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Top Social Media Marketing Trends This Summer

If you’re looking to revitalize your marketing campaign, then it’s essential to consider the newest trends in social media marketing. Utilizing these tips will be sure to provide a framework for your new social media marketing campaign and guarantee your business always stays on-trend.

To kickstart your social media, here are some of the summer's top marketing trends:

Keep it local

If you’re looking to present a welcoming image to your clientele, think about participating in local events or partnering with other local businesses. Every consumer wants to see your business integrate itself into the community. It not only proves you’re devoted to the people you serve, it also shows that you love the land on which your company was built. Take advantage of local summer events and festivals, but be sure to post plenty of pictures with geo-tags. Interacting with consumers on the ground is great, but you’ll reach more people by proving you’re a locavore online.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are making a comeback thanks to their popularity on image sharing apps. These tags are a great way to reach a lot of people at once. If you post a great image or have a new promotion, utilizing a number of different hashtags will make your business more accessible.

The current social media landscape has hit a slump over the last 2 or 3 years, so using tried-and-true methods are a sure-shot to inform your clients on the great things your business is doing.

Make sure your images are post-worthy

The best thing you can do for your social media account is post professional, high-definition images: what you’re doing, company camaraderie, new promotions, and new products. Simply posting an image on Twitter makes it 150% more re-tweetable than a post without an accompanying image. While anyone can post an image, posting a good image is what’s going to get you traction on social media. Take composition, lighting, editing, and structure into account when you’re posting an image for an ad campaign or other promotion.

Pay To Play

Once upon a time, your business's Facebook followers could actually see your social media posts. Not so, today. Unless you're willing to pay to "Boost" a post, your content is all but invisible. However, social media advertising on Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook has never been more popular, and for good reason. Don't be afraid to show off your goods through paid social media advertising.

Your fans’ images can also have a huge impact on the buzz surrounding your business. Though you cannot control what your consumers post about your products, you can definitely make your materials more post-worthy: products with unique, or eye-catching packaging are 40% more likely to be shared on social media by consumers.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone when you’re trying out the new trends in social media this summer. Staying on-trend and adapting to the changes in social media will be sure to provide you with a more successful marketing campaign.


6 Main Steps To Building A Happy Family

Having a healthy and happy family is something we all aspire to have. But in today’s high-stress, and demanding society, meeting this goal is a challenge. Being healthy and happy takes a plan of action. It will not just happen.

Setting Goals

When you begin a family it is important to define your core values and standards. Do not assume that your partner or other members of your family know what your goals are. It is important to verbalize them and while we should not need anyone’s permission, we have to be on the same page. For example, if your goal is to work your way up the corporate ladder, then become a small business owner before you begin a family, your partner should know that. If their idea of the road you are on takes you to a comfortable position in someone else’s company and working until retirement, you have issues to resolve.

Making a place for each member of the family

This is something that many families do not address until it is too late. We begin on level ground. Each partner works hard, plans for the future, and makes their partner a top priority. Then we expand our families. As the children grow so does their academic and social lives. School, after-school programs, sports, dance, and relationships for this little person who is totally dependent on you begins to take over. Soon it becomes a struggle determining who will transport, assist, participate, and nurture these important parts of your child.


If this is not openly and honestly worked on, it is inevitable that one parent will feel they have the lion's share of responsibility, and that can lead to resentment. It begins to feel that everyone is being considered except for the parent who is doing the majority of the work.


Adult together

It is important to remember that our children learn their relationship guidelines through us. It doesn’t matter what we tell them. They absorb the emotions in the air. They observe the way the adults interact. If they treat each other with love, and respect, they get that. If they are inconsiderate, abusive, and selfish toward each other, they get that too.


Take the time to stay connected. Show an adult force in the house that protects and nurtures every member. Treat your partner as if you just met them. Open doors for them, bring them cards, or delectable chocolates like Lindt Lindor Truffles for special occasions. Say please and thank you. Teach your child how to treat others and how to expect respect for themselves by setting a good example.

Have healthy activities

It is important to have family activities that keep the family healthy. Make it a point to walk together, go to the park, ride bikes, or swim together. Take the stairs and park far away from the mall doors. Keep your family active in a normal way that fits into your lifestyle. This helps you avoid problems.

One rule for all

When it comes to eating a healthy diet, there should be one rule for all. Do not fill your child’s plate with veggies while you munch on french fries. Try growing a few fresh veggies or fruits together. Experiment with tastes and textures of foods, and create a family diet that tastes great and is good for you.

Have an escape plan

We make plans for when things go wrong financially, emotionally, and socially. But when we mess up in our family, we expect those who love us to just roll with it. Acknowledge when you have made a mistake and ask for forgiveness. Do not hide behind your position or point out your partner’s weaknesses to divert attention from your own. Every family should have an escape plan. This is a place they can go and ask for forgiveness or help without fear of retribution or condemnation.


These tips are common sense. However, many families spend their lives without ever facing them head-on. This is a big mistake. It is never too early or too late to set the plan in motion for a healthy family.

Photo credit/site https://pixabay.com/en/beach-family-fun-leisure-ocean-1867271/


Mommy Monday:: Moms Earning More

Your name and business name:

Moms Earning More     


When did you start your business?

I started as a customer over 18 years ago, due to allergies and my son having Asthma and was on two puffers the products just made complete sense to get the chemicals out of my home. I was already someones customer shopping for laundry detergent, cleaners, soaps, toothpaste, vitamins etc. so all I was doing was switching stores to better safer products and getting the chemicals out of my home.  I knew after using these products and my son was able to stop using his puffers. that I had to share with other Moms that I know and people that I cared about. So I started to share the shopping club with a few friends, I did this very part time, but replaced my income in my first 3 months.  In the last 10 years I have decided to look for people that are really wanting to be at home with there children and earn a great corporate income.

What services/products do you offer?  

We are a Green wholesale mfg company, the largest online.  kind of like a Costco but we have no store. we have over 400 Unique consumable products with 8 brand catagories. All related to health and wellness. We also have over 600 stores on line that we are connected to where you earn free loyalty shopping dollars back, as well when your customers shop you earn an income as well. We also have a Visa and MasterCard where  you get a percentage back when you use your card. A medical savings plan. Home Security, and so many other things. Everyone needs to be a customer just to have all the savings for their family.

How do you balance family and business? 

A very long time ago we sat down with our kids and explained that although we work from home sometimes we could not be there for their soccer practise. they understood  but for the most part we were the only parents there at their 3;00 Basketball games at the school. I love this business as I don’t have to do parties , sell products, make deliveries. even when I am at that soccer game I am always networking and chatting to other parents to find out their why. Income, Health, Weight Loss, Nutritionals, More time freedom, Be at home with their kids. Everyone needs our products and our business opportunity for some reason.   We make our own hours, so when kids are in school, after they are in bed.

What advice do you have for other mom entrepreneurs?

I think that you need to ask a lot of questions, ask is it MLM, We are not. Do I have to leave my kids at night to do parties, what is the point to have a business if you are out 5 nights a week or at a trade show on the weekends just to sell the products.  (I love that I don’t have to do that) I have set up shopping accounts over 10 years ago and those customers shop every month, they don’t call me they call the company. I get paid as they are attached to my I D #..  I also get paid on my customers referrals, although they make the bulk of the commission. 

I also love that I pay the same price for my products as my customers do. So you are not making $5.00 off our friends.   Get them to show you the income stats, to see what you could be making, we are very open and print them, and show our cheques to a potential business builder.  We have a plan in place for your success, We will even show you what a 90 day plan looks like.

How do your market your business?

Our company does not allow us to advertise our company name. We do this because we do not want to be labelled like the party plans or the MLM companies.  We do business more like Costco or Sams club and mfg products like Whole Foods.or Procter & Gamble. Except we mfg everything right here in North America.  So we are consumer Direct marketing. Word of mouth is our best form of advertisement. but we do teach on social media, and also we have over 10 websites that you can use for advertising, But in the beginning we all have friends and family that can benefit by the products in their life. and just switch stores. It is as simple as that. But we have websites for A Smart Business Moms site, A weight loss site, An essential oil page, A healthy home tour, Moms Earning More, Finally a business that makes complete sense. Our supplement page. We have an amazing team that will mentor, and teach you, this is your own business but you never do it by yourself.  You need to be coachable and you will be successful. Our team is one of the largest businesses in North America. Pretty much you find the need and just help people. We are a business of enhancing lives.


Brick and Mortar: 5 Successful Marketing Tips for Small Retail Businesses

Marketing is important for big and small businesses alike. However, the way you market your small business will probably be different than the way a big business markets theirs. Here are some marketing tips that will work for your small retail business.

Host fun events

You want people to come into your store, right? That's one of the biggest goals people have with their marketing strategies. Well, a great way to get more foot traffic into your store is to host a fun event. According to Shopify, you should have one major event and two to three minor events in your store every month. This can include things like classes, fashion shows, or a holiday party. Keep in mind that we aren't talking solely about special sales. Anything that can turn your store into a social space will help you compete with the fast growing world of online shopping.

Go local

Locally-made products are gaining in popularity as people around the nation have a growing need to support small businesses. In fact, 46% of retail purchases in 2015 were for local and regional brands. Consumers are doing a lot more research before they buy something, and they will love the fact that you are selling locally-made apparel.

Use online strategies

It is no secret that the Internet is an amazing marketing tool. This is because so many people use the Internet every day. In fact, 95% of Americans are on a mobile device using the Internet every day. While many brick and mortar store owners view the Internet as their competition, it can also be used to your advantage. You can use strategies like text message alerts, social media, or email marketing to connect with customers. These are relatively inexpensive marketing tools, and they are known to work extremely well for small businesses. More than 98% of text messages are opened every day, and 91% of American adults like to receive promotional emails from companies they have done business with.

Take advantage of window displays

While more and more people are shopping online, brick-and-mortar stores are still alive and well. This means that you're going to want to use your window displays to draw people in. Roughly 68% of poll respondents frequently or sometimes make their shopping decisions while they're in the car, so you want to make sure your window display really catches their eyes.

Have great customer service

Finally, great customer service will help you tremendously. According to ShopKeep, 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. This means you don't have to be afraid of big online stores with ridiculously cheap prices wiping out your small business.

Back in 2016, the United States apparel market was worth around $315 billion, and it's only growing. It makes sense that you want to be a part of this profitable industry. Just make sure you follow these marketing strategies so your business can be successful.


Why Good Employees Leave: How to Fix High Turnover Rates at Your Small Business

No one wants to lose a good employee. The costs associated with losing a single worker can be astronomical for many small businesses. And if your organization develops a reputation for high turnover rates, you could find yourself in a lot of financial trouble. Whether you have an established small business or you're planning to launch your own startup in the near future, you may want to take a closer look at what causes employees to leave -- and take steps to prevent that from happening.

Inadequate Compensation

Whether you consider a position to be entry-level or expect highly qualified candidates to apply, everyone deserves to be compensated fairly for the work they do and the skills they bring to the table. If you've gotten feedback from employees that the low pay was a factor in their decision to leave, you should conduct an assessment as to whether your wages are on par with similar positions at other businesses in your area. If an increase in pay isn't really an option don't forget that there are other ways to attract candidates. Benefits packages, paid time off, retirement plans, and bonuses can often make up for a lower wage. In fact, some employees would gladly agree to a lower paycheck in favor of better health insurance and paid vacation days. Considering that one in every three people goes to work when they're sick, your employees might be more inclined to stay if they're given paid sick days (which will ultimately allow your business to be more productive, too).

No Career Development

Business owners will do well to think of employee retention in a long term sense. You can't expect a great employee to stay in the same position forever. They'll eventually master all the skills they need to do their job well. If you aren't providing opportunities for them to grow -- either within your company or as a professional in the workforce -- they'll likely get bored, be less productive, and may eventually decide to leave. Keep in mind that disengaged or unhappy workers cost the North American business economy well over $350 billion annually in lost productivity.

If your company doesn't currently have options for upward mobility or professional development, you're doing a disservice to both your business and your employees. It should be your mission to keep good employees around for as long as possible. Instead of losing them to other organizations with greater opportunities, invest some effort into developing leadership programs and career growth efforts. Not only will this make employees know you care, but you'll be able to focus on your own business's success at the same time you foster theirs.

Poor Hiring Practices

Hiring mistakes can happen at any organization -- and they'll cost you. Approximately 22% of new hires leave their jobs within the first 45 days, which is bad news for employers. You may end up wasting a lot of time and money training a new employee, only to realize that the job may not be a good fit after all. Whether it's you or the employee who makes this realization, the costs of a bad hire can be a lot more substantial than you'd think. In addition to losing money, you could end up making a mess of your company culture; teams may start to feel frustrated if new hires are inexperienced or a poor fit for the job and the culture. That could actually end up leading to additional turnover. If this happens frequently, you'll need to take a closer look at your hiring process. If you're so desperate for help that you end up hiring the first person who applies, regardless of their experience or interview skills, you're going to end up making the same mistakes over and over. Examine your job listings carefully to make sure the job description is accurate and that your wording has no hidden biases. When vetting candidates, make sure they're a good match in terms of skills and cultural fit. Consider elongating the interview process, as well, to ensure you're able to take your time and find the best people possible for the job.

Lack of Faith in Management

It's not always the direct actions of an employer or a poor hiring decision that makes an employee decide to leave. It could be due to your managers and their inability to communicate clearly, treat employees fairly, or provide helpful feedback. If some employees aren't being held accountable, forcing others to pick up the slack, that can breed resentment. Or if hardworking employees aren't getting the feedback they need to succeed -- or if they aren't really being told anything -- they may leave out of frustration. Not everyone can be an effective leader right away. In fact, it usually takes a lot of practice. Prioritize manager training in terms of communication, motivation, and upholding company standards. The clearer you are with your managers as to how they need to perform, they'll pass on this clarity to your other employees, which will keep everyone engaged and invested in the business.

Feeling Overworked and Under-Appreciated

Americans in the workforce are reportedly feeling more stressed than ever. In fact, 43% of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress. That can easily lead to absences, lost productivity, and total burnout -- all of which contribute to high rates of turnover. And when employers fail to recognize the efforts of these employees, that only makes matters worse. This problem comes down to employee expectations, workload, and culture overall. You may want to consider sending out an employee survey to obtain some valuable feedback that may be needed to fix your culture. You may also want to think about establishing an employee recognition program and providing support options (such as regular one-on-one meetings) to ensure you don't lose great employees due to total burnout.

Understanding the reasons behind your high turnover rate may not always be pleasant or easy. This will require you to take an honest assessment of your business and really identify what needs to be improved. But this is truly the only way to help your business grow while encouraging valuable employees to stay for the long haul.