I'd say "now, Bess, why haven't you been able to do that yet?!" (Overachiever, anyone?! ha!) So wrong for me or you to do that to ourselves! It's not fair to us anyway! Your life is YOURS ALONE, and looks nothing like anyone else's. You can't compare and still be fair to you (or them).

3. Take care of YOU FIRST! Eat FRESH, spend quiet time by yourself EVERYDAY, (even if it's 5 minutes!) take a bath or be outside, or go on a walk or sip a drink over a book.IF you don't, it will catch up to you anyway and the damage that happens from breakdowns can never be fully restored! SLEEP! Pleeeaasssee sleep more. Make time to make love (we don't talk about that one enough in our world!) Drink more water (and maybe red wine!), less soda pop. Run on energy that you build DAILY (take vitamins, fresh air, eating right) instead of the crash-and-burn, fleeting kind that we sometimes go for! Get OUTSIDE and MOVE! Even a 20 minute brisk walk in the sunshine makes a HUGE difference!

How do your market your business?
Not well! hahaha I'm working on this one. Have always used blogs, social media, youtube, and now all the cool LIVE, on-camera options! But this is an area where I wish I had MUCH more time and effort available to focus! I'm FASCINATED by this part of our business, for sure! I'm making some good changes last half of this year to how I do it - getting back to a couple old-school methods (GOOD content marketing!) that has always worked and still does in the marketplace. You know, publishing REALLY GOOD posts to the blog, sharing on social media, sending faithful emails with MEATY tips, freebies and help for my precious oh-so-faithful followers and friends! What has kept my business afloat over the years is TRULY what I call "relationship marketing" and that principle is at the heart and soul of everything I do in FRESH Start - I try to SERVE FIRST, sell later.

Where can we find you?


FS Coaching Community - https://www.facebook.com/freshstartcoachingcommunity/

FRESH Start for Health -  https://www.facebook.com/freshstartforhealth/


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How to recognize whether you have psychic abilities

Being psychic is not a new concept. It is something that has been mentioned in antic books, including religious ones such as the Bible. Some may refer to these abilities as a curse while others see them as a gift. Regardless, they are something that makes us stand out.

Like everything else in life, being psychic has its pros and cons. First, these powers can be very useful, not only for you, but also for others. They can improve quality of life, heal, help you connect with the dead and give you a completely new perception of reality.

Unfortunately, there are also downsides to having a psychic power. Mediums are oftentimes overwhelmed with voices and information coming from another plane of existence. Also, in order to use many of these abilities, you require a lot of mental exertion.

In most cases, psychics are highly sensitive people, able to absorb most of the sensations from their surrounding regardless of their origin. Because of it, life can be quite burdening for an untrained medium. You require a lot of discipline in order to develop these skills and even more to keep them in check.

If you are not certain whether or not you have a psychic power, these things can help you determine it.

  1. You often have visions and specific type of a hunch that later on comes true
  2. It is easy for you to foresee sickness or death of a loved one
  3. You oftentimes have dreams which later on come true. Furthermore, these dreams can be described as very vivid and full of emotions
  4. Medium can sense (hear or feel) his surrounding and notice the way it impacts people around him
  5. When a psychic person comes into contact with another individual, she feels as if that person is copying itself within her
  6. Gifted people have high affinity to nature and can converse with plants and animals
  7. There is always some kind of a connection between daily visions and a medium
  8. Gifted people occasionally smell, see, hear or touch things which induces a feeling that cannot be explained logically
  9. Oftentimes, these individuals feel shame or fear due to their powers
  10. Mediums often feel as if they will become mentally unstable or mentally sick
  11. In majority of cases, there is more than one medium within a family
  12. Psychic powers appear at a very young age. Due to this, there is a lot of psychics that visit a vivid imaginary world when they are children
  13. This special ability is something inherent. Individual is able to notice if there is someone or something interfering with it or reducing its potential
  14. Some of the mediums are unsatisfied with the fact that they can see so much. As a result, they  would love if they could see and feel less
  15. As we mentioned on the start, these powers are documented in earliest human texts. Mediums have uncanny wish to start learning antic teachings and traditions even if they are not aware of their powers
  16. Psychics are able to detect a lot of things regarding their family. In most of the cases, they choose to omit these information
  17. Sometimes, psychic doesn’t have to have a psychical contact with a place or a person in order to sense it. A lot of them are able to see distant places without ever visiting them
  18. Artificial food products as well as chemical substances may interfere with psychic abilities
  19. Mediums have a high level of empathy. When they see a person or an animal suffering, they can feel it strongly on their own skin
  20. In most of the cases, gifted people may have issues adapting to their surroundings. Also, it is very hard for them to lie
  21. These individuals are able to read between the lines when they read books. They are able to sense the author and relive emotions which he had while writing a piece
  22. It is easy for mediums to recognize people who wish to manipulate them. This is why they usually avoid them even though they cannot tell why