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Mommy Monday:: Bola Oyeyipo, MD

Hello! Happy Monday! Welcome to our Mommy Monday feature for this week! Each week, we interview a mom business owner and get to know her a little better! We like to find out how she balances life with children and a business! We also like to hear about the marketing strategies that are working for her! Hopefully, this provides a little bit of inspiration to all of the other hard working moms out there! If you’d like to be considered for this feature, send us an e-mail! We’d love to learn about your business, too!

Today’s mom entrepreneur is Bola Oyeyipo, MD.

What is your business?

When did you start your business?
Official start was March 2014 but my co-founder and I had been planning and plotting for a year before the official launch.

What services/products do you offer?
-Healthgist.com is all about better health for the busy women and we achieve that mission by publishing helpful health tips and information for the on-the-go woman twice a week that goes out (for free) to our email subscribers.

-Our premium offerings are digital downloads/home-study products answering the health questions women have. More information about our products are available at https://healthgist.com/healthgist-premium/

How do you balance family and business?
Family comes first. Being a virtual business helps with flexibility. Most of my work is done while my kids are tucked in for the night. I have learned to temper my ambitions with the reality of my present committments.

What advice do you have for other mom entrepreneurs?
-do something everyday, however small to propel your business forward. The commulative effect over time is what grows your business.

-start setting up your systems even if you are the only employee of the business. It will make the transitions easier when you start to expand and need more hands on the deck.

How do your market your business?
-We do a lot of collaboration with other complimentary businesses like hosting joint giveaways.
-Guest blogging and features on complimentary websites.

Where can we find you?

facebook:  https://facebook.com/healthgist



Mommy Monday:: Margaret Salmond

Hello! Happy Monday! Welcome to our Mommy Monday feature for this week! Each week, we interview a mom business owner and get to know her a little better! We like to find out how she balances life with children and a business! We also like to hear about the marketing strategies that are working for her! Hopefully, this provides a little bit of inspiration to all of the other hard working moms out there! If you’d like to be considered for this feature, send us an e-mail! We’d love to learn about your business, too!

Today’s mom entrepreneur is Margaret Salmond.

What is your business?
DVA Virtual Assistance

What services/products do you offer?
I'm a virtual assistant who works with solo entrepreneurs providing them with administrative, social media and project management assistance.

How do you balance family and business?
Well Im a empty nester now so its easier then when my daughter was still at home.

What advice do you have for other mom entrepreneurs?
One, find a business that you would work even if you didnt get paid.  Second, find a plan that works for your family and stick with it.  On your calendar, mark off work time, family time, work out time, etc.  Once you come up with a plan, it will be easy to stick with.

How do your market your business?
Some online networking but I have found most of my business comes from getting out and going to networking events within my community.  And with that, referrals have started coming my way.

Where can we find you?

facebook:  www.facebook.com/dvavirtualassist 

twitter: www.twitter.com/dvavirtualasst


The When, What and How of Making Your First Hire

By Theresa Ceniccola

I love the thrill of starting something new! Hanging out a shingle and embracing the adventure of opening a new business. It’s just like bungee jumping – exciting and overwhelmingly terrifying at the same time! I was only 25 years old when I made that decision, so it helped that I was naïve and fearless. But I was also filled with determination and optimism. And in no time at all, I was booming with business.

So I did what most small business owners do – I learned to do everything that needed to be done. I was in charge of customer service, sales and marketing, finances and operations. Then, I had three babies in five years and was trying to stay on top of everything at home as well. Eventually the one-woman show ran its course and I realized I needed help. 

If you’re overwhelmed with tasks in your business or at home, I know you can feel my pain. And you probably know you need help. But where do you start? Well, I’m not a human resources professional but I can tell you what has worked for me over the past 20 years in making decisions to hire help.

When to Hire Help: Well, if you’re wondering if you need help then you probably should have already hired someone. I say that because most of us moms wait until we’re completely overloaded before we even recognize that we need help. But sometimes it’s difficult to determine if we really need help – or if we just have a problem setting boundaries.

When you own your own business you have to realize that there will always be more work to do. You will never be completely finished. (Kinda like laundry!) So, I think the best litmus test for deciding if you need help is to ask yourself, “What would happen if I took a week’s vacation and didn’t do ANYTHING in the business at all?” If the business or ministry would shut down, then you probably need some help.

What to Outsource: So what do you let go of when you are ready to hire? The answer is different for everyone. But I’d start by making a list of all your tasks and responsibilities in the office and at home (because this little exercise might help you decide if it’s time to hire a babysitter or a cleaning service!). Highlight the things you enjoy doing and that you are good at. Those are things you want to keep doing. Put a star next to the things you don’t enjoy doing and you’re not very good at. For me, that’s bookkeeping and anything involving html coding! Those are the things you want to outsource.

I don’t remember where I learned this but I’ve been told to “Do the things that ONLY you can do.”  For me, that means writing and strategy in the business. And it means a lot of different things at home. It has helped me to think about where I’m needed most -- and to realize that it’s ok to hire someone to do the things God isn’t calling me specifically to do. Things like sit and watch every soccer practice or run errands or organize my kids’ closets. It helps me make decisions on what I can delegate to a babysitter or ask a friend to help with.

How to Find Qualified Help: I’m going to sound old fashioned but I believe the best way to find good help is through word of mouth. Everyone who works with me in the business and at home came to me through a mutual friend. With all the tools and technology that’s available today, it may be antiquated to rely on personal referrals, but in my experience they tend to work out better. (As long as you do your due diligence and hire people based on their qualifications not a sense of obligation to your mutual friend!)

For example, every time I’ve used an online service to find a babysitter I’m disappointed. I get decent candidates and I’ve hired a few, but they don’t compare to the three or four girls who were referred by friends over the years and are now a part of the family even though they’re grown with children of their own.

I have also had success with hiring strangers for projects using an online service like Odesk or eLance, but the core team at the International Christian Mompreneur Network came to me through a friend or colleague.

So, I’m curious – have you hired anyone to help you in your business or ministry? I’d love to hear how you make hiring decisions.

Theresa Ceniccola is The Christian Mompreneur—a Mentor to Moms Who are Running a Business that Supports Faith and Family. As the president and founder of the International Christian Mompreneur Network, she empowers entrepreneurial moms to build profitable businesses with wisdom and grace. Theresa has successfully run a home-based business as a freelance writer and marketing consultant for the past 18 years. She considers herself blessed to make a living doing what she loves and empowering other moms to create businesses that support their values of faith and family. Join the International Christian Mompreneur Network (it's free!) today and you'll receive Theresa's Mompreneur Toolkit featuring the Ten Commandments of a Mompreneur.


My Little Jules Boutique Shares the Love with Children in Need

Local Children’s Clothing Boutique Donates to Children In Need Through A Kid’s Place of Tampa Bay, Inc.;  Challenges Other Local Businesses to get Involved Also

Safety Harbor, FL – Local kids clothing boutique My Little Jules recently donated more than $7500 worth of children’s apparel to A Kid’s Place of Tampa Bay, Inc  foster home. The purpose of the donation was to provide every day and special occasion outfits for children in need and lift their spirits before the upcoming Valentine’s Day.  “These kids come from very difficult, sad circumstances,” said Tatiana Tugbaeva, owner of My Little Jules and a mother of two. “We want them know that there are people who love and care about them, especially since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.”

Tugbaeva added “I am a mother, so the mission of A Kid’s Place of Tampa Bay hits close to home for me. I’ve always felt compelled to help people, especially children. And as a local business owner, I feel it’s important to support home-town organizations that provide for our kids. It’s particularly rewarding for me to work with children that may not have a lot of stability in their life.”

A Kid’s Place of Tampa Bay is an organization that provides safe, nurturing and loving environment for foster children. “These kids are often neglected and abused before they arrive at the facility,” Tugbaeva said. “A Kids Place of Tampa Bay provides a home-like environment for these children. They specialize in keeping siblings together, so they have kids ages newborn through 17 years. It really feels like one big loving family.”

“These donations are just a small step and something that we do every year,” Tugbaeva said. “We are working on developing a community giving program that will help us work with other local business to impact our children and women.  We are looking for other local businesses that want to join us, and together, we can make a larger impact in the community.”

About My Little Jules Boutique

My Little Jules, LLC is an online kids clothing boutique located in Safety Harbor, Florida.  Founded in 2010, My Little Jules is a private family-owned company.  My Little Jules offers girls’ boutique clothing, shoes and accessories to fashion-savvy consumers, most of whom are mothers and grandmothers of girls ages newborn through 16 years. My Little Jules prides itself for the best selection of brand-name boutique kids’ apparel, worldwide network of loyal customers and excellent customer service. My Little Jules boutique is among the top 4% of online retailers awarded StellaService ELITE seal for exceptional customer service.  You can visit My Little Jules boutique at http://www.mylittlejules.com

Contact Tatiana Tugbaeva


727-492-7450 (cell)

1-866-322-2783 (office)


The Road to Success Through Paid Social Amplification 

Looking to build more online awareness for your brand? Have you thought about using paid social amplification? If not, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to build awareness of your brand online.

Paid social amplification isn’t just advertising; it’s primary focus is building brand visibility through targeting specific demographics. Brands that use paid social amplification are able to reach a larger audience and eventually increase awareness of their brand. Whether it’s amplifying content on Facebook or Twitter, paid social amplification can greatly increase the success of your business.

When starting with paid social amplification, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you need to create owned media. This content should be tailored to your audience, easy to read, and well researched. You could also place your content on channels such as social media, your blog, and email lists. After you have a strategy prepared for owned media, you’re ready to promote with paid social amplification.

There are several ways you can promote your content through paid social advertisements. For example, there are promoted Twitter posts, Google’s +Post Ads, or Facebook advertisements. Whatever channel you decided to use to promote your content, make sure it’s a social network where your customers are actively engaging.

Finally, after you’ve spent time creating a promoting your content, you’ll begin to notice more interaction from your customers and influencers within your industry. People will begin to share your content on social media and media outlets could find your content and post it on their blogs. When you receive this type of attention from your audience, you’re experiencing “earned” media. This is the best way to gain exposure for your brand.

Creating success through paid social amplification is quite easy if you have a goal and content strategy in place. To learn more about paid social amplification, check out the following infographic: